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HOW TO CHECK WHO VISITED MY FACEBOOK PROFILE|How to check Facebook profile viewers

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HOW TO CHECK WHO VISITED MY FACEBOOK PROFILE? How to check Facebook profile viewers, Hi there, Some guys does not know how to check who had visited your Facebook profile. Here i can provide you step by step process to find the profile visitors.
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Blero Decor (10 месяцев назад)
hi dosent work , just show me Frend's nothing else
Emilia Clarke (1 год назад)
Brilliant video! I use Proxydocker to unblock region-locked websites like Netflix, Hulu etc and it works just great on my PC, smartphone and even Smart TV. http://bit.ly/2BLZfFy
mukul anand (1 год назад)
Man it shows, to whom you message or chat most, as the name in search bar itself shows"initialchatfriendlist"
Mamoona Latif (1 год назад)
I tried it but it shows that "The site can't be reached" what i show do now?????
Md Asif (1 год назад)
Zuko Pr (1 год назад)
facebook isnt stupid to let their users know who checked their profile. Many would leave facebook if they brought this features in. Simple logic. All this is just a piece of crap! plus why would you believe everything that is in the internet?? Dont believe me? try creating a account .. add yourself ( your original account) and try visiting the profile.. check whether this works
James Pandian (2 года назад)
LOL those are Friends list you chatted Recently... not a Visitor..
Adivesh Vinchurkar (2 года назад)
its saying friendslist is error
Mansoor Qazi (2 года назад)
lol it just shows friends in the chat list. fake post
Saswata Mohapatra (2 года назад)
whole process is right....but i think that it shows the total frnds u have...bcz for that purpose i create a account and in this account only one frnd have...so it shows 1 id..again i increase my frnd list..then id also increasing..it is totally fake ..
ramsesneo100 (2 года назад)
You can only see people recently active on chat ,there is no way you can see who visited your profile.
NARESH Gore (2 года назад)
the legend (2 года назад)
i want all who visit my profile
the legend (2 года назад)
i dont want from friends list
Fotis Kyriakopoulos (2 года назад)
fake guys it shows only the number of friends you have
Junpei (2 года назад)
Well, it shows the "Friendlist" in HTML. Not Friends who visited the Profile..
Faisal Piash (2 года назад)
its fake only show my finds not visitors
Aishwarya Samtani (2 года назад)
don't fool people to get views it just shows recent friends chatted with
Alexander Rol (2 года назад)
"initialchatfriendslist" isn't the profile visit log. it's the list of friends you chat with the most over a certain period of time. It is very clear when you actually look at the word "initialCHATfriendslist". there must be some other list of views on your page.
Pocket Mode (2 года назад)
This android app lets you see your secret Facebook friends rank list https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mode.pocket.rankbook&hl=en
Ephreen Han (2 года назад)
it's fake its working but i just realized order of my friend who i chat recently
Ragini Gandhi (2 года назад)
hey after doing this it shows that page not found....??
Ragini Gandhi (2 года назад)
thanks got it
James Pandian (2 года назад)
Dont Include the Number 2 at last..
Yannis Kominos (2 года назад)
The URL must be like this at first. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= and after the = you paste the number you want to show you. If you do it right it won't say "the page not fount"
Ragini Gandhi (2 года назад)
yes got it thanks
Ephreen Han (2 года назад)
+Ragini Gandhi you should rremove -0 , -2 ,-1 in the end
M.GNANA Vignesh (3 года назад)
Nice video
PrasanthKps Online (3 года назад)
Hi Guys, Anyone eager to know who are visited your Facebook profile???

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