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Latest Xiaomi Mi 7 (2018) Full Device Specifications -Price, Release Date, Features - All About Mi 7

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Latest Xiaomi Mi 7 (2018) Full Device Specifications -Price, Release Date, Features - All About Mi 7 - Xiaomi Mi7 Leaked Specifications, Price and Release Date in India - Xiaomi Latest Reviews About Mi 7 - Xiaomi Mi7 Price in India - Mi7 Specifications https://youtu.be/L3MC1Eg3944 Know more about Mi 7 here: The Xiaomi Mi7 mobile features a 5.7" (14.48 cm) display with a screen resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels and runs on Android v7.0 (Nougat) operating system. Highlights : Xiaomi Mi 7 said to launch early 2018 It is expected with Snapdragon 845 it is said to feature a bigger display New 3D Model Of Xiaomi Mi 7. Concept Design Of Xiaomi Mi 7. Xiaomi Mi 7 price in India is expected to be Rs. 27000. Xiaomi Mi 7 Announced March 2018. Weight 164g, 5.7” AMOLED Capacitive Touch Screen Yes Camera, Bluetooth 5.0,Wi-Fi Phone Colors : Blue, Black, Silver Processor : Octa Core Processor OS Version : Android 7.1 (Nougat), (MIUI) Chipset : Snapdragon™ Qualcomm Processor, (845) Internal Memory : 64 GB, 128 GB, (UFS Storage Technology) RAM Size : 6 GB Display Size : 5.7 Inch Aspect Ratio : 18:9 Display Type : AMOLED Capacitive Touch Screen, (Eye Care Mode,Bezel-Less Display) Front Camera : 13 MP, (Expected) Primary Camera : Yes, (Dual Camera Lens) Video Quality : 2160p 30 FPS, (Slow Motion Video) Battery‎: ‎3500 mAh We must admit that we were not that impressed with the recently launched Mi 6 ,not just because of the smaller display size but for us the design was simply not inspiring enough, considering what they have done in the past with the Mi Mix. Though the back pannel deaign was great ,We really don't appreciate that huge bezels on the front ,while most other brands are implementing design to reduce it. But we haven't given up on tham yet ,rather we expect the Xiomi to come back with a ground breaking design on the MI 7 the 2018 flagship. So here we have conceptualized Mi 7 with design inspired by the Essential phone and the Mi 6's fluid back panel design to create this ultimate masterpiece in smartphone design. Take a look at the Video For More Details About Xiaomi Mi 7.
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