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- MELATONIN - Binaural Beats (Fall Asleep Faster, Sleep Longer, Regenerate Better, Anti-Insomnia)

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Pure binaural beats mixed with some subtle sound effects, that will help you to fall asleep like a powerful sleep aid. It will also assist to regulate your circadian rhythm, esp. if you stay at night in bright room, use screens that emitates blue light etc. It is created to move you from awareness state directly into deep sleep until the end of file. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It helps regulate other hormones and maintains the body's circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is an internal 24-hour "clock" that plays a critical role in when we fall asleep and when we wake up. When it is dark, your body produces more melatonin. I personally tested it many times with a group of friends and it worked pretty good (I use it everytime I got to fall sleep earlier than usual, to regenerate long enough and wake up around 5-6am.. work time) Test and share your results! HEADPHONES REQUIRED!! Brainwaves can be only synchronised, by using binaural beats, while you are listening to them on headphones! --------------------------------- Scientists as well as I, have done a lot of researches and experiments with binaural beats, isochronic tones and subliminal messages (I have mostly focused on athlete performance improvement. I have done a lot of experiments on my friends and also my esteemed test group on Pateron. Researches were mainly focused on workout results, blood tests (testosterone / estradiol / lh/fsh) and mind states (I think that I will create an official scientific publication about it in future). Workout results and effects on mind states are really evident. Also blood tests results are really impressive e.g. (13.03.18 - before binaural cycle): Testosterone: 4,823 ng/ml (2,8 - 8,0), Estradiol 25,910 pg/ml (11,30 - 43,20) -- (12.04.18 - after): Testosterone: 6,570 ng/ml (2,8 - 8,0), Estradiol 34,644 pg/ml (11,30 - 43,20) These are the newest results after almost 1 month cycle on my Testosterone Enanthate. I have some more blood results from my other tests. They are much older and were more focused on lh/fsh influence - they both will also influence on testosterone level, fertillity etc.). I am going to publish all of them in my researches, that I have mentioned before).There come explanations... There are many official researches, that you may find on scientific web sites, that binaural beats have influence on our organism in a dozen ways. E.g. it is proved that binaural beats can stimulate pituary gland (e.g. dr Hanns Uwe Pfaff in 2014 has created a big publication about influence on HPA. He mostly focused on cortisol regulation. This scientist and many other researches show us too (you may find a lot more even on ncbi site etc.), that even placebo group may have some effects while using "fake", so like awkwardly done binaural beats, 3/4 worse effects than non-placebo group, but still (placebo can be also powerful eh). Binaural beats have also influence on glial cells, so it is possible to produce hormones (also steroid hormones) in a few ways, by using it regulary. Also they have strong influence on our mind states (there actually exists a hauntingly humber of published studies about this topic). Our mind states may have also a decisive influence on our sport results/achievments (sport psychology branch) If you are a person, that trains regulary, then it is certainly obvious for you how mind states plays essential role in sport. To reasume - there are evidences, that binaural beats will help you to grow greater muscles and improve your athlete performance in a really complex way. I have also earned a lot of feedbacks in private messages, as well as in comment section, that my productions brings on very nice adventages. --------------------------------------- You may also find my productions on: Soundcloud (limited to 11): https://soundcloud.com/user-102348836 Patreon (all of them + Pre-release content!): https://patreon.com/BinauralNutrition E-mail contact: binauralnutrition@gmail.com Second channel deleted too! --------------------------------- Support me on Patreon, so I can release productions more often: https://patreon.com/BinauralNutrition You will also get a possibility to download all of my files in high quality, give requests, vote and get pre-release content access!! ---------------------------------- I NEVER encourage anyone to take real oral/inj steroids. I do not take any responsibility for side effects, that may occur by using any of my binaural beats!
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Elijah Soto (3 месяца назад)
How much will this raise your melatonin levels below 1 mg or more
Iron Fist (5 месяцев назад)
Melatonin is a powerful supplement with anti - cancer properties, i love her in the past when i used her in pill form, i will test this excellent frequency and compare it to the real deal, i am sure that is going to be the same effective, great job BN:)
Iron Fist (5 месяцев назад)
I used it for the last five days and i can tell that is having the same effect that Melatonin have. After i listen to it i am starting to yawn, i sleep deeply for at least 7 hours and the next day i feel rejuvenated, great work BN:) I think that a sub for ZMA and this will make the perfect regeneration combo.
Binaural Nutrition! (5 месяцев назад)
Test and share your results! I used to use melatonin tabs, while I was working night shift till 6am 3 times per week and then trying to fall asleep at 7am. it was hard, because there were actually bright outside and on other days I was working daylight. Very useful supplement, but it is necessary to not grab for it everyday (if you don't have any problems to fall asleep normally), because it is possible to have problems with own melatonin production. Btw, I don't work at night anymore, because it is really harmful for our circadian rhytm and for after-training regeneration.
Aristides brilhante (5 месяцев назад)
This is good with the clip GOD OF HEL of Band ECHOES. BIZARRE!!!!!!!
T cook (5 месяцев назад)
If they delete your youtube account again I'm going to swing hands, never stop what you're doing man, by far the best binaural frequencies there is, they've helped me so much with sport, especially winstrol, I hope to see countless more frequencies in the future! good job man
Iron Fist (5 месяцев назад)
My thoughts exactly T cook.
Kunnal B (5 месяцев назад)

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