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How to Do the Slapstick Card Trick | Coin & Card Magic

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Max Gimson (4 месяца назад)
I love learning magic from off brand drake :)
Adrianthe Gamer (5 месяцев назад)
I have six pack abs so i think that chinese girl is nice so i wanna marry her❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍SIX PACK ABS
Deluxdeadpool (8 месяцев назад)
When he hit it out of her hand the only thing I could think is now who wants to play 52 card pickup
King Sosa (8 месяцев назад)
Looks like aggravated assault to me 😂😂😂
Thuy Trang Truong Ngoc (9 месяцев назад)
so i end up doing this card trick during my presentation in class, well... I failed dramatically :). Not once, but twice :))))))
Luke Redfern (9 месяцев назад)
Is this deleted scenes I don't remember this on American Pie
Megan Slattery (10 месяцев назад)
Did it it really works!
Ashton S (11 месяцев назад)
Very nice
Pickles (1 год назад)
ракоb (1 год назад)
this is some coollshit. and thisworks!!!
The_Blue_Dragon (1 год назад)
and um...umm...ummm...nice speech explanation bruh but next time leave the umms out
Yogen Grg (2 года назад)
Hey Jason, loved your Amercian Pie movies. Keep up with the magic trick. :D
Tb Exusiv Hklip (2 года назад)
I tried it for a while and when u do it on someone and it works it's funny to see there reaction
carter (2 года назад)
KrispyGamer (2 года назад)
that magician is pretty short
KrispyGamer (2 года назад)
Noah Clark (2 года назад)
KrispyGamer faze apex is shorter
RiffleNBridge (2 года назад)
It says Ben in description but is Jason
garbagecannot 88 (2 года назад)
Joshua Daugherty (2 года назад)
Juan Alcala (2 года назад)
ruff (3 года назад)
She seems aggregated or its that time of the month
COVER VERSION (3 года назад)
great man
Supreme (3 года назад)
That is Jason suran and you wrote in the description Ben namzer
DragoniteFX (2 года назад)
Jennifer Lacochao (3 года назад)
yes your true whayu\
Ragin Riotz (3 года назад)
You know when your short when a Chinese girl is taller than you
Pickles (1 год назад)
Sophie L (1 год назад)
Shut it Ragin Riotz
Young Reesy (3 года назад)
+Jack Eteaki ignore the idiot
Jack Eteaki (3 года назад)
high heels
StarkTek (3 года назад)
im left with 2 cards somtimes
Conner Cane (5 месяцев назад)
Maw Entertainment oh yes daddy
Maliha Parveen-Husayn (9 месяцев назад)
StarkTek same
Maw Entertainment (1 год назад)
"confident smack"
DragoniteFX (2 года назад)
+Lunick Martins true true!
Lunick Martins (3 года назад)
+Sean Alter If your victim didn't notice that it's two cards, take them very carefully out of their fingers and do the snap change :)
Amina Qavtarashvili (3 года назад)
Whyyou ku (4 года назад)
look when the revealed time:..before he suffle the card, the 4 space not only in the upper deck but is already on the bottom too (i think he has 2 card). Maybe he forget to explain/revealed that.
imjordynlevasseur ayoo (6 месяцев назад)
It is a four of hearts. If you pause directly on it, you can see a blurry 4 and clear hearts.
Daniel M (4 года назад)
Samuel Jansson (4 года назад)
Soo cool, I'm learning it!
Ben Gaffney (4 года назад)
Jason not Ben
Jari C (4 года назад)
Dude awesome
Sindy Ovalles (3 года назад)
Miraa MixedVideo (4 года назад)
- - (4 года назад)
that dosent work i failed 3 times now -.-
Matt Barrett (4 года назад)
well clearly you are doing it wrong because its very easy
mamalove142 (4 года назад)
So awesome it works
MusaVloogs (4 года назад)
Raushan Jamal (4 года назад)
Joseph Guarino (4 года назад)
it probaly won't work and i knew he was putting her card at the bottom
thepanda squid (4 года назад)
Ok all right but I always do 52. Add pick up
thepanda squid (4 года назад)
How cast can't do magic
InstantWins YouTube (4 года назад)
Cool trick bad part u have to pick up the cards
gameglitcher (2 года назад)
Not if you bet them $5, just go buy a new deck XD
Jaskaran Singh (4 года назад)
Swima15 (4 года назад)
awsome! i did it!
Romulus Caine (5 лет назад)
Elise Bernard (5 лет назад)
I hate this because I new how to do it
Elise Bernard (5 лет назад)
I hate this because I new how to do it
GamersProdigy (4 года назад)
+Pallabi Sree Puja Sarker haha
cardinalove (5 лет назад)
You can do this in many dif ways to get a greater affect
willboyles (5 лет назад)
자메스 (5 лет назад)
Im not gonna surprise yo... BOOM!
RYHS (5 лет назад)
You get trolled at 2:53
Gory ' (5 лет назад)
2:43 da fingerrrm. :D
Seth (5 лет назад)
Always 7 of clubs
Cody Mayde (5 лет назад)
No offence
Cody Mayde (5 лет назад)
Ya face
Cody Mayde (5 лет назад)
Leaks101 (5 лет назад)
my mum is mindfucked thanks :D
Elias Aguilar (5 лет назад)
Youre awesome +.+
Cereza (5 лет назад)
looks like an uglier version of that guy from glee
squares223 (5 лет назад)
How can u trust him that she doesn't know . She's in a white place -.-
MAntiSystem (5 лет назад)
Thank you for your input Corley!^-^
Shadowninya (5 лет назад)
well thats the only reason that i would bang her
YorickReturns (5 лет назад)
I didn't say she was hot, haha.
Shadowninya (5 лет назад)
she's not really that hot but anyways that's my opinion
Dilan Patin (5 лет назад)
Sorry, I mean superhotchoco2
Samshel Snodgrass (5 лет назад)
U are just rude
Samshel Snodgrass (5 лет назад)
Your mean and rude
Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend (5 лет назад)
I like the old Howcast better
Kassidy Nguyen (5 лет назад)
Lol he ha ha haha ha ha
Corley (5 лет назад)
I'm a magician (obviously) and this is another version of a very old magic trick taught by Scam School, Mismag822, etc. The old version is a longer version, but better in my opinion. The whole deck is narrowed down to four cards, instead of frightening and/or surprising the spectator and it still might not work the first time. I'm just an eleven year old, but I've been into magic for just over 11 months.Thanks for reading my opinions, Howcast and others. :) ~Corley
Anna Melgarejo (5 лет назад)
8kittylove (5 лет назад)
manpikachu20 (5 лет назад)
AddiGamer (5 лет назад)

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