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Cushing's Syndrome- Information and Help

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James Findling, Professor of Clinical Medicine Director of Community Endocrine Services, Medical College of Wisconsin.. joins us to discuss Cushing's Syndrome. A new prescription medicine is helping Cushing's patients when surgery fails. It's one Balancing Act segment you simple can't afford to miss!
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J L (30 дней назад)
*Being a fat bitch is a syndrome now?*
Andrew H (3 месяца назад)
Its a shame that sudden and unintended weight loss or gain is so often dismissed. Gradual weight change is understandable but such a sudden change is reflective of something going haywire in the body. The body actually wants to stay at a particular weight or vary from that only gradually over time.
Vilas Bakle (5 месяцев назад)
what is good hospital for thise decicese in india.
Asra Aleem (2 года назад)
medicine is most probably cabergoline or bromocriptine.... but only an endo can advise on that.
Crystal Tinsley (3 года назад)
what is the medicine??????????? I had cushings for years and years and would love to know what medicine they are talking about....?????
Jackie Bilder (19 дней назад)
let me tell you all this..after yrs of not listening to me they put me on spirolactin then later ketaconzale..both aren't to be used longer then a yr.. keto causes liver failure and if not monitored can kill u..I took myself off after being on keto for 2 yrs bc I read and MRI which said extensive liver damage!!!I took myself off and called my local endo..she said oh ok. that's good u took yourself off!! I'm much worse w/o taking it but I want surgery in the bad adrenal and NOONE will touch me..this disease has slowly killed me for yrs while they watched or ran the same tests for yrs after KNOWING what I had..or bouncing me to ANOTHER specialist...this is. b's!! I've studied all this for yrs I could have a degree by now..I seem to know more then MOST Drs!!! I'm still sick and angry..sorry for the rant..I'm just so tired of fighting for what should be done..why do I have to educate and beg??? long story short..I'm being blackballed while fighting for my life.. anyway my point is the medicines a bandaid..don't take it for longer then a yr..!!!KETOCONAZOLE. yes an antifungal also..
Kittenpurrrs whenLoved (1 год назад)
it depends on what causes the Cushings on what they use for treatment
Jason King (3 года назад)
Why do women wear mini skirts, then are terrified to uncross their legs.... Either wear a longer skirt or wear jeans or or something....
Jackie Bilder (19 дней назад)
Jason King. um that's not the subject..who cares what the hell she wears
Indica Barnett (3 года назад)
SHE DOSENT LOSE THE WEIGHT??!!! idk if i can avoid from killing myself if my hair on my head dosent grow back, my retarded back fat dosent go away, my stomach dosent become 100% flat and my butt because a round bubble butt and my legs become beautiful and muscular again. And all my stretchmarks HAVE to disappear. And also if i dont lose the mustache and whatever else body hair i have.
Julie Joseph (1 год назад)
Indica Barnett grapes- yes grapes cure it
Carrie Feder (3 года назад)
Thank you for posting this.  I have watched a lot of videos of this and very few are encouraging.  I'm being tested now for this and I'm praying for the kind of results displayed here.
Redbird (4 года назад)
They need to fucking stop blasting this disorder as if it were some sort of strange African dengue. Cushing's is not as rare as the media and doctors want to portray it. There's a lot of people walking carrying the disease undiagnosed, but doctors are too ignorant because they don't stay current or keep up with their literature. It's because of this "rare and strange" factor that so many patients that do have it are dismissed as loonie bins or hypochondriacs. Or when diagnosed, treated like experimental guinea pigs. Waaay to many people I've met in my battle with this illness for it to be considered so rare. Maybe the stupid media needs to stop pushing out so many erectile dysfunction ad campaigns and share a little limelight on endocrine illnesses as well.
Barbara Mowrey (4 месяца назад)
Redbird I researched so much and I finally came up with it and told my doctor and he said oh good idea! I had the blood test for high cortisol today.
Lalaforreal Forrealforreal (5 месяцев назад)
Redbird yea I agree but everyone has to live in their bodies it's the individual job to watch out if something is wrong and do research and let the doctor know something could be up. But alot of people just don't study there bodies.
Belin Romero (11 месяцев назад)
Redbird , I agree . Doctors misdiagnosed me for 5 years but I had it longer. I actually diagnosed myself thanks to Google. I told many doctors to check me for cushings for years but they said I was a hypochandria, but I have like 30 symptoms, anxiety ,depression, panic attack, hallucinations which by the day I new they were not real like schizophrenics who believe is real. I was put on every ssri, snri and antipsychotic. I switched primary doctors 10 times, and I agree, they said i was fat because I ate too much or my pcos and diabetes, I didn't have a big hump on my back which is a tell tell sign of cushings. It was a PA not a doctor who listened to me and tested me and it took another year for surgery because doctors didn't believe I really had it because mine is cyclical. Doctors sucks they don't think outside the box anymore they become too specialized in their own field
Mary Mika (1 год назад)
its rare cause there is not a lot of research done on it and they dont know tons about it
Redbird (3 года назад)
+DanielleeeeK I'm not afraid of giving myself credit for diagnosing myself. After 1.5 years of going in and out of doctors offices I started my own research online, sometimes not getting my answers and spending hours at a local Barnes and Nobles after school sitting on the floor with a bunch of medical student text books; not understanding an ounce of what I was reading, only picking up hints based on symptoms. One day I, I walked in without an appointment, grabbed one of my endos by the arm and presented her with some research papers. I pointed out: this is what I've got now set me up for an appointment for futher testing. End of story. Within a week they found the 2 cm tumor causing all the havoc. It angers me that it had to come to that point. That I had to do a doctor's job without the paycheck.
Suresh Datar (4 года назад)
Thanks for this. This is very interesting!

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