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YouTube Masterclass: How To Start, Grow, and Monetize A Profitable YouTube Channel in NIGERIA (2018)

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🔥 How I Turned My Phone Into An “ATM Machine” Using Videos — And How You Can Do Same Too! 💰💰💰 I will tell you how I turned your phone into a magic wand. But, first, congratulate me: Last week, YouTube gave me some accolades! I crossed 20,000 YouTube Subscribers! Hello, I am Dr. Malik H. King and I am a practicing Nigerian Medical Doctor, Entrepreneur, Health blogger, and YouTuber On the 2nd of January, 2016, I officially launched my YouTube video channel. I set 4 goals. Apart from creating viral videos, winning video awards, & enjoying recognition by YouTube (& Google), last week, I already achieved the goals I set: 👉 Subscribers Goal: Over 20, 000 Subscribers 👉 Views Goal: Over 4 million video views & 8 million minutes watch time. 👉 Leads Goal: Over 3000 email subscribers. The money is still in the list. 👉 Financial Goal: present average estimated earnings is $5000/year today. (From YouTube ads alone. I have 4 other monetization models.) Alright, thanks for celebrating with me! Now, back to the matter: 🔥How Did I Turn My Phone Into A Cash-generating Machine?🔥 I used 4 Simple But Powerful steps: 👉 Step 1: I used my phone and laptop to create simple but professional videos on “Hot Topics” 👉 Step 2: I optimized the videos and YouTube videos in a way that the videos will achieve popularity and virality 👉 Step 3: I monetized my channel and videos using 5 different monetization models.💰 👉 Step 4: Well, I wake up each morning to see credit alerts! 😀 But, I know what you are thinking: “Dr. Malik, you can do it. But, I can’t do it” Well, let me shock you! I have been there. I know all the excuses people give. Wait, let's look at: 🤦🏽‍♀️ 3 Excuses People Give For Not Doing Videos! 😢 👉Excuse #1: I Don’t Do Videos Because I Am Camera-Shy! That’s one common excuse people give for not going into YouTube, online videos, and live videos. Well, there’s good news. 1. There’s a simple trick to help you overcome camera-shyness almost immediately. So, it can be easily fixed. 2. There are about 10 types of videos you can make without showing your face! So, if you still don’t want to show you face, no problem. 👉Excuse #2: I Don’t Do Videos Because I Can’t Afford Professional Camera & Equipments. Well, neither could I. 🙈 Well, there is a shocking fact: I have grown a relatively successful YouTube channel without buying any professional camera or equipment.😎 All I have is my smartphone & laptop. That’s all. But, why? 👉Even though, video quality is an important factor, it is far down the list of important video ranking factors. 👉People are more interested in being educated, entertained, & informed than seeing a Hollywood-level of video quality & editing. 👉Even with your phone & laptop, there are some editing tricks you can use to make your video presentable & even professional. 👉Excuse #3: I Don’t Do Videos Because I Don’t Know What To Talk About In My Videos. 😢 Well, when I started, I had same issues because “Health” is too boring & controversial to talk about.🙈 But, I utilized a system of content-generating ideas & niche video ideas.💡 You could do same. You could tell your story, talk about your passions, document your life journey, tell us about your business, share your knowledge, react to happenings, sing, prank, act, preach, video-blog, react, campaign, revolt, dance... The ideas are infinite! 💥 Do You Want To Achieve Same Results — And Even More?💥 You want to learn how to easily set up a YouTube channel, quickly make it popular, & turn it into a cash-vomiting machine?💰💰💰 I have done it. I can help you do it. In a 1-day masterclass in LAGOS on Saturday, 16th of June, and ABUJA on Saturday, 2nd of June, I will teach you how to setup, grow & turn your YouTube channel into a cash-generating machine on autopilot. I will be training only 50 serious people. And holding their hands for 30 days to help them implement everything they learn. It will require a tiny investment of N10,000 if you are a fast-action taker. 7 days from today, this 33.3% discount will be gone forever and you will pay more! Honestly. It will be an interesting & interactive class. Lunch will be served. Venue will be disclosed after registration. It’s simple. To pay, click here: http://bit.ly/2KUSzGY It will take you into a private whatsapp chat with me so I send you the payment account and further details.📲 Click the link: http://bit.ly/2KUSzGY I will see you on the inside. The Choice & Power To Change Your Life Is In Your Hands!*🔥 ------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/Lcr6bZ VISIT ME: http://www.askdrmalik.org Follow Me: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/askdrmalik TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/askdrmalik INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/askdrmalik
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