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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options That Work Naturally And Permanently
http://SexGodBlueprint.com You're about to learn the different erectile dysfunction treatment options, the good, the bad and the ugly of each, and how to naturally cure this problem forever without spending a dime. It's a common issue among many men and if you've ever experienced it before, then I don't need to tell you how emasculating and embarrassing it can make you feel. Here are the most common erectile dysfunction treatment options. 1 - Prescription Drugs Now there's no doubt that these work and unfortunately, we've all been lead to believe that this is the best solution. The truth is that it can actually harm your sex life much more than improve it. First of all, there's the fact that you can become dependent on these drugs when using them every time. This can not only get costly, but also cause issues when you run out and just can't get your bottle filled. Secondly, you're woman can feel if you're truly in the moment with her or not and if she doesn't believe you are, she won't be either. Not only does this "kill the mood" and make her question her own sexuality and attractiveness, but it also removes almost all chances that she'll ever orgasm. 2 - Herbal Supplements The most popular of these remedies are Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng and they can be helpful. They are completely safe to try and you can find them at most drug stores. Due to the fact that these are all natural, you won't experience any negative side effects and you can definitely give them a shot. However, there is the possibility of dependence again. Not a chemical or physical one but the placebo effect could come back and harm you here. If you believe you need this to get and stay hard, then you'll just find yourself running into the same issues as the last option. 3 - Re-wire Your Beliefs About Sex We all know that erectile dysfunction is mainly a psychological issue, so let's fix this and have ourselves a permanent natural cure. If you've ever suffered from premature ejaculation in the past, then E.D. could be a subconscious way of avoiding the humiliation you've felt in the past. As a matter of fact, any negative sexual experience at all can cause you're mind to avoid sex completely and one of the most popular ways it does this, is with erectile dysfunction. Go to: http://SexGodBlueprint.com Now to be the best lover she's ever had Also Like Free Sex God Secrets on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Sex-God-Secrets/326872183995200
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How To Last Longer In Doggy Style
http://SexGodBlueprint.com - Learn all the tricks, tips and techniques that make you last as long as you want. Free videos show you how any man can start lasting longer right now.
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How To Make A Girl Love Giving You Head
http://SexGodBlueprint.com - Discover why so many women hate giving head and how to turn her into a girl who loves having you in her mouth...
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How To Give A Girl Multiple Orgasms
http://SexGodBlueprint.com - Learn a few simple little tricks to make your woman cum easily. You can use these to give any girl an orgasm tonight.
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3 Different Sex Positions You've Most Likely Never Tried
http://SexGodBlueprint.com/Free Here are 3 different sex positions that you may have never tried before but can be lots of fun to try out with your girl. The first of these different sex positions is known as the luscious lift. While she lies comfortably on her back, kneel down in front of her and place her legs around your waist. Important: for easiest access to her g-spot, her butt should be raised up in the air. I suggest placing a pillow underneath her so neither of you waste any energy to hold her in that position. Now that she's bent up this way, you want to penetrate her in a forward and backward motion. Lean forward over her to build a stronger connection together while you look into her eyes and talk dirty to her. Next is the roaring dragon. This is best used on a surface that's lower to the ground. While your woman's calves are on just on the edge of the bed... she's bent over the end of it while her hands or arms are on the ground. Again, you'll need a flat surface that's not too high to pull this one off. Your girl can either hold herself up with her arms, or lay on a pile of pillows. You should always have plenty of pillows around if you're serious about your sex life. The reason I say this is because we already know how important it is for your girl to be comfortable during sex for her to achieve orgasm... and having a lot of pillows just makes it that much easier for her to reach another whenever she wants that extra comfort. So do yourself a favor and invest in a few extra pillows, your girl will appreciate it and so will your sex life. Different sex position #3 is the pressed position. Your girl lays flat on her back but brings her knees up so that she can place her feet on your chest. Get on your knees in front of her and spread your legs open around her bottom. A lot really enjoy this one because it makes for an unusual sensation. Not only are you stimulating both the deep and g-spots at the same time, but the whole feeling of having her legs up and knees bent this way make for a whole different sensation. Also take advantage of the fact that you've got her feet right there since this is one of her erogenous zones. Trying out different sex positions is one great key to keeping some variety in your sex life. Go to http://SexGodBlueprint.com/Free to discover the 3 best sex positions that make women cum every time! Like Free Sex God Secrets on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Sex-God-Secrets/326872183995200
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How To Finger A Girl For Multiple Foreplay Orgasms
http://SexGodBlueprint.com - Learn simple fingering techniques to make any girl come before penetration.
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How To Make Love - Tips From 238 Women
http://SexGodBlueprint.com Women come to this website I run every single day and basically tell me how to make love. They answer lots of sex related questions and tell me what they like, what they don't and basically what their idea of great sex is. In this article, I want to share with you a couple of the best tips and takeaways from those survey answers. How To Make Love Tip 1 -- Pay Attention! When I ask these women for their best sex tips, one of the most popular is to pay attention to your girls reactions and let this be your guide. Way too many men get this wrong and it comes back time and time again as a major complaint from women. If you've gotten your girl into a position that she's obviously enjoying, keep in mind that it's not only the position, but also the speed and motion your thrusting at that's about to get her off. A lot of guys notice their girl is really enjoying what he's doing and because it's normal for us to pursue her climax, we start thrusting faster and harder thinking that it's going to make her cum quicker. The fact is that this often ruins your chances at giving her an orgasm because it was the position along with your rhythm that was driving her wild. If you see you woman is really into something that you're doing, stick with it! Also, do it again. When you've found that position/angle/foreplay or whatever it is that's driving her wild... use it again the next time you're with her. Now you should always make sure you're switching things up every once in a while and adding some variety to your love life but if she really likes something in particular, store that into your memory and use it again in the future. You can always ask her how to make it even better for her and this brings us to... How To Make Love Tip 2 -- Communicate in bed! This is another regular comment I get from women on my "survey site". They say things like "talk to your partner about your fantasies" and "ask her what she likes". Sensual communication is huge in the bedroom and it is a must have if you want to truly please your girl. The most sexually satisfied lovers in the world talk about their sex lives and through the talking, they teach each other what they like and want to try out. This can be a very difficult thing to do for a lot of couples and the one big tip I have for you if you're in this situation, is start small. If you've been having silent sex for the last 15 years with the same woman, don't all of a sudden start talking nasty to her. Begin by just moaning and groaning more and when she's doing something you like, say "baby it feels amazing when you do that". These simple tips on how to make love will greatly improve your sex life when you bring them into the bedroom with you. If you really want to blow her mind bedroom and be the best she's ever had... check out this free series of videos I made for you - http://SexGodBlueprint.com Also Like Free Sex God Secrets On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Sex-God-Secrets/326872183995200
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How To Make Sex Last Longer For Smart Men
http://SexGodBlueprint.com/Free To Be The Best She'll Ever Have! http://StaminaStars.com To Learn How To Make Sex Last Longer
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Easy Sex Positions That Make Women Orgasm
http://SexGodBlueprint.com/Free If you're looking for some easy sex positions but still want to make her orgasm and give her some amazing sexual experiences, then you'll want to read this short article now. Many people think that just because a specific sex position is easy, mean it's not very effective or capable of leading to massive pleasure for both of you. This simply isn't true. You're about to learn 2 very easy sex positions and also some very simple tricks and tips to make them a lot more stimulating. Easy Sex Position #1 - The Classic Missionary Don't skip off to the next one because you're about to learn how to make it fun! Many women love this one due to the intimacy and connection it allows for. You can stare deeply into each other's eyes, talk to one and other and it really is a great way to get some feedback because you can't avoid her expressions or the moans she makes. This position is also a great for clitoral stimulation which leads to one of the easiest orgasms you can give her. If you want to make sure you stimulate her clit even more, move your body higher up than hers so that her nose is right around the height of your neck. Now that rule could vary widely depending on your physical proportions but the idea is that your penis is rubbing up and down on her clitoris. Now since this is such an intimate positions, you generally don't want to start giving it to her really hard. This is a love making position so use it as one. Keep that in mind and use this position to give her a clitoral orgasm while you build your sexual trust and intimacy with her. Easy Sex Positions #2 - The High Rider You can very easily transition from the classic missionary into the high rider by first moving one of her legs further away from the other, and then bend your right leg up and kneel down above her. Then just lift your upper body up a bit while you lean over her. This is a great way to keep the intimacy from missionary while starting to show more male dominance in the bedroom (something that turns women on like crazy and lets them feel free to orgasm). In this position you want to thrust almost downwards so that once again, you're rubbing up and down on her clitoris. You won't be able to go in as deep as some other positions but once again, the purpose of this position is to keep building the intimacy, while beginning to show strong male authority so you can begin to move into more dominating style positions. Also take advantage of your positioning here by playing with her boobs and lightly stroking her face and cheek. A great way to demonstrate male authority in this position is to gently place your hand around her neck. Do it very lightly so that she can easily move her neck and head around if she wanted to. That one technique alone will develop massive attraction and sexual trust both at the same time. Women love being taken by a strong dominant man and when you put your hand around her like this, it gives her that feeling that you're in control and she can just let loose and enjoy. By making your grip lose enough that she could still move around and easily get out of it if she chose to, you're letting her know that you wouldn't hurt her and that she can trust you. Once she feels this trust with you, now she'll be willing to try some crazy stuff with you that she would never do with another guy. These are just a couple of easy sex positions that are a great way to start off and not be just another average guy in bed. Go to http://SexGodBlueprint.com/Free To learn the 3 best sex positions that make women orgasm every time! Also like Free Sex God Secrets for more amazing tips and female pleasure tricks: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Sex-God-Secrets/326872183995200
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How To Have Better Sex - For Real Men Only
http://SexGodBlueprint.com In this article you're going to discover how to have better sex the very next time you're with a woman. You're about to see just how easy it can be to blow your girls mind in bed and give her amazing sexual experiences that she'll remember for a long time to come. The first step of how to have better sex is that you must understand that your girl wants foreplay orgasms. I know, it's long and when you're rock hard... you just want to penetrate her. But the fact is that she can orgasm multiple times from Foreplay and unlike us guys, she'll keep going. Not only that... but her orgasms get more and more intense every time you give her one. Here's a really simple rule to live by that will guarantee you're a much better lover then 99 percent of other guys out there. Are you ready for this? Never penetrate another girl in your life, until you've given her at least 2 foreplay orgasms first. Follow this one rule of sex gods, and you've just become a much better lover... period! The number one complaint I hear from women who aren't satisfied with their partners, is that her doesn't take his time. It's not a race, and if you just try to "get in there" as soon as you're ready... you've blown it. You want to bring her to multiple foreplay orgasms and raise her arousal so much, that her body is literally aching for you. You want her to scream while she's begging you for it. How to have better sex tip 2... Talk to your girl in bed! Talk dirty. Talk sweet and romantic. Just Talk! She doesn't get off on visual stimulation and physical sensation like we do. She gets off on emotion. That's why sexual compliments are so critical. Let her know how amazing it feels when she's doing something you like and it boosts her confidence. When she feels more confident, she'll be willing to try other things. When you tell her how much it turns you on to see her in "that position", you make her feel wanted and sexy. Stimulate her emotions properly, and she'll have the most powerful orgasms of her life. These are just a few simple tips on how to have better sex and most guys will take them for granted... but if you commit right now to doing both of these, you will have (and give your girl) amazing sex! Go To http://SexGodBlueprint.com Now For More Advanced Training Videos
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