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Mondeo diesel 2.0 TDCI alternator belt tensioner removal
Bad design and they charge an hour and a half labour to change this belt.. took ages to work out after being told you need to drop the engine
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TOMMY ROBINSON  ( the truth )
Love him or loath him ...whatever your preconceptions ,hearing his actual words instead of reading a bias media portrayal is surely the best way to judge him...the establishment want him dead..they want him silenced ..the deeper you dig the more you realise this man is a national hero and they fear what he will uncover..This film takes you up to his arrest ...an arrest that was overturned by the highest judge in the land...but now they want him silenced again..to those who see clearly this man is a hero...but the establishment fear what he could uncover and will silence him at all costs
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Tommy Robinson  ( July 14th  rear stage)
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GY6 scooter variator removal  ( the easy way )
Buy this cheap oil filter removal tool that's normally used on cars as it fits like a glove
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2006 laguna in limp mode
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