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Boyfriend Makes Me Bleed @hodgetwins

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Текстовые комментарии (1005)
Gnome or Troll? (7 дней назад)
If you ain't makin them bleed. You ain't doing it right. I make sure to do some ground and pound. And.bleed from both eyebrows. Bust her lip. Stuff a coffee pot in her ass. And then wake her up from the drugs I gave her so she can feel me fuckin her.......I know that sounds like rape. But I mean. That's okay most women like that shit when you force them to do it with they family at gun point .... so I mean. She had a choice...
Gnome or Troll? (7 дней назад)
Aaaah. Man the. "FUXK OUT THE WAY" era was so funny
BU𐍂AGØ (30 дней назад)
4'10 is literally a dwaf...wtf
Notmy Name (1 месяц назад)
She’s Pettit. She can easily be damaged
Jmolina Jmolina (1 месяц назад)
She got dry pussy that's why and he rammin that shit to fast
bose osayande (1 месяц назад)
it is the way kevin laughs
Mo Mo (1 месяц назад)
Lol bullshit bruh.... I turn my car on and immediately drive... this aint no damn 1996 whip
diamondxoxoxo (2 месяца назад)
I love Kevin tooo
BU𐍂AGØ (3 месяца назад)
4'10 is a dwarf wtf
Joshua Torres (3 месяца назад)
Yo if a chick bleeds during or after intercourse it's not cause you fucked her up... it's cause she's got chlamydia lmao go get tested brother
E-COM HICK (3 месяца назад)
She need some wedge man action first off, get up in that tight little thang n loosen it up a bit before she take on king dong.
rbaleksandar (4 месяца назад)
"Let them pistons get wet...with all of that oil" Are we still talking about the engine of a car? LOL
5325bunny (5 месяцев назад)
I'm having the same problem. I'm 5'2" bf is 11 inches. You might wanna try Vitex. (I get mine off of Amazon) It helps regulate hormones, but it also helps strengthen the inside lining of the uterous, so therefore you can put pressure aginst the cervix (head of his cock) up in there and it should stop the bleeding. Something to try, wouldn't hurt you anyways, it's just a flower, all natural
Joy Ferg (5 месяцев назад)
That be those 6'1 and taller men with all that package.
Rita Gomes (6 месяцев назад)
I actually think Keith is cuter I like that serious sarcastic look but you guys are both cuties
Ajakz Terner (6 месяцев назад)
Let dat Dick marinate inside her
Drew Silao (6 месяцев назад)
Shea snowbunni
Joe Hernandez (7 месяцев назад)
She 4'10, 98 ibs...im going hard!!! Fk out da way!
Daniël Wijma (8 месяцев назад)
With him being 10 inches and she being petit, they're probably not meant to be for eachother
Master Epps (9 месяцев назад)
98 fucking lbs..... Lmao bitch needs to eat something. I shoulder press 150 lbs for 20 reps
kadian senoj (10 месяцев назад)
I prefer your rugged look, sexy as hell
Nana Smith (11 месяцев назад)
Well guys want short girls🤷🏽‍♀️
Knowledge Is My Sister (11 месяцев назад)
Yall teeth look yellow
Tbaybii Boo (11 месяцев назад)
noah stump (1 год назад)
Tear her up man!! Tear her up! Give her hell!!
prodigye - (1 год назад)
mzunique22 (1 год назад)
I'm a bbw and I bleed if it's too big. soooooo she being small has ntn to do with it
HTX Kiri Jalen (1 год назад)
You already knew what Kevin was doin in that thumbnail pic😂😂😂
Sicarii (1 год назад)
get some astro glide
FoZe Juv (1 год назад)
They look different because their eyebrows look different
TWØK (1 год назад)
did they forget that they were talking to a girl just wondering since they told her to put 3 inches of shaft in
Nita Stmary (1 год назад)
I love me a mean muggin ass man...aka Keith👅👅
Little Man Huerta (1 год назад)
I'm amaze girls like Keven the most.. probably cuz Keith be mad dogging people
Shaquena Horace (1 год назад)
I think Keith is sexy. I can tell them apart.
Alexa Torgesen (1 год назад)
Personally I think Keith is sexier but, Kevin's the little freaky one I would want to get with tho.
Lil Flame (1 год назад)
the head and 3 inches of shaft......well I'm fucked
Lil Flame (1 год назад)
um 4"10???
Martha O (1 год назад)
I can't stand y'all 😂😂😂😂😂
Boogs114 (1 год назад)
I miss when the twins would film in the house... feels more original and homely... filming in a back room with no kinda background... that's sum sex slave shit.
NYC_All_Stars (1 год назад)
Kevin need to chill with this feet shit
Jay Squad (1 год назад)
I like Keith
Phe Ab (1 год назад)
Even though they're mostly identical, they're personality is different, and they look slightly different as well
pebbles987 (1 год назад)
+Marlon Johnson definitely! Kevin is FWOINE!
Marlon Johnson (1 год назад)
Phuuk Awf`Bech Yeah the one on the left is slightly more attractive.
Roe Sims (1 год назад)
This gal loves the twins.
been a cavsfan (1 год назад)
Females need to stop frontin bout they man size know damn well he ain't no 10in. Stop over exaggerating.
Hitomi Kugo (1 год назад)
I mean she could probably take 7..but you better believe it's still gonna hurt like hell t her. But yea, 10 inches? Nah..ain't no damn way. I swear girls over exaggerate how big guys they've been with are. I'm nearly 7.5 and almost every girl I've been says that I'm 8-9 inches. I don't correct them but still..bitches don't know shit.
Western Genius (1 год назад)
You feel me? 10 inches 4 foot 10' aint no damn way in hell she can take more than 4 anyway
Shut da hell up (1 год назад)
I laughed so hard at the thumbnail(Kevin's face) XD
kerry baby (2 года назад)
they dead not handsome they look stupid just how they act...their teeth crazy ..stop acting dumb omg
Trinity Mata (2 года назад)
Lmfao I knew he was gonna say snowbunny!!!
Eric Martel (2 года назад)
This back when you use to have enough camera room ! Kevin was less aggressive and keith was smaller but starting to get bigger and face getting thicker My face did the same thing but I take testosterone injections
tiannah hosea (2 года назад)
I have a big crush on Keith
Vengeance627 (2 года назад)
Makayla Gadsden (2 года назад)
Y'all are both cute asf, y'all look the same 😂😂
alohiana (2 года назад)
3:53 4:02
Carlos Atwell (2 года назад)
Marinate. Lol.
jose portillo (2 года назад)
They funny af
Rudewomantt (2 года назад)
"Let him marinade for a while" lmao
Shakaisa Smith Williams (2 года назад)
Kevin barber need to retire
Dr. Hughie L Mungus M.D (3 месяца назад)
Zachariah Nichols (9 месяцев назад)
😁😂😂😂😂 I'm dead
Micaela (10 месяцев назад)
Barber must watch the videos and fuck his hairline up even more
nightwalker 983 (1 год назад)
Shakaisa Smith Williams ur heart needs to retire.
D (1 год назад)
i think they have the same barber
Spagization (2 года назад)
Kysia B (2 года назад)
They both fine asf
Tunk Understudy (2 года назад)
dafuck bleddin
Sahara the one and only lathan (2 года назад)
tbh I just love both of them but keith... keith is sooooo handsome
its Crimmy (2 года назад)
i cant watch one of these videos without laughing my ass off
Jacqui Gainers (2 года назад)
the red shirt thorn this paticular topic hmmmmmm hahaha
A xo (2 года назад)
Keith kills me😂😂😂
Sandor Clegane (2 года назад)
2:20 inb4 kevin has a foot fetish
Aimee Curry (2 года назад)
Caught that too.
Andres Jaramillo (2 года назад)
lol yeah thought the same.
Vicky Jackson (2 года назад)
Kevin you look way better 🙊💙💋💋💋
Donut Jelly (2 года назад)
The HandProject (2 года назад)
lol if she watched the vid..... she probly loved to hear 1:30
Roque Suazo (2 года назад)
Im here just to leave the nuts hanging out 😂😂
refleXstyle (2 года назад)
My parents came in my room at 03:00, how can I explain this? fml...
Shut da hell up (1 год назад)
you dead asf😂
frazzled pots75 (2 года назад)
damn thats how my ex was too much i had to make him ease back because he had to much too offer he always wanted to leave the nutz hanging out and omg that was too much, sex was more pain than pleasure.
feedmemore h (2 года назад)
you might need to find someone with a smaller dick.
frazzled pots75 (2 года назад)
+Justin Emmanuel i dnt use kik
Justin Emmanuel (2 года назад)
What your kik
Jared Kilby (2 года назад)
Kevin's face in the thumbnail made me click on here he cracks me up both I still love both of these dudes videos and watch them religiously
Nightmare Bloodthorn (2 года назад)
Keith is hot though, I personally like Keith more as but Kevin is cool too
BigFowzy - Silverback Sessions (2 года назад)
Split her in two and get someone new!
Leo Dabney (2 года назад)
Leo Dabney (2 года назад)
DA BEARDSMEN (2 года назад)
Toni666 (2 года назад)
if I were straight, I would be crushing on Keith, he shows dominance and Kevin is like the little brother who has to repeat the older brother.
DailySceptic (2 года назад)
No one gives a fuck you're not straight - how is that relevant
Angelcreame west (2 года назад)
Why do people like one more than the other...they look the same to me , both nice
Cassandra Martinez (2 года назад)
I've got a crush on both of the twins. :) ;) they're also hilarious.
Big skinny (2 года назад)
"Just let them nuts murinate"😂😂😂
Jamie A (2 года назад)
lol 😂
biggoosedog42069 swaglordhatman (2 года назад)
+Garrett rip
noah stump (2 года назад)
how do I email them?
AaHh!!! (2 года назад)
4:10 ROFL!!!
SUB-ZERO (2 года назад)
lmao at easy to damage
Hend ahmed (2 года назад)
kevin is so cute
Ratchet La' Strawberray (2 года назад)
Faces at 4:09
chickengres (2 года назад)
I miss these intro's thanks to the power of the internet,  i'm able to travel back in time
Danielle Phillips (2 года назад)
I love me some Kevin too
Shauna Mcveigh (2 года назад)
She a spinner
OsamaBinObama (2 года назад)
4,10"? Wtf
Larissa elainee (2 года назад)
I like both of y'all . ❤💯 I mean Kevin can be really funny but keith is better at giving advice and his facial expressions are priceless 💀💀😂
Rosaura Ruiz (2 года назад)
nope I like you boss. not Kevin lol
MvndoBxnds (2 года назад)
Folks to ugly in the pic
Harmony Bazner (2 года назад)
why do people go to them about medical issues lol go to the doctor
MadSpice (2 года назад)
Jessy Villarreal (2 года назад)
Keith (sp) is handsome and Kevin is cute... Just saying.
lola bigcups (2 года назад)
She's to small for that big thang to be slamming into her. I know her stomach hurts.
gangster chihauha (1 год назад)
If ya bleed calm yo dick down
James Sunderland (1 год назад)
Relax, It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.
+James Sunderland isnt your sister kendra the one with that video on Youtube fingering herself in the library
Mr Hicky (2 года назад)
+kookielookie spookie Haha funny guy
lola bigcups (2 года назад)
+James Sunderland because she bleeding sweetie.
Prise_500 (2 года назад)
LOL 9-10 inches and she 4ft10 he almost knockin her down a foot XD :'(
Demon Boltgodx (1 год назад)
aaron wallace (1 год назад)
T.E.D. tech (2 года назад)
David Oniani (2 года назад)
Izac Vincent (2 года назад)
ShayLa Bryant (2 года назад)
Keith is my favorite😉👍😉👍
CanineGrowTime (2 года назад)
BTW, I like Kevin more too... But its because he has more personality than Keith.
Angel Marie Lavoue (1 месяц назад)
CanineGrowTime I agree. Keith needs to have some more personality

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