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Apple iPhone 9 Latest Designs 2018- Apple iPhone 9 New Model Pics -Innovative iPhone 9 New 2018

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Apple iPhone 9 Latest Designs 2018 - Iphone 9 New - Apple iPhone 9 New Designs - Apple iPhone 9 Latest Pics -iPhone 9 New Latest Collection Pics https://youtu.be/JKGdEAEWUU8 Apple iPhone 9 Details : The world may be going crazy for iPhone 8 right now, but the new technologies that Apple will introduce with it will become mature enough by the time of iPhone 9 release. Apple iPhone 9 Latest Pics Apple iPhone 9 New Designs Before that many new technologies that company is planning to introduce in its 10th anniversary iPhone (i.e. facial recognition, iris scanning, VR lasers etc.) may not be good enough to work. So if you want to buy an upcoming smartphone by Apple, you may be better off putting your purchase on hold until next year. Key specs: Though there’s not much information available about this upcoming device right now due to secretive nature of Apple’s operations, based on the information which has leaked the specs sheet of iPhone 9 may look like the one given below: * 8-inch OLED bezel-less display * A12 Chip * 3/4GB RAM * 64GB internal storage * iOS 12 * Facial recognition * Iris scanner * VR lasers
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