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Try It Out: L'oreal Glow Cushion Blush

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Hey Everybody! I hope you enjoyed this video! Love you all! Instagram: Kellylovesbeauty1 Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/keepingupwithkell Business email: kellylovesbeauty1@gmail.com
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twiinklin (1 год назад)
the colour is so pretty 😍 i got one but in the shade of rose affair & it's not that really pigmented 😩
VAISHNAVE Devaraj (2 года назад)
if I am not mistaken this can be found in asian countries like Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia
Celyth Mai (2 года назад)
Is this out in the uk yet? Can't seem to find them anywhere
BOOM BOOM (2 года назад)
girl you got some pretty eyes
Geekella (2 года назад)
are you wearing falsies? if not, what mascara is that???? lol
Taylor Carmack (2 года назад)
In one of her get ready with me videos she said she has lash extensions
Ally Culpepper (2 года назад)
Perfect color for your tan!!!!
Carisa Christian (2 года назад)
It looks REALLY pretty!
Alba Clerd (2 года назад)
Love it
Christine270 (2 года назад)
I use the Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation & I apply it with a Beauty Blender. I bet that would work for the blush too.
lizluna88 (2 года назад)
I think this is a waste of time. You should have demonstrated how it applied with a brush instead of assuming it would look nice. Also we don't know how it wore the whole day... It looked patchy at initial application. Just some constructive criticism.
kookiegull (1 год назад)
lizluna88 also it's a cushion so it's meant to be applied with the puff that comes with it , she struggled with it a bit cause she applied too much but if you watch other reviews the product itself is not bad , I would probably say put it before your foundation to make it look natural and make your skin glowy and flushed from the inside
indho jama (2 года назад)
She is trying, give her a break.
Kalli (2 года назад)
can you do a video of all of your blushes? I love bright pink blushes on me too and I'm looking to expand
Linda I. K (2 года назад)
Kelly becomes more updated.
Angie Partridge (2 года назад)
I love the foundation version but it runs out too fast for the price ! I want to try the blush even though I don't care for cream blushes. Looks pretty !!!
Susan Queen (2 года назад)
That color is so pretty on you!!!! But maybe using a brush would be better.. Hope we get that here!
K i r s t y • (2 года назад)
I really like the colour on you. I use a real techniques stippling brush to apply my cream blusher and it works great!
TIff NYC (2 года назад)
do you have fake eye lashes? So pretty!
1j2klol (2 года назад)
pretty color on u! Sometimes dabbing the blush on the back of your hand helps it to not go on as strong.
Dana Ritter (2 года назад)
Loooove your earrings, where did you get them?
Amy Klesel (2 года назад)
I don't own any cushioned products yet but I've heard several people say they prefer a brush/beauty blender over the applicator it comes with. Beautiful blush Kelly.
melodymontes238145 (2 года назад)
So many videos again! Love it! Missed 'em! 😀👍🏼❤️
Alex Schnurpel (2 года назад)
Next summer I'm going to Asia and Australia so I keep making a list of the products you list! Love your videos!
ECUA0806 (2 года назад)
You skin looks flawless.. Can you do a face routine concealer and power ... So beautiful
Mireya Acosta (2 года назад)
I really enjoy watching ur videos! So glad u are back cuz I kinda missed out on ur blogs :/ I want to catch up now! I love your energy and positive attitude ^_^ keep up the hard work💜😘☺️
יובל גן (2 года назад)
I love you so much !! Tanks about all the videos , the blush is amazing on you💕💕❤️
clausreadingadventures (2 года назад)
sarah templin (2 года назад)
Hope it's available in PA!!!!
Kristin Suzanne (2 года назад)
I'm so glad you've been uploading so much! Even if I can't necessarily buy something in the US, I'll still always watch because I just love your videos!
Liorasmakeuploves52 (2 года назад)
very pretty on you! <3
Maria Tran (2 года назад)
Use your fingers lol
martinezmay (2 года назад)
Maybe with your finger or a brush😁
Religious Beauty (2 года назад)
that color tho <3 looks kinda harsh tho :/

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