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Did You Know This About Erectile Dysfunction

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Free report on Nitric Oxide Therapy - http://healthyat60plus.com/erectiledysfunction Questions - call me at 609-410-4790 Did You Know This About Erectile Dysfunction hey guys and this news up that we want to talk about erectile dysfunction and two specific things that you may not know about erectile dysfunction this is Arnold brought it healthy at sixty plus if you have any questions about this video or any of the videos on my channel just give me a call or text me at 6:09 for ten forty seven ninety you could also leave me a question in the comment section below this video and I'll definitely answer it for you now let's see what we have today and these two things about Edie that you may or may not know about so here's the first thing no beating around the bush here's this statistic nearly 75% of men with Edie do not seek help now that's a fairly staggering number I mean in the US alone there's somewhere between twenty and thirty million men with Edie depending on who statistics you look at seventy-five percent of those guys have Edie do not seek help they may look on the internet they may do this they may try to find some some miracle cure but they're not looking for medical help they're not looking for supplements they're just out there trying to kind of hide bad idea now that number is disturbing for so many reason first of all Edie is reversible and that's really something you have to understand erectile dysfunction is reversible meds such as viagra don't reverse Edie their symptom relief now if you go to your doctor generally speaking you're gonna get a prescription for viagra cialis levitra one of those kind of things but you're not gonna get something that really gets to the core issue what's the underlying cause of the Edie but symptom relief is great you want to go for that as a short-term remedy but don't forget the long-term issues that being said guys don't even see there doctors for this type of symptom relief help these embarrassing guys don't want to talk about it but you really really need to now the other reason that the 75% number is disturbing is because Edie is really a symptom of other issues and these issues need to be dealt with now get these to statistics and this is kind of that second thing first is that the 75% of men don't even look for treatment and the other is these men with ED have a 50% greater risk of a heart attack and they have a greater risk of stroke and even dementia and almost most men with erectile dysfunction have high blood pressure and high blood sugar issues whether that diagnosed or not so Edie is a downstream effect it's a symptom of some upstream issue which is generally cardiovascular nature some damage to the lining of the blood vessels you're not getting enough nitric oxide production Edie is an independent risk factor for heart attack when you go to your doctor and if they ask you if you have Erectile dysfunction and hopefully you don't lie they look for your cardiovascular health it's a risk factor for heart attack greater stroke and even dementia so that's the other reasons it's really important to get you ED treated and one of the best ways to deal with ED and the underlying issues is with lifestyle changes now you know the story better diet lose weight exercise cut out smoking cut down on alcohol review your medications and limit stress you're looking to do things that are good for your heart good for your circulation these will help with your ED they'll also give you better quality of life I work on all these issues personally I mean I work on a better diet I worked the my weight down exercise I don't smoke I drink a little bit but it's really difficult so what I rely on mostly is supplements to get at the root cause of all of these issues Orlov cardiovascular issues and for me the best supplement I know of is something called nitric oxide and is something called nitric oxide therapy which delivers night which delivers supplements to your body which change into nitric oxide which work at healing the lining of your blood vessels so your body can naturally produce nitric oxide so you have the ability to have better blood flow helps with your blood pressure cholesterol issues complications of diabetes what we're talking about erectile dysfunction nitric oxide therapy really works well I use a particular product called Pro Argentine plus it's been around 10 years it's tested it really works well it's patented by the US government's recognized by the medical community a really good product that I really like and been using for a couple of years now whether you decide you want to use that product or not you really want to #ED #erectiledysfunction #impotence #proargi9 #proargi9plus #synergyworldwide #ED, #erectiledysfunction, #impotence, #proargi9, #proargi9plus, #synergyworldwide ED, erectiledysfunction, impotence, proargi9, proargi9plus, synergyworldwide
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