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how to get naked on imvu
made with ezvid, free download at http://ezvid.com http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=19568305 this is the dick item you can do what ever you want with it troll and troll and more troll lmao
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second life furry dance
my first second life video, i've made so far, im going to make new ones in this up coming week :D oh yeah this is my first dance video im making a new one in the up coming feature
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imvu account sell 2014
made with ezvid, free download at http://ezvid.com Selling account for 70$ starter my paypal is 4runner717@gmail.com im looking very forward into selling this account to you guys, oh yeah and add "idragonfame" to pc me and i'll give you some details on the other accounts i am selling :)
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Old lady gets tased
19 hrs ·  Today we witness some major wrong go down at a school, a black women was studded with a stun gun while back away! That was some salty ass shit! I could see if she was trying to fight. She may have a order not to see her child. She came in and didn't ask to take her child out only to tell her child something. The office staff pretended to get child by saying wait 5 minutes the child's taking a test. She said I can't wait I have to go I just want to tell my child something. They were stalling her to call the police. Only she notice the police coming she walked out to grown ass maven and some of the staff went behind her with the stunn guns a black man and a white man. While she was walking away walking backwards she said why did y'all do this to me? And the black man kept talking, while the white man punk ass stunned the women! I think that was some coward ass shit. She was on,y walking away! Yes I post this and if anything happen to any of my children hell has nothing on me! That was wrong! I wouldn't even say it was racist just a silky, punk ass show off scary bastard! Mom I'm sorry for the bad language but my children watched and witness all the bullshit! He didn't have the decent common sense to see that other people were in the parking lot watching and recording the whole thing. Thank God for cell phones to shut some of these fakers down! That was dead wrong Mr. Man you a sissy bitch! Comment Share
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dont be a dick
guys dont be a dick okay
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chris brown take you down dance
Fan video of "Take You Down" by Chris Brown. Created using Video Star: http://VideoStarApp.com/FREE This is not my song call credit goes to the artist chris brown
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baby opossums
my first pet I've ever had for a long time :D
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My first time ever going to mobicon, But the only thing i got to say is awe
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harlem shake brothers
crazy peanutbutter dance
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the money for that robot O_o if only I could have one for a day..... I would make twooo! and sell it :D
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prank on my brother
i got that lil fool XD, my laugh tho!!!
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Bearded dragon eating grass hopper
This is going to be epic is hell!
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Bearded dragon
Mmmmmmmmm worms heheh
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roblox Apocalypse Rising hack
Apocalypse Rising lmao people epic hack the hackers who did this are outstanding there the real deal! lmao!!!!!! I hope his game doesn't get banned O_o
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Nier automata
Killer order to destroy these android units.
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