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How to Jumpstart the Process of Lowering Your Blood Pressure

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As you know, High blood pressure is the result of an unhealthy cardiovascular system… Due to our 1st world, highly processed diets and sedentary lifestyle… Our cardiovascular systems are, frankly, shot… Stress, lack of exercise and poor diet results in stiff, highly inflamed blood vessels… When blood vessels are stiff and non-flexible and their capacity is further reduced by plaque buildup and inflammation… you’ve got the perfect recipe for high blood pressure… And, if any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, over 100 million American adults have high blood pressure for these very reasons… Now, if you are watching this video, you’re obviously looking for answers, for yourself or maybe a loved one… and you probably already know the risks of High blood pressure… But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the fact that high blood pressure directly leads to coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, stroke, arteriosclerosis, and even dementia So, I think we are all in agreement here… We want to lower blood pressure for a whole host of very positive health benefits… To lower blood pressure we want to reverse the years of damage we’ve done to our heart and blood vessels… now there are a lot of ways we can start to repair and restore the cardiovascular system… these include diet, rest, exercise, supplementation and stress relief… **** So we have to do the same thing to your blood vessels, we have to dilate your vessels…thus the systemic vasodilator… Systemic (meaning throughout your body) Vaso (meaning vessels) and dilator (Meaning to become wider, larger and more open) As I mentioned, the other thing we need to be looking for are foods that increase nitric oxide production… real quick, nitric oxide is a gas produced in the lining of your blood vessels which helps them remain flexible but also reduces inflammation and repairs and rejuvenates the vessel walls by reducing plaque buildup… ***** Stronvivo, vitamins for your blood vessels, is a combination of Arginine, Citrulline, Carnitine, Magnesium and Zinc… Stronvivo is designed to be a systemic vasodilator and a nitric oxide booster… and it’s been shown in clinical trials to help reduce blood pressure and repair, restore and rejuvenate the cardiovascular system….exactly what we’ve been talking about… ***** So there you have it.. thank you for spending a minute with me and here’s to good heart health! To learn more about stronvivo and how to jump start the process of lowering your blood pressure today, just click below…
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