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Sweet Potatoes: for Diabetics (Benefits)

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The health benefits of sweet potatoes for diabetes and more. [CC Available] Sweet potatoes (also known as yams) are a delicious root vegetable which is an excellent alternative for diabetics. With a lower glycaemic index, they are digested better and can prevent a spike in blood sugar as opposed to regular potatoes. ● Full Article: http://potla5.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/sweet-potatoes-for-diabetics-benefits.html ● Health & Vitality Playlist: https://goo.gl/aVrpcH ● Meditation: http://www.breakingrealms.com Making life enhancing videos is extremely important to me. I love sharing useful knowledge with you. Please let me know if there is any areas or topics you wish for me to research. See my other videos on healthy foods for more info, and to learn about meditation go to breakingrealms.com. I wish you great health wealth and happiness. The information here has been provided for educational purposes only, and therefore is no substitute for informed medical advice or care. Please consult a doctor to seek treatment for any illnesses or medical concerns you may have. Music From: Purple Planet
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Текстовые комментарии (25)
Dipika (1 месяц назад)
Am 17 week pregnant my blood sugar level suddenlyvery high can I have sweet potatoes bro 👍👍thanks for d video n ur help🤗🙏
R Campana (6 месяцев назад)
If true put in writing, proof. Guy here says leaves not it
DeYAH Ysrael (1 год назад)
VISITED: 8:50 AM. 11 /21/ 2017. BLESSED FOR SHARING!!!
yash verma (1 год назад)
faily gamers
asdf (1 год назад)
Nice try but nobody will fall for your lies! Sweet potatoes are so sweet that even a single bite is enough to kill a diabetic elephant!
Emiliano Sagulo (1 год назад)
asdf Bullshit. So then why do type I and type II diabetics reverse their disease on a vegan, Dr. McDougall Starch Solution diet?
Glenn Cahn (1 год назад)
They spike my blood sugar.
Chris P. Pata (1 год назад)
You're absolutely right about sweet potato leaves. I grow this in my backyard just for this purpose.. Saute the young tender leaves in the pan with some bacon as part of my ketogenic diet. It's absolutely fantastic..
Paul B (2 года назад)
Interesting accent you have, it sounds Australian with West Midlands.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Thanks Paul, I'm glad you like my stuff :)
Paul B (2 года назад)
Ryan Taylor I knew it!😀 Love your channel and all the info.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
I am from the West Midlands, great guess! No Australian though :D
sunsets sandlands (2 года назад)
what's your thoughts on russet, red, or golden potatoes? are they considered healthy as well? it's so confusing because I've seen very conflicting views on them
Emiliano Sagulo (1 год назад)
Ryan Taylor Get rid of the oil and butter and eat only sweet potatoes. A baked potato has a glycemic load than a banana, but as a diabetic you need to try either two things that *may* reverse diabetes: 1) A vegan, whole-plant based vegan diet centered on nutrient dense starches, legumes, and greens. Portion controlled. 2) A ketogenic diet (ideally vegan); controlled caloric intake.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Red potatoes have more nutrients if you eat the skin. It is conflicting. Regular potatoes can be healthy when eaten in moderation, and cooked properly. For example chips are quite unhealthy because of the deep frying etc... When a golden jacket potato can be very healthy, if it hasn't had lots of butter and fillings added, but rather a delicious olive oil filling with some other healthy vegetables. So there are swings and roundabouts with these things, but sweet potatoes are always the best bet. :)
Lolita Garcia (2 года назад)
I like sweet potato in the morning for break fast match w/coffee .oh its yummy too...thanks for the tips.
P Balakoteshwar Rao (1 год назад)
Lolita Garcia dadse
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
That's awesome, they are great at any time of day. Love them :)
Hazys Day (2 года назад)
👍 👍 ✌ Have a great day!
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
You too :)
ros hodgkins (2 года назад)
So sorry human error. Lol x
sunsets sandlands (2 года назад)
sweet potatoes are very delicious!
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Absolutely, I would always bake them, or use a microwave. If I use the microwave I slice two sides off and it makes them cook fast and evenly. Very delicious :)
sunsets sandlands (2 года назад)
Only cooked though! I tried to juice a raw one with some orange and carrot juice, but the sweet potato tasted so chalky, it is not good in my opinion eaten raw
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
I eat them every day, love them! :)

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