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Your Questions SUCK? - Open Haus #27

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See Dude Soup Live @ PAX! tiny.cc/dudesouplive Open Haus this weekend! 3 bedrooms/2 bath in the historic, walkable YouTube neighborhood. Nearby bars and restaurants include Rooster Teeth business offices, Achievement Hunter pub, and the Let's Play zone. This ranch-style haus is perfect for entertaining dudes. Can fit up to 7 people, though usually one is on vacation. A real fixer-upper with hardwood floors, an Angry Dome, 5-car garage, overly-wired media center/game station, and backyard that could fit up to 3 cute cute cute dogs. Cozy & comfy living room, cuddle up with your best friend or coworker by the gas fireplace. Central A/C and air filtration system to keep your air fart-free. Formal dining room for group protein powder dinners. Washer/dryer hookups included. A perfect starter home, but you'll probably want to move 2-3 times before arriving here. Ask us questions here! http://www.reddit.com/r/funhaus Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/adamkovic http://twitter.com/brucegreene http://twitter.com/jameswillems http://twitter.com/sirlarr http://twitter.com/JoelRubin_ http://twitter.com/mattseditbay Tshirts n stuff: https://store.roosterteeth.com/
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Текстовые комментарии (1364)
CezrDaPleazr (4 месяца назад)
Shout out to the sombrero
CezrDaPleazr (4 месяца назад)
I love Lawrence tho.
Joey Ojeda (5 месяцев назад)
Lol Adams little face 00:10 haha He’s so cute :3
Yokim Pillay (6 месяцев назад)
\ Jetpackhero / (11 месяцев назад)
If someone at funhaus reads these tell bruce i love that shirt
olliepoplol (1 год назад)
wait wasn't that muffin/baby question on respawn inbox?
Nåti M (1 год назад)
Never forget who we all are... /\
TheRandomhobo123 (1 год назад)
MrZerothejedi (1 год назад)
If Legend of Dragoon 2 was released on kickstarter, would you back it?
Daeg (1 год назад)
You guys have amazing editing, but that only goes so far. You're all very funny people. Congrats.
Sam Maluth (1 год назад)
LawnBoy's question was fucking stupid
The Dapper Crawdad (1 год назад)
John I (2 года назад)
I miss Joel.
Pistachio Lover (2 года назад)
I saw Joel and thought he was back then I realized this was a year ago 😔😔😔😔😔
Sequere Pecuniam (1 год назад)
Pistachio Lover :(
Tardie (2 года назад)
watching this video on 9/16/16 and Joel was right adding a grappling hook made Uncharted better...
SEATTLEKID2o6 (2 года назад)
1 year ago, today.
SnuffPuff (2 года назад)
what is that trap anime called?
colavfreak2 (2 года назад)
Matt Peake really reminds me of the kind of a person I would imagine Monty was. Chilled out, sitting behind the scenes working his ass off. RIP Monty.
DARKNATUREXD (2 года назад)
1:15 and now Lawrence for when you dressed up in a gimp suit
Jake R (2 года назад)
Easily the best intro xD
adam sabo (2 года назад)
I love Lawrences answers
Roach DoggJR (2 года назад)
What's the name of the song at 11:38
namcapX (2 года назад)
I'd choose the changing gender every time you sneeze thing. I usually sneeze twice, so most times, I'd end up back as my original gender.
Brendan Rogers (2 года назад)
I have the same mouse as Adam so I must be cool
Leeb1611 (2 года назад)
mooorreee Peake
Tomos Lloyd (2 года назад)
Peake shaved his beard O.O
Kadrik Kallis (2 года назад)
I like James's shirt. Such a good book.
Thaumstein (2 года назад)
Lawrence is on point today.
Faded Priest (2 года назад)
what is the image during Master Peake's answer to the embarrassed question? can't pause in my phone fast enough
Mister Mack (2 года назад)
I saw Matt Peake on the credits of Robot Chicken. Does anyone know if it is the same guy
WildGorilla (2 года назад)
what video did lawrence reference about foaming from the mouth and which one was james exercise reference?
Derek Pratt (2 года назад)
Holy shit four months later I just realized the question at 2:06 is from Respawn Inbox.
a (2 года назад)
which video is that at 0:58?
Sammo (2 года назад)
james lucas was pretty funny
TimtheBigDaddy (2 года назад)
I think that question about embarrassing moments would have been better if it was answered by the guys' wives/girlfriends.
Harawanagangsta (2 года назад)
Adam has the exact same surface cover that I have, its fantastic.
Paul Manley (2 года назад)
Who is the person at 6:17?
Farhan Sadiq (2 года назад)
Where is Spoole?
CJ Stretch (2 года назад)
Kaelyn Wondell (3 года назад)
Halfway through the video I realized Spoole wasn't there
Fox Gaming (3 года назад)
what is the name of the show with the gender change with water?
EviLSTalker81 (3 года назад)
The muffin baby question is from machinima respawn inbox!
Thef Krig (3 года назад)
What was that anime they were referencing? i remember seeing it but i cant remember the name. pls halp
Samuel Matchain (3 года назад)
ranma 1/2
Bradley Bursell (3 года назад)
what about adding a grapple to just cause 2? double grappling power?!?!??
Inge Joosten (3 года назад)
daaahaaad you're the leader of a cult
Ethan Dudenas (3 года назад)
The Billy Joel Head-Shaking thing made me break down in laughter!
Rebel Scum (3 года назад)
Joel vaguely looks like Jon Snow
CaptainKlotz (3 года назад)
Actually, HuniePop does have porn, so I think Joels arguement is very valid.
ST LDN (3 года назад)
Why is there a poster of Aaron Marquis behind Mat?!
VarietyofVarieties (3 года назад)
aaron marquis (or however you spell his name) is in a poster in the background lol
Akula Swagger (3 года назад)
Kjata316 (3 года назад)
Lawrence's anguish at 6:31 is so genuine. I feel so bad for him but I laugh every time.
sad and gay (3 года назад)
What does Adam mean when black nerd called them out???? I don't see any sources.
FantasticMrBox (3 года назад)
I want Bruce's shirt
Nick Nicosia (3 года назад)
Open haus I think is my favorite show you guys do next to gta mods and also fuck you guys
Maverick 117 (3 года назад)
tell Joel to eat a sautéed penis
Little Green Bean (3 года назад)
What are each of your favorite games and what games are you guys most excited for in 2015-2016?
SPARTAN-115 IBRAHEEM (3 года назад)
666 p/\/\ke it .......
SPARTAN-115 IBRAHEEM (3 года назад)
mlg_ skrublord (3 года назад)
Kaitlyn Gaunson (3 года назад)
premiere is a bitch, i have them feels
Dunlaw (3 года назад)
0:16 Matts just eating popcorn...
EmperoroftheArctic (3 года назад)
OMG Ranma 1/2 #throwback p.s. i like the new look of ranma in this video lol
upsidedown macchiato2 (3 года назад)
what song was used in the prizes portion?
Tomas Van Tilborg (3 года назад)
If you could add one single 'fetish' to every single nude scene of game of thrones, which fetish would you pick and why?
Uncle Ernn (3 года назад)
Ok do you think that video game companies with ever truthfully ban hammer hackers,cheaters,and modelers in on line game play?
meowbih (3 года назад)
Lawrence, what cup size are you?
CakeLoverCreeper (3 года назад)
can someone tell me the anime, in 2:53
Deus Umbra (3 года назад)
Its funny because when lawrence said the thing about wanting to be in a manga about a girl that just wants to fuck, i immediately said "Screw you" to the image that popped up but then said to myself "I actually know one like that... though does it count if its a guy that became a woman and gets addicted to sex?"
Zaneta Anise (3 года назад)
What's the intro song?
Dean Worthington (3 года назад)
James watched Ranma 1/2? Joel is into Marvel 1602? Passing comments like these are fun. I like those things.
cawa43 (3 года назад)
Where is Spoole??
Sean Caburao (3 года назад)
Oh, the sneezing sex change thingy anime! That's Gacha Gacha!!
Dan (3 года назад)
Game0nMan (3 года назад)
It's funny how the gender-baby/muffin question is the same question asked on Machinima Respawn Inbox answered by apl and Sark 2 years ago
Kaka KarrotCake (3 года назад)
UNSUBSCRIBED! Then resubscribed. I just wanted to see how many sub's there were.
SexyHobosRus (3 года назад)
I shall not submit to your foolish beliefs. I don't believe in the Peak. I only worship the Ko\/ic
OverlordElliot (3 года назад)
please let the funhaus guys be on million dollars but
Tristan Cook (3 года назад)
What is You're guys Favorite Part in Telltales Game of Thrones
TheGreatfalls (3 года назад)
Would you want the first second part to Far Cry 3 instead of another shitty Far Cry (Far Cry 4 was really bad)
Moment (3 года назад)
this is their best edited episode ever XD keep it up :)
George Jenkins (3 года назад)
Someone stole the muffin/baby question from respawn inbox
Storm Crusade (3 года назад)
do you think the new nintendo console will be anywhere near xbox and playstation in the years to come ?......ass
Akula Swagger (3 года назад)
/\PEAKE/\ (•_(•_•)_•)
Tip Turkey (3 года назад)
Bradyn Gentsch (3 года назад)
Do they hate spool
thisjointisloose (3 года назад)
The sneezing one is Launch from Dragon Ball
Hapsetshut (3 года назад)
AustinofEarth (3 года назад)
What are those crazy comfy looking office chairs in the background?
Richard T (3 года назад)
0:00 through 0:20 The Internet.
masterwolf34 (3 года назад)
I have a question what happened to their show where they responded to comments posted on the subreddit and youtube? That was a fun series to watch why has that not come back?
Mattchester (3 года назад)
Peake is our lord and savior, why would he be embarrassed about anything? Everything he does is godly and part of the Master Plan.
Jim P (3 года назад)
The opening to this Funhaus is only eclipsed by Sombrero Bruce.
Roberto Rodriguez (3 года назад)
If you guys chose to be any tf2 character in real life who would you be and why?
N37BU6 (3 года назад)
Channels like this (tons of content, lots of actual wit, big personalities) are usually full of fake geeks... but these guys are the real deal, and it shows. No fake 90s geek experience here. No Big Bang Theory, or ThinkGeek bullshit. Any gamer over the age of 30 knows these fuckers are legit.
wherethetatosat (3 года назад)
"What the fuck are we doing?" Same thing you guys do every video, look for porn while you work!
Zurqq (3 года назад)
christopher davey (3 года назад)
PEAK /\/\
Demi Slade (3 года назад)
To Love RU is the anime with the gender swap on a sneeze. Also do you think Matt's droid form will have a dildo attachment?
Slim Matherz (3 года назад)
What games do all you guys play daily?

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