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Heroin Is Now Legal In Canada — If You Have A Prescription

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Doctors in Canada can now legally prescribe heroin to patients who are addicts looking to kick their substance abuse habit. The physicians first must apply for a special permit in order to prescribe a pharmaceutical-grade version of the drug. There are rigorous requirements for a patient to be eligible for the treatment. The doctor has to certify that “traditional options have been tried and proven ineffective” at breaking the habit. Patients must also attend a clinic two or three times a day to get the injections, which work to decrease in dosage and eventually beat the addiction. Currently , 130 addicts are being treated with this method, with a plan to expand this option throughout Canada. Countries already using this supervised heroin therapy include Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Source: MIAMI HERALD http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/article105027241.html More on: www.kleannews.com
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