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Top 10 Amazing Foods That Increases Sperm Production In Men Naturally - Fertility Foods for Men

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Top 10 Foods That Increases Sperm Production - How to Increase sperm count In Men Naturally - Increase Semen Volume - Foods For Fertility In Men - Sperm Motility https://youtu.be/VEcj4oKpINg Recently Research has revealed that 90% of male infertility problems are caused by the failure to produce enough sperm.. Top 10 Foods That Increases Sperm Count Naturally :: 1. Bananas Bananas contain bromelain which is an enzyme that controls sex hormones. Bananas also contain Vitamin A, B1 and C. These vitamins promote sperm production and also enable the body in improving its stamina. 2. Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate contains an active ingredient known as L-arginine HCL. This helps in increasing the semen volume and it also raises sperm count. Eating dark chocolate can help men in having better orgasms. 3. Garlic Garlic is rich in allicin that helps in improving blood circulation. This in turn promotes blood circulation in the genitals and strengthens the sperms. Garlic also contains Vitamin B6 and selenium which controls the secretion of sex hormones and reduces sperm damage. 4. Pomegranates Pomegranates are rich in an antioxidant that reduces malondialidehyde which is responsible for damaging the sperms. Consuming pomegranates on a regular basis can help the body in killing free radicals and also in improving the potential of the sperms. 5. Beef Beef contains zinc which protects the sperms from the influence of free radicals. Zinc also prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Thus it also promotes libido. 6. Walnuts Walnut is rich in arginine which helps in raising semen volume and also promotes sperm production. It is also composed of omega-3 fatty acids that promote blood circulation in the penis. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and they protect the body from several diseases. 7. Spinach Spinach is rich in folic acid that raises sperm count. Folic acid is also responsible for strengthening the sperms as well as increasing their motility. 8. Fruit Salad Fruits like strawberries, oranges and cherries contain lots of antioxidants. They prevent sperm damage and also increases sperm count. Fruits are also rich in folic acid which strengthens the sperms. The antioxidants in the fruits help in killing the free radicals and thus they protect the sperms. Fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C which prevents clumping of the semen. This in turn promotes motility and improves the possibility of fertilization. 9. Egg Eggs help in promoting fertility and raising the sperm count. Eggs contain vitamin E which prevents tissue degeneration of the testicles. Eggs are also rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect the cells. 10. Water Drinking lots of water can help the body in increasing sperm count. It also helps in improving the functioning of the sperms.
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