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(Roy Wood Jr.) Fake Viagra Prescription-Prank Call
Roy and Rickey team up for a hilarious prank call!!!!!!!!!
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Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call Ensley High
The principal calls a parent saying that her son is crazy and he get's it from her. This lady was pissed off!!
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Roy Wood Jr. -Minister Gas Station Prank Call
Another character that I don't get to do too often because it's hard to find scenarios that fit. In this prank the "Minister Takut" Calls a gas station to see if they'll sponsor a fundraiser. Thanks Roy Wood Jr. for this hilarious prank call
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Kung Fu Refund ( Roy Wood Jr.)Prank Call
Here is my latest video from Roy he calls a kung fu place angry that his son got his butt kick he he demands a refund this is hilarious !!!!!!!
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Prank Call Mexican Apartment Roy Wood Jr.
A woman is threatend of being evicted for making racial slurs of her mexican neighboors.Don't pissssssss her off !!!!!
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Prank Call Wallet on Slave Ship ( Roy Wood Jr.)
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(Roy Wood Jr.)Reparations Check Prank Call
Dr. Azibo wants his reparations check from slavery so he calls check cashing places and expects to get his money
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Save A Stripper(Rickey Smiley)
Here is a hillarous prank from Rickey who calls a old lady asking her to let strippers stay in her house and help them get jobs,etc. Very Funny Prank
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Roy Wood Jr.(prank Call) Baltimore Paramedics
Leo Deblin calls a pissed of mom saying her daughter is rude and crazy and get's it from her. He is toooooo funny !!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!! :)
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Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call Old Dirty Burgers
Very Funny
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Roy Wood Jr. Stolen Jewlery Prank Call
Dr. Azibo calls a lady to get in her grill for failing to deliver some mail order jewelry that he had ordered.
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Rickey Smiley/Roy Wood Jr.Prank Call Dope in Breast
This guy want's the dope in his dead momma's breast. He ask the funeral home to let him have it. Because these drug dealers are threating to kill him if they don't get the dope . Roy is soooo funny !!!!
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Roy Wood Jr.(Bingo Night)
Dr. Azibo is back in the mix. He gets in this lady's grill about her misconduct at a local bingo hall
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Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call Somking in the Church
Revrend Azibo calls a lady saying that the congregation say's she smoke too much dope and her teeth is so yellow you could rub on a waffle. She is very rude smoking the dope. This prank is hilarious!!!!!!!!! lol
Просмотров: 707939 cookieshopgirl
Hire My son Roy Wood Jr.
Dr. Aziabo is outraged that his son is not being hired for a job. He thretend a lady saying his son will have her job.Roy u rule!!!!!
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(Roy Wood Jr.)Dr. Azibo vs The Kappa-Prank Call
Dr. Azibo calls a member of the Kappas asking to let his son Oodaweah into the fraternity.The Kappa guy get really mad trying to protect his faternity. This is really funny i hope u enjoy it. Rate&Comment-Please!!!!!
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Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call ARM IN THE TOLIET
This girl flushes her dope down the toliet then tries to reach in and get it back but her arm get's stuck in the toliet
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Collection Aplogy( Roy Wood Jr.)
Here's a new prank call from Roy. Tell me what you guys think :)
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(Roy Wood Jr.) Bisciuts/Cougar Prank Call
I am doing two pranks on one video. Both pranks have Dr. Azibo in them. 1. Dr. Azibo calls a resturant wanting to cook his raw biscuits because he has no power at hi home. The lady on the other end gives him some trouble 2. Dr. azibo calls a pet hotel, he wants to know if his cougar can stay there. The man on the phone is not having any of it. Both pranks are very funny (rate&comment) Enjoy !!!!!!!!
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Roy Wood Jr. Always Scareddddddd !!!!!!!!!!
This is a parody of Bone Crusher
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Read The Gas Meter
This lady EXPLODED on me when I called to inform her that we weren't planning to reduce her gas bill.
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Roy Wood Jr.Homework Hotline
Here is a new funny prank from Roy. He needs help with his homework so by mistake he calls a crisis hotline and gets the man all mad !
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Roy Wood Jr. ( Dem Hoodstarz)
Roy pranks two rappers named Band Aid and Scoot Look out for their new album 'Black Friday'
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Roy wood Jr(Snitch on Your Boyfriend)
If you and your boyfriend had a HEATED argument and then you got a call from his lawyer, would you assist is setting your boyfriend up in a police sting that would get him arrested? I call a young lady to find out.
Просмотров: 25353 cookieshopgirl
Ugly Jamz ( Roy Wood Jr. & Tre Willamson)
This song is a parody of " Slow Jamz" by Jamie Foxx , Kanye West ,& Twista. This song is funny
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Roy Wood Jr. Aston Martin Repair (Prank Call)
An old dude had his Aston Martin towed, only to discover that there had been damage done to the car. He's trying to seek damages. The old man knows it is a prank call , but he is a good sport about it. Funny prank thanks Roy !!!!!!!!
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Lotion On My Back Roy Wood Jr.
This is a praody of the song " Braid My Hair" by Mario. This song is so funny again by Roy wood Jr.
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(Roy Wood Jr.) Who Is John Prank Call
What happens when a man calls another man about his man? Lots of cursing. that's what happens. One of the shorter pranks I've done in a while but I figured it was a keeper
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