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Ocean City Maryland Wooden Boardwalk

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Ocean City, Maryland, USA Maryland's Atlantic Ocean Resort Town with world renowned classic wooden boardwalk accessible by taking the Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge across Sinepuxent Bay to the Atlantic Ocean front Town of Ocean City, Maryland ********************* History Efforts to establish a resort on the barrier island began as early as 1839. In the late 1860s construction of the Wicomico and Pocomoke Railroad promised an increase in beach visitors, prompting investors to lay out streets and building on lots on 267 acres patented as "The Ladys Resort To The Ocean" The resort became known as Ocean City by 1875 when the first major oceanfront hotel was opened known as The Atlantic House which opened on the Fourth of July in 1875. *************************** Ocean City Facts Beach is About 10 miles of beautiful sparkling sand Boardwalk is 3 miles long The whole city encompasses 4.5 square miles. The founding date is considered to be July 4, 1875, when the original Atlantic Hotel opened for business. Ocean City was incorporated as a municipality in 1880. No one is allowed on the beach or in the ocean between 12am and 5am No one is allowed sleeping on the beach between 10pm - 6am ******************************* Links For more information on visiting Ocean City, Maryland http://ococean.com/ For more information on the Town of Ocean City, Maryland http://oceancitymd.gov/oc/ ********************************** Transportation Ocean City Maryland is 233.64 miles from New York City via New Jersey Tpke S with car travel time expected at 3 hrs 58 mins Round trip bus from NYC to Ocean City Maryland is available via Greyhound Bus Lines https://www.greyhound.com/ Ocean City Maryland is 137.58 miles US-50 E to US-113 S taking 2 hrs 41 mins in car from Washington, D.C. *************************************** Hashtag metadata tag #OceanCityMaryland #OceanCityMD #OceanCity #Maryland #OC #OCMD #TownofOceanCity #Worcester #WorcesterCounty #woodenboardwalk #wooden #boardwalk #AtlanticOcean #AtlanticOceanBeach #Beach #Beaches #summer #summertime #warmweather #TheShore #Shore #SummerFun #SinepuxentBay #US #USA #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica #UnitedStatesofAmerica #AmericanSummer #SummerinAmerica #SummerinUSA #WarmWeather #EastCoast HD Video Ocean City town, Worcester county, Maryland state, The United States of America USA country, North America continent July 26th 2014
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Dave Redcay (1 год назад)
going in July . Condo on beach.
victoria stewart (1 год назад)
by far the best beach on the east coast, when it comes to atmosphere...it's something for all ages to do there.
bob bot (2 года назад)
Juliya from Sumy leave a message
Oh (2 года назад)
I'm going here!!!!!!!!!!
ever (2 года назад)
never gone fishing here I NEED to
Magic 555 (3 года назад)
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valyri (3 года назад)
I wish I was there too :P

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