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Canadian Pharmacy Phone Call Revenge

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Got one of those telemarketer calls from a "Canadian pharmacy" trying to sell me pills, particularly Viagra. Instead of hanging up on him (like usual) I decided to have some fun with it. The video starts a couple minutes into the call. Pretty sick what these guys will put up with to try to make a sale.
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CRAIG BILES (23 часа назад)
marie kara (1 месяц назад)
These f******. Call me week after week. I’m going to try this approach. Because all I say. Is don’t f***** call me again. They harass me time after time.
rebecae connie (2 месяца назад)
Becky's Backward's Hat (6 месяцев назад)
INDIAN MEDICINE MAN. These people have been calling me for ten years!
Nicholas Lucarello (6 месяцев назад)
You are awesome.
YodatheHobbit (8 месяцев назад)
Has anyone EVER figured out how to just STOP receiving calls from these guys????? They've literally been calling me for over ten years, different state listed in the caller ID every time. Just this week I decided to not answer at all, they called me at 9:40am four days in a row. PLEASE HELP!
Marc Miller (9 месяцев назад)
I have killed several callers so far. It's a longer route but I have enjoyed myself.
Rick Van Clief (10 месяцев назад)
when they ask me how is the viagra or cialis is working for me I say "Great I am getting a blow job right now?"
Rick Sundberg (11 месяцев назад)
Right now if you call (678)846-1291 you will get those piece of shit annoying fucks.  They have called me for years.  Canadian Pharmacy...But they speak Tagalog and are really in the Philippines.  I got a buddy who is American but is of Filipino decent and he said they won't stop so he yells at them in their language, doesn't help.
Thought Criminal (11 месяцев назад)
Can we ask Trump to bomb them?
Thought Criminal (11 месяцев назад)
They call me all the time, next time I call them I am going to answer the phone "It's done, but there is blood everywhere"
Cat Kruz (1 год назад)
These people call me at least once a week, and their number is different every time. The statements this guys is making is absolutely terrible. I'm convinced I ended up on the call list because the number used to belong to an elderly lady (her friends would call me when I first got the number). This scheme is out there to take advantage of people for SUUUUUUURE. They pretend to be with your own pharmacy... I could go on and on. HATE THESE GUYS.
Phonejag1 (1 год назад)
OMG! Your questions and comments were so funny! He didn't know what to say to you, except "exactly"! And you kept a straight face! Great job!!
Akoden Kuniklo (1 год назад)
The guy is cute but the way he is talking he sounds like he'd be perfect in a stalker movie. :P lol
Niobesnuppa (1 год назад)
"I find nothing wrong with that, alright? It's normal" WTF kind of childhood did this phone scammer have to think an adult showering naked with someone else's kid is normal? xD
Jim Gracie (1 год назад)
i have alot of those calls also - i just can not keep it together as well as you can when you ream his butt ... this one is a few days ago - others are on my youtube page = i call them terrorize a telemarketer .... https://www.facebook.com/shopofhorrorscom/posts/10154412449066921
Narniak69 (1 год назад)
So nice of "Canadian Pharmacy" to confirm that their chewable Viagra are safe for kids.
Julie t (1 год назад)
James Hofman (1 год назад)
I love answering the phone: Hello city morgue...
Aradhya Daniel (1 год назад)
oh shitt
joelco92 (1 год назад)
I've taken a more angry approach and just cussed em out... requested multiple times to put me on the do not call list and they're just like "Sorry sir I cannot do that". Fucking hate these people. They've called me like 3 times a day for the past year, always from random numbers that show up as being in the US. Yeah right.
Joseph Neglia (2 года назад)
Eric Vaughn (6 месяцев назад)
Joseph Neglia have they stoped
Eric Vaughn (6 месяцев назад)
Harass this 8669786465
Julie t (1 год назад)
1 786 472 1775
Lisa (2 года назад)
I asked for Heroin, xanax, and a partridge. In a pear tree. This sucked up 20 minutes of their time. I also call back repeatedly - 15 times yesterday and just said pretty much 'helllloooo' etc. Sometimes I get a lull from these things till it starts up again. How is it this is still continuing. I've been battling this for at least 2 years.
GC (2 года назад)
My question was can I give it to my dog, cat and parrot?
Tracey Groenleer (2 года назад)
if you call them constantly they get frustrated and angry. it is entertaining, but for the fact that they are sick pieces of garbage. keep calling them.
Tracey Groenleer (2 года назад)
please everyone call them and harass them. they are truly scumbags and deserve to be in jail. I love to call and confuse them.... what a bunch of scum. let's all band together and stop them!
Tracey Groenleer (2 года назад)
haha. they don't care. even with children involved. I am continually calling them.i happen to know that they have what is coming to them.
MYJAFO *COM (2 года назад)
I tell them I used 100 mg on their sister?
West Coast Experience (2 года назад)
617 982 1058 I recognize the voice of the guy you're talking to this place has been calling me for like 7 years and it's gotten to the point where they know I am not the person they asked for and they taunt me. have fun talk them back. I don't care. they've never seemed to... Have fun guys
Joshua Cagney (2 года назад)
Sick and twisted, but I'm so sick of getting calls from these guys that I'm willing to try anything.
glenn glenn (2 года назад)
Their number is 845-520-4795.  Turn the table on them.  Call them and keep calling them till they take you off their calling list.
Fred howell (9 месяцев назад)
glenn glenn that is actually my area code and when you call back alls it does it shays the number is a non working number
highdesertutah (2 года назад)
Thanks man. These motherfuckers keep calling me I'm going to waste their time just like they have wasted my time the last few years. And have a good time while I'm at it.
F Stephans (2 года назад)
I fucking hate Canadian Pharmacy telemarketers.
kirkpadj (2 года назад)
been dealing with this for years. i enjoy giving them the address to the white house lmao
hotdog (2 года назад)
I got these Viagra pills from India and I've been running around with a stiffy chasing elephants ever since.
FUZZYoPEACH (3 года назад)
How did he not crack up the whole time?
C H (3 года назад)
They constantly spam my phone. Block their number and within a few weeks they change their number. This's been going on for years.
Genovefa Pinnick (3 года назад)
OMG....Chewable Viagra for Kids!!! You're genius.  I hate these guys and they are clearly criminals.
Reggie Dade (3 года назад)
list the number they call from on craigslist. 
TennisHero (4 года назад)
Lol! Well done! They call me all the time, thanks for fighting against them, keep it up!
Lockemeister (4 года назад)
LMAO! Add some more tags like "Foreign phone scammer" so you get more views. BTW, From this link, I think they are located in the Philippines. http://complaintwire.org/complaint/hPlJWbVZpQU/canadian-online-pharmacy
Lee Cronin (4 года назад)
Did they call back??
Bobo Uzala (4 года назад)
LMAO!  You're my hero today!!!
dy k (5 лет назад)
yo i just got the call from them. is it 604 901 7635? they asked me if im still taking cialis . the fuck LOL im gonna have fun with them too :)
Imran Khan (1 год назад)
dy k 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

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