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Wize Pharma Hopes To Shake Up $3.7B RX Eye Drop Market

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It is estimated that more than 330 million people currently suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome worldwide.  Although often misunderstood, the complex disease can even lead to a chronic vision threatening disorder, conjunctivochalasis (CCh). Certain modern day conveniences are thought to be a cause in the increase of the condition, with extended viewing of digital screens, laser eye surgery, exposure to air conditioning and increased life expectancy to blame for the growing incidence. The global dry eye market is currently dominated by three companies: Allergan, Novartis, and Santen, but one company is hoping to shake up this $3.7 billion market with their new prescription eye drops. Noam Danenberg Chief Operating Officer of Wize Pharma, joins the show to shed some light on dry eye syndrome and the company's approach to treatment.
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