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Marines or Air-force???? @hodgetwins

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Текстовые комментарии (1922)
CresentVII (8 дней назад)
oh wow, been a subscriber for so long didnt even know they were marines. TYFYS
Code Black (17 дней назад)
Join the marines to kill motherfuckers and get your balls stepped on by everyone in COC just because. Get your schooling done after you get back from slaying bodies and pounding pussy.
Afeni Arana (18 дней назад)
Lmfaoooo “shut up bitch” they had me dying the whole time
Vanica Reed (19 дней назад)
Slightly Warm (28 дней назад)
Hey fuck it. While you’re out in the USMC living in the dirt and being treated like shit “not being a bitch” I’m in the s6 tent in the army drinking my coffee ;). Lmao
Tobi Park (1 месяц назад)
How about army?
Anthony Mcqueen (2 месяца назад)
Air force all the way
America (1 месяц назад)
Anthony Mcqueen *Chair* Force
Don John (3 месяца назад)
Yeah I would've went to the Air Force too
max kukharchuk (4 месяца назад)
Man people don’t get what service is.... you don’t fucking go to military hoping you gonna get a good job later on... this is bigger than that.... maan
Ebon Hawk (4 месяца назад)
If ypu join, you're going to get fucked in the ass like a bitch by any branch. It doesn't matter which one you join. Hope you like anal...
Nyisha Slaughter (5 месяцев назад)
Love those eyes 😛😛
Ian Larkins (5 месяцев назад)
If you want to get treated like a child but be expected to act like a professional 24/7 and live in shitty conditions knowing that you're a part of a group of some of the toughest people in the world then join marines or army. If you want to use the military as a stepping stone to set yourself up for a better career in the future and make bank, then join the air force. My bro and I went army and our cousin is in the air force. He is a military police in the chair force and told us that he was pretty much a grunt. It was really hard not to laugh at that because of all the bullshit that we put up with while being in the army compared to him. Knowing this, he is going to make twice as much money outside of the military because of all the other training that he got while in the air force. All in all, its about what you want. If you want to see fucked up shit, just be strong enough to be able to live with that your whole life. If you want to actually set yourself up for the future, go air force.
Chris R (5 месяцев назад)
My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment
ALFJAMXA James (1 месяц назад)
Chris R LMAO lol lol
jarhead21100 (7 месяцев назад)
If you want to make six figures starting in the civilian world, join the air Force or the Navy. They'll teach you to fix planes, operate heavy equipment, handle hazmat etc. All of which will get you a good job later. But if you want a challenge. If you want to push your body and soul to the limit. If you want to be consumed with a sense of pride in what you do. If you become angry when you saw the towers fall. If you want to crawl through the dirt for weeks without food to find the motherfuckers who loved seeing Americans die and kill them.... Join the Marines.
Lord Of The Depths (8 месяцев назад)
quin bullock (8 месяцев назад)
Dawg at the eighth second I started dying
Alex Funes (9 месяцев назад)
benjamin higgs (10 месяцев назад)
Running VPN (10 месяцев назад)
ha this nigga said choogin
Robert Rodriguez (10 месяцев назад)
Ive never seen a broke retired airman
leah hugie (10 месяцев назад)
Being in air force and saving lives make you a bitch? Hmm..didn't know.
elronhoyobembe (11 месяцев назад)
I'm in the USAF. If you want to be some sort of specialized mechanic, working on Aircraft, then AF is the way to go for sure. Being a maintainer you work long hours on the flightline and you get alot of heat when something goes wrong and they can't fly a sortie, but overall it gives you a strong basis for landing a career outside of the military. Not to say you can't get a similar job in the Marines, my AF techschool was a detachment at a Navy base with Airmen, Sailors, and Marines. The marines were training to be f35 crew chiefs among some other jobs, so you can really be an aircraft maintainer in any branch. But from personal experience, the air force is going to train you the best, and give you the best facilities. The marine f35 program is probably the best aircraft maintainer job to get into in the Marines right now IMO. The f35 is heavily funded so whatever maintenance squadron you end up at will be nice. Air force definitely has some "easy" jobs, but each branch has their fair share. It's like what they said though, it's all about what you want to get out of it; and get the most out of it, because the military will take a lot out of you.
Jack Daniel (11 месяцев назад)
i want to join the marines and be a pilot because that is a more difficult job or more difficult to get there (more physical than mental) and that also mean less people competing against me because the more people the less likely ur going to get a spot! Especially as a pilot like if u agree?
Flip TO (1 год назад)
The air force has the hardest/longest selection course in the entire military. Do your research before you call the AF bitch branch. This was directed towards the guy who asked the question not the twins
Nani Smith (1 год назад)
Young dumb and full of cummmm😂😂😂
Sylar Grey (1 год назад)
.Hey guys this might sound selfish. I want to join either the marines or navy with my associate's so i can finish school later after service with the GI Bill. However; I want some hands on experience in civil engineering and i also would like to travel. The USMC MOS is Engineering Assistant but the Navy rate is Engineering AID, both sound very similar and i do not know their differences. Can you help me decide which branch my help me as an aspiring civil engineer?
Kenny Ruiz (1 год назад)
I don't really like at airforce because it's so lenient on It's recruits and for me doesn't give me the military experience I'm looking for that's why I'm joining the army and after the army I want to be a cop so I think I'm doing the right thing
Ethereality (1 год назад)
You can be a Spartan or an Athenian. One comes with glory, the other security.
Ryan (1 год назад)
Only thing the Marines teach you is how to be a got damn janitor after you get out.
Zachery Grant (1 год назад)
there is a happy medium called the Army.
Jeremy Dillard (1 год назад)
"Young dumb and full of cum"😂😂😂 gonna be my new bio for every fuckin thing now😂😂
Ethan Smith (1 год назад)
Guess he never looked into Air Force tacp which has over a 50% drop out rate and the AF special operations which has a higher drop out rate all together than any other branch. Every branch has its group of badasses. You could be a damn paper pusher in the marines. If being a badass means that much then try out for spec ops in any branch.
chad haire (1 год назад)
Marines? SUCKS. Air Force way to go!!
Andres Jaramillo (1 год назад)
rbaleksandar (1 год назад)
If you have the brains for it, Air Force is the way to go. If not, by all means join the marines.
George Batton (1 год назад)
Joining the military for college money is dumb. Recruiters suck in unsuspecting young people with all that bullshit. If you want an education skip the military and just go to a cheap community college. A lot of companies will even compensate you for college money. If you feel obligated to serve and protect your country even if it means that you will possibly get shot at and killed, that's a good reason to join the military. If you get some tuition assistance as a result that's icing on the cake. Very few people are mentally and psychologically equipped to join the military for what it's actually intended for.
Rogue Sniper Gaming (1 год назад)
LMFAO I thought about joining the marines because the uniforms as well😂
HawkeyeNation19 (1 год назад)
I did static line jumps out of planes in Iraq and then blew shit up while in the Army EOD. Give that a go :P
JKI (1 год назад)
People talking about Air Force gives you the most education benefits . Bitch what? Last time I check every branch had the same benefits it depends on what you do. Air Force and Navy is for the tech savvy . Other branches not really .
Billy Gaskins (1 год назад)
Plot twist.. Go Army
Ryan sigler (1 год назад)
Chris Hira (1 год назад)
If you want a life after military go NAVY or AIR FORCE
InsiteKaliber (1 год назад)
Who's watching in 2017
M. C. (1 год назад)
My girl is serving as a usaf and I'm leaving for BOOTCAMP in 1 more month for the marines
gotpuntedagain (1 год назад)
lmao yall wild
Romulus I (1 год назад)
You guys didnt mention the air force is full and I mean full of beautiful women. The uniform and title "Marine" is cool and all but there is a reason why the Marines have the lowest retention rate. It's quality of life sucks ass, but some people like that shit.
ProphetGaming (1 год назад)
Whoever said that about the air force is an idiot, PJ/CCT Indoc makes Marine boot-camp look like kindergarten.
Josh (1 год назад)
oh the dress blue uniforms are not issued. u gotta pay for them and theyre like 400 bucks
tornado5783 (1 год назад)
Josh dang man!!! Thanks for your service! Went through July of this year
Josh (1 год назад)
tornado5783 i went through in 97-01 and we did NOT get dress blues. all we got free were our alphas. idk wen u were in or where but at legeune we didnt get them.
tornado5783 (1 год назад)
Josh what? You get your blues the second time you go to clothing issue during bmt.
Josh (1 год назад)
i was in the marines infantry for 4 years and im telkin ya if u dont go air force u might as well go smoke some crack. it sucked
Long Live Donald Trump (1 год назад)
depends on what u get on your ASVAB if u get above a 70 Air Force if u get a 60 and below marines
Charnt Sabre (1 год назад)
Long Live Donald Trump no.
michael antwiler (1 год назад)
I was Air Force for 11 years. After I got out I worked for Boeing for and made $40 dollars an hour during the week, double on the weekend and triple on holidays!! Air Force Baby!!!!
Sigh-tama (10 месяцев назад)
niice! were you working on jets?
Halfrican American TV (1 год назад)
michael antwiler I was air force for 8 years.. worked on H53 Pave Lows.. Crew Chief.. I would love to get a job with Boeing.. hook a brotha up.. lol
Mike L (1 год назад)
michael antwiler What was your job? Were you an officer? I'm in school for mechanical engineering. Thinking of Joining air force afterwards. Any advice will be much appreciated.
michael antwiler (1 год назад)
Tdy fucking girls, working on planes and filling my nuts and bolts on women all across the world!!
Sanina MIA (1 год назад)
I'm going to the air force
Ijanae Reed (1 год назад)
Is that a real question??? 😂😂
Omoplata1916 (1 год назад)
What if you're more technical, but you also want to learn how to kill people and be a rifleman?
Kracka (1 год назад)
I would join the Army for that
Mike L (1 год назад)
Omoplata1916 The Air Force does actually have direct combat jobs but most are in special tactics. Tactical Air Control Party(embeds with Marine and Army ground combat units), Combat Controller, Air Liason Officer and Special Tactics Officer( works with SEALs and other special operations units). All of these are of course rifleman qualified plus technical.
Wolfsquad 12 (1 год назад)
What should i join the marine or army
SF (1 год назад)
join the army
Johnathan carr (1 год назад)
Wolfsquad 12 they are not the same, it depends on what you want to do honestly. I can't wait to get out in November this year. I'd honestly say go to the army
Uncle Drew (1 год назад)
Wolfsquad 12 their basically the same
NintendodogsDream (1 год назад)
I'm joining the Navy and I'm leaving next month...
Martin Triscila (1 год назад)
+JTsuits just got done watching ur video about motovlog fam!!!!
freddiemercurysmoustache (1 год назад)
Thank you for your service
JTsuits (1 год назад)
+DTMMI ^.^
JTsuits (1 год назад)
+donglau im a military veteran former AM2 youtuber :)
freddiemercurysmoustache (1 год назад)
I'm in the navy and I'm an aircraft mechanic. My job translates to a civilian job but there's tons of opportunities to go to school while you're in and you can use your post 9/11 when you get out. But the service is no joke either branch you're in.
jagger click (1 год назад)
I'm only 16 but I preparing to go to the airforce as a combat medic.
AirForceMedic93 (1 год назад)
Im an air force medic and unless you do IDMT you will no longer see combat. And that's a long difficult road. I recommend Navy Corpsman.
John Biddle (1 год назад)
alex3373 lol I don't see them much I'm a 11B
alex3373 (1 год назад)
John Biddle tell that to the PJ's u big dummy
John Biddle (1 год назад)
jagger click Air Force and combat shouldn't go in the same sentence
David Joyner (1 год назад)
I spent 4 awesome years as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman. Every branch of the military has it's jobs which require brain power, and those which do not. An aircraft mechanic will need to know how to fix airplanes and helicopters so they will fly. The insignia on one's shoulder is immaterial. As for IQ, a U.S. Navy Nuke will equal any M.I.T graduate. As for me, I had an incredible quality of life as a Hospital Corpsman. I am 44 years old now. If I were 17, I'd do it all over again. This was my experience.
David Joyner (1 год назад)
+jumper F22 I knew a few Biomed Tech when I was in the Navy. This will ensure job security for you as a Veteran! I wish I was mechanically inclined enough to do it. Keep in mind I was discharged in 1994. Technology has changed a lotsince then. As for the other branches, I have no experience with them As for The Navy, I loved it! Next to my title as a Husband and a Father, Hospital Corpsman gives me the most pride. I hope this helps you out. Feel free to ask me questions.
Jumper F22 (1 год назад)
How's it going sir, im interested in Biomedical technology in the navy and biomedical technician in the army. I haven't really researched the airforce medical field as in depth. Im reading books on medical technology now. What's it like working in the medical field for the military?
3oss Omok (1 год назад)
never get tired of watchin these dudes cuz they allways keepin it real they aint fake like the 99% of youtube
Classified Look (2 года назад)
I don't want to kill but the Marines are so looked up on ( yes I know military is justified in front of God and killing the in it is ok still reapent though praise Jesus and God and believe).
Conrad Philips (2 года назад)
Oh god, leave religion out of it just train do your mos and live your life God won't look at you any differently brother
Marco Polo (2 года назад)
These guys are funny, they act like they're pissed off and serious on steroids and crack cocaine, like they're having roof rage
LCST (9 месяцев назад)
You're clearly an idiot.
Shane Robinson (2 года назад)
Dull Boy (2 года назад)
Fucking Marines
Luis Lamas (2 года назад)
Been in the military is not about been a badass is about doing something good and serving our country
Code Black (17 дней назад)
Marines join to kill motherfuckers. Being a badass is just a tittle that comes with it. Anyone that calls themselves a badass is 99% a pussy.
Grangah (18 дней назад)
good this country is only made and functioning off the oppression of others.
Final Dungeon (1 год назад)
Without our volunteers this country would cease to exist. Show some respect.
Micheal Anthony (1 год назад)
Luis Lamas serving your country or serving the government so politicians and bankers and contractors can get rich while you risk your life.
Luis Lamas (2 года назад)
Been in the military is not about been a badass is about doing something good and serving our country
Panda (2 года назад)
what is happening xDD
Oliver (2 года назад)
Watched this a year & a half ago as just a video updated created. Now I am watching it because I am serious about joining. Thank you
sasan (2 года назад)
usaf full of respect and education and marines is all about being wild
Smallfrie1996 (2 года назад)
Semper Fidelus, fellow Brothers!
Gilbertify (1 год назад)
You don't even spell it right.
xViRuSx (2 года назад)
This is very good advice.
Mike Nicholson (2 года назад)
Spent a long ass time trying to figure out the answer to this question, and after talking to alot of people and researching I decided to go to the Air Force.. I got an "open mechanical job" which is a little skeptical in my opinion. Was wanting to be a PJ but can't cause of my vision.. Got offered a TACP job though, anyone have any insight on that?
tornado5783 (1 год назад)
I went in as open mechanical now I'm at Luke AFB as a crewchief of the f35
John Biddle (1 год назад)
I'm in the Army of u happen to have questions about us however avoid open contracts
Brad Kuntz (2 года назад)
TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) Usually deploys with Army ground troops and calls in air support while being fully qualified as an infantryman as well
Nubia Leon (2 года назад)
You made a huge mistake going Air Force.
uknownuser23 (2 года назад)
tacp is badass. if ur going air force go for that badass shit. jus dont do security forces 😂😂 please
mbenzsl2000 (2 года назад)
That gets me every time. "I don't wannabe a bitch"....Lol. If that's the only reason making you join the Marines, then your life must suck pretty badly already.
Dardan M (2 года назад)
Black Heart (2 года назад)
"Airborne" Air Force that dude must of been a idiot
Kosher Blacl (2 года назад)
join the marines for maximum survival skills.
Even.Ways Music (2 года назад)
The kid isn't ready for the services if he thinks not being infantry makes him a bitch
Brownie562 (2 года назад)
and then theres army . hooah!!
cudster305 (2 года назад)
theres never a bad reason for choosing a branch because at the end of the day its your interest and your life.
Alexander S. (2 года назад)
Im sure a lot of "bitches" in the USAF would make this kid looking like a fucking idiot
Kenneth Duran (2 года назад)
you guys were in the marines & say HOORAH? WTF is that
DaroneDiamonds (1 год назад)
drumlion2005 It's, HUAH! I'm not and never have been in the AF, I will be joining though, but I've seen videos of Airmen in full flight marching in cadence. At the end of it they yelled, "HUAH!".
drumlion2005 (1 год назад)
Kenneth Duran all the branches have that espirit de corps type of thing. The marines is oorah, army is hooah, navy is hooyah. No clue about the air force.
Zackary Edwards (2 года назад)
it's for motivation I believe. OORAH
Lazy Samurai (2 года назад)
To all who want to join the marines for dress blues better wake the fuck up your ass is gonna hate life if that's the only reason you joined up have a purpose that betters ether yourself or betters your future
Josh Bar (2 года назад)
... both?
Zackary Edwards (2 года назад)
you could serve 4 years, then enlist in another branch yes.
Gains & Gaming (2 года назад)
I never really think about the fact that the hodge twins could kill someone so easily with their bare hands due to what they've learned as marines.
Anthony Broussard (2 года назад)
Go Air Force!! :-)
Arthur Allen Coro (2 года назад)
ARMY for the win!!!
Aaron Johnson (2 года назад)
Army; flatout.
ココ・ちゃん〜! (2 года назад)
If you're an average lowlife nobody, and you just want to join the military to improve your future (because you suddenly started caring about that bullshit), like me, I would suggest joining an air force of a neutral country, like Finland or Sweden, maybe even Serbia. Just in case, if in the future you feel like moving to another country and starting your life there, you'd have the opportunity to do so and your service would still mean something. But that's just me, you know, not trying to tell people what to do.
ココ・ちゃん〜! (2 года назад)
+Octavious Mandangalang How does what work? Joining an air force? Depends on the country, you can usually talk to a local recruiter or something, there's also a website for the USAF.
Octavious Mandangalang (2 года назад)
How does that work?
Jack Naiper (2 года назад)
They're right I was in the Air Force and it was the best decision ever wouldn't change anything about my AF experience ever got to travel and they will push the importance of education on you. I respect all the branches and anyone who's willing to join because let's face it, it's not something everyone can do. I've talked to people who were in the Army, Marines, Navy, CG and all have at some point said if they could do it over again they'd join the AF. As Johnny Mac said and I agree military life doesn't last forever so one should begin setting themselves up for post military live from DOT 1, good luck and respect to any that's getting ready to ship out.
Talan (2 года назад)
AF!! Huh!!!
Ptown Floyd (2 года назад)
One thing I will say is about the Air Force you need to be smart. A lot and I mean almost any good "awesome" bad ass job needs college credits or degree. Army rarely required college credits let alone a degree for bad ass jobs and ish.
searcher (2 года назад)
Rather learn something then climb with gear, run 5 miles or shoot a gun. I can go to a boxing gym to not be a bitch.
TheSheikh (2 года назад)
u guys should do marines videos lol funny!
alonso 2smooth (2 года назад)
They used to be in the marines a long time ago
Isaiah Pomales (2 года назад)
but the marines is a good choice u feel me
Isaiah Pomales (2 года назад)
the beginning was fuckin weird doe
Dyfrig Shandy (2 года назад)
how about tactical navy seal team 6
Jackson Flinn (1 год назад)
Yeah it is
AlmightyPullout 300 (1 год назад)
+Survival - ish crazy shit
Jackson Flinn (1 год назад)
Yeah, after the extra schools i think its about 26 months, i'm not sure though
AlmightyPullout 300 (1 год назад)
+Survival - ish yea it's more then 2 years ain't it?
Jackson Flinn (1 год назад)
Over all their traings if many more months than 12
die Wahrheit (2 года назад)
Kristen Ezzell (2 года назад)
god i feel like they are lookin at me and its scary im 17 joining airforce
zootsuitriot (2 года назад)
Lol "you aint gone be no bitch" wait till you get to the fleet
john van ryken (2 года назад)
i went in the middle and im joining the army in a couple of months
Josh M (2 года назад)
I've been Air Force for 6 years now. I work in Satellite Communications and Ground Radio systems. My mission pertains directly to Space Based Missile Warning systems. I've got a unique perspective because i have worked with ALOT of the other branches, (mostly marines, and navy). One thing i want to point out. I've sat in classes right along side the marines, navy and army for my job. In my deployment I worked hand in hand with Marines and Navy. My point being that ALL branches will have some of the jobs the others have. Marines, Army, and Navy ALL have aircraft right along side the AF. Just like they ALL have radio guys, and careers dealing with Ammunition, or Security Forces/MPs. I would say that if you are considering marines, because that's what your family has done for generations, there is honor in this. But if your just looking for a job that gets you boots on ground, no shit real world gunfights, full-metal jacket/blackhawk down/jarhead shit. Look at some of the special duty programs for the Air Force, Navy, and Army. You have an infinitely better shot at getting what you want if you make it through one of their programs. To name a few across all the branches. (Ranger school/Green Beretts/ (Army),SEALs/SEABEES(Navy), Raiders(Marines), Paratroopers/Combat Controllers (Air Force). the benefit that the Air Force seems to have (to me) over the other branches, is that it's a smaller branch in many respects. For you the new recruit who is after a good job inside (and potentially outside) the smaller scale can translate into a better shot at you getting placed in a career you want. If you look at the ARMY or Marines, keep in mind the bread and butter for those branches is Infantry and Riflemen, so the recruiter has ALOT more slots to fill on that end of his quota (and they do have quotas). This doesn't mean there arent slots for the other stuff that come through, it just means if there isn't any space at the moment in those jobs, the recruiter will most likely "sell" you on the job you want in hopes that one opens up before or stays open while your enlistment is going through, but if something changes they can almost ALWAYS fall back on putting you into the general infantry. A HUGE benefit of marines, navy, and army over my branch, the (Air Force). It took me 4 and a half years to put on E-5 and i'm one of the fastest there is in the AF to get E-5. (Made it my first time testing, Look up WAPS Testing if interested). Conversely, the Army, Navy, and Marines as long as your not getting in trouble, and your trying at your job, will most of the time have you making E-5 pay in the first couple years. In my deployment there were a few guys that had E-5 at the end of their first year of enlistment.

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