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Stronvivo and The FSFI

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FSFI (Female Sexual Functioning Index), a 19-item questionnaire, has been developed as a brief, multidimensional self-report instrument for assessing the key dimensions of sexual function in women. It was developed on a female sample of normal controls and age-matched subjects who met DSM-IV®-TR criteria for female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and provides scores on six domains of sexual function (desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain) as well as a total score. The FSFI has been validated on clinically diagnosed samples of women with female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD), female orgasmic disorder (FOD), and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). See also FSFI Validation authored by Wiegel M, Meston C, Rosen R. Statistically Significant Changes; increased scores indicate improvement in sexual function: FSFI Full Scale Score +12.05 FSFI Desire +2.10 FSFA Arousal +2.30 FSFI Lubrication +2.28 FSFI Orgasm +2.00 FSFI Satisfaction +1.45 FSFI Pain +2.15
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