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US pharmacy getting clever "Rachel Green"

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Us pharmacy Rachel Green and Ray Smith...threw me off when a woman started asking me about my viagra..for real fun skip to the last minute.
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Cheap Bastard (3 месяца назад)
I found the way to stop them. I used an online credit card number generator to make up card numbers that are formatted correctly so they can't know it's fake. Those pages are used for testing credit card machines and software, there is nothing evil of criminal about them. Just make up an expiration date and CCV. I gave them fake names (including Arnold Ziffle and Jeffery Dahmer and Eddie Haskle and many more. And I gave them addresses in a range of real addresses on real streets with matching cities and zips. Eventually they even called back asking for the same names for re-orders, and so I gave more fake orders. Every time they called about the card failing, I'd give them another fake one until they got mad, and realized I was wasting their time. I told them hundreds of times I would keep doing that until they stopped calling. Eventually they started calling on occasion asking for me by my real name and had my real address, but I kept giving fake orders anyway. It turned out they'd been shipping some of the orders before the cards failed. I ended up getting 5 of them with a total of over 60 year supply of a combination of Viagra and Cialis. They kept calling anyway and I kept giving fake orders. But they also called demanding payment for the ones they shipped, and I laughed at them. I told them to sue me or file charges so I could learn who they are, but they didn't. The did make a lot of empty threats and even spent a few hours spoofing my number in their calls. Which was funny because I got to give those who called back instructions on how to scam the scammers. And when the criminal called trying to see how bad I was suffering, he was disappointed to find I was finding his electronic tantrum entertaining. He stopped using my number and also they all stopped calling me. But not before I told him I was teaching thousands of others how to do what I've been doing to them. I'm even about to publish a book on Trolling Telemarketers and have a whole chapter dedicated to reverse scamming these vermin If you tell them it's a debit card and to wait a day or two, they may very well ship the other before even trying the card. Later, when they call back after the card failed, apologize and give them another fake one. See how long you can string them along. AFTER you scam them be sure and mention my name. I have posted the calls and their threats and I want them to know I did what I told them I would do. William R. James
Cheap Bastard (3 месяца назад)
Bruce Reith (3 месяца назад)
Cheap Bastard beautiful
Frank Semple (11 месяцев назад)
I got a 3-month script of Lexapro for my (then) girlfriend in 2009. I used Canadian Pharmacy, who then sold my number to US Pharmacy and one or two others. I have been getting calls for 7 YEARS!!! They refuse to remove my number and if I ask them to, they hang up on me and call back the next day. I have even blocked over 40 unique phone numbers but they call from dozens and dozens of US numbers obtained in dozens of different states (all via India). They are a menace!!!
Bruce Reith (11 месяцев назад)
Frank Semple these guys aren't trying to sell anything. Pretty sure it's part of a program in conversational American English. They say as much in one of these videos. Answer the phone with an accent and in broken English, see what happens.
F Stephans (2 года назад)
That Jackass will never stop calling you.
Jitesh Pagar (2 года назад)
He was just a sales person looking for sale and increase his incentive .....
Hal Zoerner (3 года назад)
"Not currently". Lol. The tone in your voice. Priceless.
Edward C. (3 года назад)
He def went off script towards the end... Lol

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