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Uterine Fibroids Focused Ultrasound Video - Brigham and Women's Hospital

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Follow a patient before, during and after undergoing focused ultrasound to treat uterine fibroids. BWHs Dr. Clare Tempany discusses the symptoms of fibroids, shows the steps of the procedure, and discusses its benefits.
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Deepak Shrestha (1 месяц назад)
I read lots of superb opinions on the internet about how Womezon Remedy can help you cure your fibroid issue inherently . Has anyone tested out this fibroid secret remedy?
D Who? (1 год назад)
Should be better than a hysterectomy!!  Don't have a hysterectomy. Ruined my life.
Bakul Sk (1 год назад)
D Who? uterin
Aditi Jain (4 года назад)
Hi Karen can you please tell me what test were performed before the procedure.how long it took for you to feel the difference after the procedure ?.i m suffering from a big cervical fibroid along with 3 small one and living in hell.i recently discovered about this procedure and planning to get the pre screening hoping the dr find me ok for this procedure
Mllascelles1 (5 лет назад)
I recently had a pregnancy failure because of my fibroid. So disheartening...
jjlinert (5 лет назад)
Are there any downsides or bad side effects to this procedure? It looks too good to be true.

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