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Boiling Banana: for Sleep

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Boiling bananas before bed is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. [CC available] Many people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. You can use fresh organic bananas, and boil them (skin included.) This creates a natural sleep aid tea, which you can sip and enjoy each night before bed. It is the most natural solution out there for curing insomnia, and has no side effects. In fact the nutrients in the banana increase cognitive function, regulate serotonin levels and relax your muscles. This truly is a miracle solution, I hope you enjoy it. ● Full Article: http://potla5.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/boiled-banana-for-sleep.html ● Health & Vitality Playlist: https://goo.gl/aVrpcH ● Meditation: http://www.breakingrealms.com Making life enhancing videos is extremely important to me. I love sharing useful knowledge with you. Please let me know if there is any areas or topics you wish for me to research. See my other videos on healthy foods for more info, and to learn about meditation go to breakingrealms.com. I wish you great health wealth and happiness. The information here has been provided for educational purposes only, and therefore is no substitute for informed medical advice or care. Please consult a doctor to seek treatment for any illnesses or medical concerns you may have. Music From: Purple Planet
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Текстовые комментарии (66)
aqua marie (10 месяцев назад)
I did this thinking it wasnt going to work and it worked i was so relaxed and woke up also feeling relaxed and not like 💩 also had really weird cosmic like dreams lol but not nightmares
Marnie Estacio (10 месяцев назад)
i will try this. hopefully it will still work even there's loud snoring of my husband.
denis flores (1 год назад)
imma give it a try,its been 3 long years since i have inmsonia ,i really wish this could work on me ,im tired of take pills to sleep
Genesis One (1 год назад)
Thanks for d info
Ryan Taylor (1 год назад)
+Genesis One my pleasure
Healthy Living (1 год назад)
Great information! This works very well! Thank You!
FemaleObserver (1 год назад)
i just simply eat teh bananas and i can't do much after that but dozeeeeeeee, it does work withjust even mere bananas unboilced
USGishumura (1 год назад)
any one tell me if this actually works?
Healthy Living (1 год назад)
This works very well! Give it a try for yourself!
Ryan Taylor (1 год назад)
It works for me :)
Gabriela Martinez (2 года назад)
can I give this to my children?
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Yes :)
Andrew Taylor (2 года назад)
Does this make you feel like you have anesthesia? Since it says relaxing feel
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Not really, it's more like a sense of calmness, and oneness in the moment. Helps to calm down a racing mind and heartbeat.
nir766 (2 года назад)
would it lose its affect if i add milk and honny ?
Kaitlin Oetting (2 года назад)
nir766 I sure milk would be great. an old remedy my grandmother used to use was warming up a cup of milk when I couldn't sleep and have me drink it. always made me sleepy but I don't know the science behind it.
nir766 (2 года назад)
+Ryan Taylor thank you , and what about milk instead of water ?
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
It depends from person to person. If using honey I would use this at least an hour before bed. :)
Dawn Ashford (2 года назад)
differently worked for me, the first 2 nights I woke though went right back to sleep the 3rd night I slept 7 hours. It's been years since have been able to sleep this well for so many nights, 2 weeks now.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
This is absolutely wonderful news Dawn, I'm so glad this has helped you.. thank you for sharing your results :)
Danish ktk (2 года назад)
As it save to drink ?? i mean any side effects
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
No side effects that I am aware of :)
Geek N Artist (2 года назад)
What if I simply eat the skin without ever boiling it? Will I get the same results?
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
No the skin will not digest as well, it should be cooked first. You can roast it instead if you prefer. :)
TheRabbipinchas (2 года назад)
Thank you, Ryan for this recipe. I got less than an hour of sleep last night, so I will be trying this out today. I would appreciate any natural drink to replace the Rockstar energy drink I currently drink every morning.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
You are welcome I hope it works well for you. As for a morning drink freshly juiced spinach, lemon and apple is an excellent way to start the day.
John Perks (2 года назад)
Thanks for helpful and decent desire to assist.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
My pleasure, thank you for watching :)
traveler650 (2 года назад)
how much cinnamon
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
1 half a teaspoon per cup :)
Joeey Douglas (2 года назад)
Susan you don't have to eat banana, never eat banana before sleeping but boil and drink as shown in the video. I don't understand people what is there not to like this video. It is awesome and helpful to get good sleep.
Wetdookie (2 года назад)
i just ate the boiled banana along with the tea n am planning on sleeping soon. is that bad?
Viginarajah Nesarajah (2 года назад)
thi is good but how if people have working until 2 oclo'ck in the morning and need to awake early at 9 how to get a 8 hours sleep
Suzanne Ruggiero (2 года назад)
why are you being an ignorant moron. he said he works until 2am and has to be up at 9. sleeping until 10 clearly is not an option,if you don't have a helpful answer then don't comment.
HELLENICPRIDE100 (2 года назад)
+parayadesh Excellent suggestion my friend.....problem solved !
parayadesh (2 года назад)
Dont wake up at 9.00 but at 10.00 and you will have 8 hours genius.
HELLENICPRIDE100 (2 года назад)
It sounds as though you live in a country where industrial laws do not apply or you have two jobs; in which case it would be difficult for you.....People whose working hours are governed by laws, work for eight hours, sleep for eight hours and have eight hours of leisure time to spend with their families.....Remember though, it is not the quantity of sleep but the quality and i do believe that the recommendations made in this video will help you achieve quality sleep.
Susan O'Leary (2 года назад)
Each and every time I eat any banana at bedtime I have horrible nightmares. I'll pass on this one.
uri non sequitur (2 года назад)
...perhaps being in the NON heath Field, as a NON Homeopathic Nurse...I can see your contrary and apposed approach to ORGANIC REMEDIES. Conflicting Interests. Healthy People create Zero Income.
Susan O'Leary (2 года назад)
Yes, Bud. I just hated the last 72 boiled banana videos I read.
Bud Good (2 года назад)
Do you have something against boiled banana videos? I noticed you posted negatively on some others. Is there any particular reason that you don't want to waste a perfectly good firm banana right before bedtime?
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
The serotonin may be stimulating the parts of your brain which controls imagination :)
Morena Lucas (2 года назад)
thanks for the good information,it could help alot for us.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
It is a pleasure, thank you :)
Cucu Ca (2 года назад)
The only organic banana one could get is those you plant yourself, I wouldnt trust those banana company trying to tell me those organic bananas, are really organic!
kegn ej (2 года назад)
the only place where you can get 100% organic banana is Ethiopia,southern Ethiopia ,Gamogofa zone, arround Arba minch town.
ALLMEDIA vevo (2 года назад)
kegn ej jamaica also...we got alot of organic ones
Mahomed Abdus Salaam Khan (2 года назад)
Is this with ripe or green bananas??
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Either :)
Min Karki (2 года назад)
thank you so much. but what kind of banana we need to boil, ripe or raw? how much water quantity? how long time we need to boil it? please explain. thanks
Hattie Washington (2 года назад)
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
You can use either ripe or green bananas, both work well. Slice the ends off 2 bananas in a pan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. :)
amy blue (2 года назад)
there are Doctors who claim Bananas are toxic for us ...
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
I can well believe it, vegan diets are extremely healthy for the body. :)
Lou Angeles (2 года назад)
FUCK the doctors and pharmas!!! They don't give a fuck about you and all they care is MONEY!!!
amy blue (2 года назад)
there are vegans on YT that eat a ton of bananas (banana girl) is one and they do not look ill or purport any effects of eating many bananas in fact 95% of their diet is based on bananas.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Many foods can be toxic if you eat them in too large a quantity. You would have to eat at least 10 bananas a day for a long time to see any bad effects. A balanced diet is essential for good health :)
zelen plav (2 года назад)
Organic bananas? Do they exist?
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Yes, you can boil the skin on it's own. But It is best to do it with the banana meat too.
farida choudhery (2 года назад)
do we have to boil the banana can we not just boil the skin
Mary Ann Smith (2 года назад)
Ryan Taylor n
Linda Maddison (2 года назад)
In the UK they can be bought in most supermarkets, I buy them from Tesco, Waitrose & Sainsbury's, make sure you wash the skin well before making the tea, I use a vegetable brush, or you can use a clean non scratch pan scrub, the type with a sponge backing.
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
Indeed, they are grown with natural fertilizers and barriers to prevent pests. Organic bananas also tend to bruise easily, but are much healthier.
tara (2 года назад)
Syed Ali (2 года назад)
Ryan Taylor (2 года назад)
You're welcome! :) I think you will enjoy it.

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