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Avocado Leaves: Benefits and Uses

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Avocado leaves are yet another natural medicine of the Earth for you to enjoy. [CC available] Who would have thought, that avocado leaves can be boiled and made into a natural health tonic/tea. You can use these leaves to treat hypertension and other conditions. Originally from Mexico, they now appear all over the world due to their cultivation in tropical climates. Avocado is well known around the world as a healthy fat, but many people do not realise the leaves are also beneficial for the body. Enjoy. ● Full Article: http://potla5.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/avocado-leaves-benefits-and-uses.html ● Health & Vitality Playlist: https://goo.gl/aVrpcH ● Meditation: http://www.breakingrealms.com Making life enhancing videos is extremely important to me. I love sharing useful knowledge with you. Please let me know if there is any areas or topics you wish for me to research. See my other videos on healthy foods for more info, and to learn about meditation go to breakingrealms.com. I wish you great health wealth and happiness. The information here has been provided for educational purposes only, and therefore is no substitute for informed medical advice or care. Please consult a doctor to seek treatment for any illnesses or medical concerns you may have. Music From: Purple Planet
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Текстовые комментарии (10)
k lee (1 год назад)
Do you have to use organic leaves?
Lawrence Davies (1 год назад)
are avocado leaves edible ?
Ryan Taylor (1 год назад)
Janian Stha (2 года назад)
if avocado leaves are toxic to animals then wont it b toxic to humans??
Yaren Ohayon (11 месяцев назад)
Janian Stha 😂😂😂😂
Rianenglish_ May (1 год назад)
+Carol Harlt
Carol Hart (1 год назад)
Janian Stha no one is supposed to eat the leaves. We can chew on them but not swallow. Animals always swallow.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
No don't worry. Persin is the element of avocados which can be quite dangerous to small animals like birds, rats and rabbits etc.... It can give Cats and dogs a stomach ache. But it is generally harmless to humans, It can actually work to kill breast cancer cells.
y smith (2 года назад)
Thank you very much. I wish you the same.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
You're welcome, thank you for watching :)

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