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Nathan's Story; Tay-Sachs Disease in the Irish Population
Nathan Harney had Tay-Sachs Disease, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that can be passed on to children when both parents are carriers of an altered gene. Babies born with Tay-Sachs disease appear normal at birth, and symptoms of the disease do not appear until the infants are about four to six months of age when they begin to lose previously attained skills, such as sitting up or rolling over. Children then gradually lose their sight, hearing and swallowing abilities. These children usually die by the age of five. In the past, Tay-Sachs was often thought of as a Jewish genetic disorder due to its large presence among Ashkenazi Jews. But, cases of Tay-Sachs have been identified in the Irish population in Philadelphia over the last few years. Nathan was one of them. He passed away June 19, 2014. He was 4 years old. This is his story, and his parents, Kathryn and Aaron, want to make sure it doesn't end up being anybody else's story. They are devoted to spreading awareness of Tay-Sachs Disease in those of Irish descent and to encouraging screenings. Dr. Adele Schneider, director of clinical genetics at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia and her team at Einstein are conducting a study to find out just how high the carrier rate is among people of Irish descent. The study, the only one done in the Irish population since DNA testing for the gene mutation has been available, aims to screen 1,000 people, and is funded by the Albert Einstein Society and the National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association of Delaware Valley. If the carrier rate turns out to be high, then large --scale screening initiatives—like those conducted through the Victor Center for the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases at Einstein and other facilities throughout the country—could identify carriers before they pass on the Tay-Sachs gene. Screenings conducted by Dr. Schneider—which involve a simple blood test—are free to those who participate in the study. To be eligible, participants must be at least 18 years of age and have at least three grandparents of Irish descent. For more information contact Amybeth Weaver, MS, CGC at 484-636-4197 or Irish@tay-sachs.org. Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/EinsteinHealth and on Twitter at @EinsteinHealth
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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong: Service Dogs
Service dogs work hard and can do a lot of things from opening doors to getting something off a shelf. But as skilled as they are, they can't do two things at once! That's why it's important to let service dogs concentrate on their tasks and to not distract them while they're working by petting them, calling for them, etc. In this video, you'll see a case of service dog etiquette gone wrong, and learn how to do it right! MossRehab's "It's Just Respect" in-person training & video series aims to educate people about the dos and don'ts of disability etiquette—whether it be in the workplace, a retail business or out in the community. It's about providing a more comfortable experience for people with disabilities. But it is also makes good business sense for anyone who deals with customers with disabilities. Learn more about "It's Just Respect", including how to schedule a training for your company or organization with our experts: http://www.mossrehab.com/special-services/disability-etiquette-training.html
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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong: Prosthetic Hands
Shaking hands with someone is a universal way to meet them, greet them or express congratulations. All wonderful things. But the moment can become awkward if a person has a prosthetic hand or a hook and you're not sure what to do. In this video, MossRehab's chief medical officer Alberto Esquenazi, MD talks about the potentially awkward moment of greeting someone who wears a prosthetic hand or device. MossRehab's "It's Just Respect" in-person training & video series aims to educate people about the dos and don'ts of disability etiquette—whether it be in the workplace, a retail business or out in the community. It's about providing a more comfortable experience for people with disabilities. But it is also makes good business sense for anyone who deals with customers with disabilities. Learn more about "It's Just Respect", including how to schedule a training for your company or organization with our experts: http://www.mossrehab.com/special-services/disability-etiquette-training.html
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A Kidney Transplant: The Story of True Soul Mates - Einstein Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
When Danny confided in his wife and kids that he needed a kidney transplant, the entire family came to his side, offering support and so much more. Here’s the story of a family man, a survivor, and a life-saving match. See More Here: http://einstein.edu/morethanmedicine Transcript: Maureen: Danny started the conversation saying, "I'm gonna need a kidney transplant." I'm Maureen, that's my husband Danny. We've been married for 30 years. We have three fabulous kids. Dan: I was in for a checkup, go to the doctor and he came back with a blood test and said, "I think you might want to see a kidney specialist because there's some protein in your urine." Then I went and seen a kidney specialist and they put a watch on it. Maureen: I was really worried. We met with the physician at Einstein, he said, "I'm gonna send you to the transplant department because your values are now eligible for a kidney transplant." Dan: I was confident that everything was gonna be alright, but I still had to tell my kids and that was really tough. Maureen: They immediately said, "I wanna donate, maybe I would be a match." Dan: It means everything to me. Maureen: It was really a proud moment wasn't it? Dan: It meant that we made it as parents when they did that. Maureen: We went through a series of tests and halfway through the coordinator called me and said: "You're, not gonna believe this, you're a match." So that was a really good day. Dan: It really tells you that we're soulmates because it's very rare. Like, when I tell people that my wife was the donor for me, they can't believe it. Like "Oh, how'd that happen?" The transplant team at Einstein, they were the best. They explained everything to me. Maureen: Dan had his own coordinator, I had my own coordinator. As, you know, the months went by before the transplant, you really get to know them. Dan: The compassion that they have is unbelievable for everybody. You know, it's just not a professional thing it's, they just care so much for you. So now we're really living life again, because I have a second chance. Maureen: They've given us more hope, more dreams, and more opportunity to live or life together. Dan: Einstein is more than medicine. Now I can spend more time with my children, the rest of my life still with the wife that I love.
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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong: Visual Impairment
Imagine being visually impaired and having a nice conversation with someone... and they leave without letting you know and you're left talking to yourself. How would that make you feel? It happens more times than you would think. This video depicts a time when this happened to Betsy Clayton, and tells you what Betsy thinks you can do to make interactions with those with visual impairments more respectful. MossRehab's "It's Just Respect" in-person training & video series aims to educate people about the dos and don'ts of disability etiquette—whether it be in the workplace, a retail business or out in the community. It's about providing a more comfortable experience for people with disabilities. But it is also makes good business sense for anyone who deals with customers with disabilities. Learn more about "It's Just Respect", including how to schedule a training for your company or organization with our experts: http://www.mossrehab.com/special-services/disability-etiquette-training.html
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Leaving Behind Pain and Discomfort - Einstein Urology
After a near fatal motorcycle accident, it wasn’t until he discovered the experts at Einstein Urology that Crash’s real internal issues were healed. See More Here: http://einstein.edu/morethanmedicine Transcript: About 900 pounds of motorcycle crushed my entire midsection. All my broken bones healed but my urethra had failed to heal properly. The hospital that was treating me at the time, they just said this is something that I’m going to have to live with. I had nowhere to go, I had no hope. My friends call me crash, it’s a name I was given in my earlier, wilder days. I have lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania all my life. What I have on my knuckles says “Save Them”. I am a Humane Society police officer working with a local area rescue. We rescue abused animals directly from the hands of their abusers. I was on my way down to the courthouse, my back tire hit a patch of gravel and kicked out from underneath me. My motorcycle just crushed my entire midsection. I almost left this earth on that day. Of course, you know they’re looking at 15 bone fractures and I had damaged my anterior urethra. It was the least of their concerns because they figured it was the easiest to fix. It turns out that that wasn't the case. I’d been living with this catheter for almost a year, all the aggravation and the problems and the leakage and the pain of just having a catheter in there. One of the doctors at the hospital that was treating me at the time had mentioned that there was a surgeon with Einstein Hospital that could possibly help me. So I made an appointment at Einstein. He just looked me right in the eye and said: “I can fix that.” I went home and could not wait until the day of my surgery. I had the surgery performed the surgeon said: “Everything looks perfect.” He sent me home without the catheter. For the first time in a year, I was able to go to the bathroom like a big boy. Everyone at Einstein was just amazing from the surgeons to the nurses to the staff; they took such good care of me there. Einstein gave me more freedom. Freedom to live my life the way I wanted to live it.
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Looking Ahead: John-Paul D. Hezel, MD
John-Paul D. Hezel, MD, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, discusses the future of physical medicine and rehabilitation as part of the MossRehab Conversation About the Future project.
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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong: Aphasia
Someone with aphasia - a condition following stroke that makes speech difficult - may take a long time to order at a restaurant or other establishment. That can create a situation where patience and respect are required. This video, narrated by a man with aphasia, talks about a time when helping is not helpful.
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Wanda, Einstein Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
Wanda, Einstein Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
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New Liver, New Life
Having lived her entire life with Autoimmune Hepatitis - at only 40 years old, Monique was placed on the transplant list.
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Camp Independence
MossRehab invites adults with physical disabilities to enjoy sports, swimming, art, music and friendship this summer at the 41st Annual Camp Independence, a week-long, overnight camping program for individuals 18 years of age and older. This year's program is scheduled for August 5th to August 11th 2012 at the Variety Club Camp and Development Center, 2950 Potshop Road, Worcester, PA 19490. MossRehab provides assistance to campers with personal care needs during their stay. Camp Independence, which began in 1971, is the only overnight recreation program for adults with physical disabilities in Pennsylvania and is a recipient of the prestigious Recognition Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities. This video from last year's Camp Independence gives you a great idea of what the camp is all about. The cost for the camp is $590.00 plus a $10 registration fee. Partial scholarships are available and are determined according to need. For more information or to request an application, call 215-663-6295.
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MossRehab's Camp Independence
MossRehab's Camp Independence is a week-long, overnight, camping program for individuals with disabilities 18 years of age and older. Activities include swimming and nature hikes, movie socials, live-entertainment campfires, dance, creative writing, arts and crafts, fishing trips and more. Every summer, it takes place at the Variety Club Camp in Worcester, Pa. To learn more go to https://www.mossrehab.com/camp-independence.
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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong: Power Wheelchairs
Power wheelchairs are big. And heavy. And can be menacing-looking. But fear not if you see one heading your way! Power wheelchair users have gone through extensive training and are used to maneuvering them through weird angles and tight spaces. In this video, we see a power wheelchair interaction start off great, but take a bad turn. MossRehab's "It's Just Respect" in-person training & video series aims to educate people about the dos and don'ts of disability etiquette—whether it be in the workplace, a retail business or out in the community. It's about providing a more comfortable experience for people with disabilities. But it is also makes good business sense for anyone who deals with customers with disabilities. Learn more about "It's Just Respect", including how to schedule a training for your company or organization with our experts: http://www.mossrehab.com/special-services/disability-etiquette-training.html
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Eagles Fan Injury Report
Dr. Bob Czincila, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, offers important tips to Philadelphia fans eager to stay off the Eagles Fan Injury Report while celebrating the Birds' trip to the SuperBowl.
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Exercising in Hot Weather
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Dr. Morris Kotler Honored by American Heart Association at 2014 Heart Ball
Morris Kotler, MD, Chairman Emeritus of the Division of Cardiovascular Disease at Einstein Medical Center and a Professor of Medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, is this years' American Heart Association Edward S. Cooper, MD Award recipient and will receive his award during Heart Month at the 57th annual Philadelphia Heart Ball on Saturday, February 15. The Edward S. Cooper, MD award is presented to a physician, researcher or medical professional whose many outstanding contributions to the Philadelphia community exemplify the best of humankind. The award is named for Dr. Edward S. Cooper, a world-renowned physician and a pioneer in hypertension and stroke, and the first African American to serve as national president of the American Heart Association. http://www.einstein.edu/cardiology-heart/ (Video produced by Center City Film & Video)
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Einstein Medical Center Montgomery Welcome Video
Will you be spending some time as a patient at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery in East Norriton, PA? This video--which runs on the TVs in the patient rooms--helps familiarize patients with the hospital, and provides some helpful tips on making the most of doctor appointments and your stay with us.
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MossRehab's RELEAS Splint now available for children
MossRehab Occupational Therapist, Joe Padova worked with many stroke patients who had lost the use of their hands. Determined to help them, he created the RELEAS Splint to enable patients to open and close their disabled hands to grip items while the other hand does the work. Now, the RELEAS Splint is available to children! Just like the adult version, RELEAS for kids gives users the ability to open their hand to grasp handles such as on a refrigerator door while opening it, to hold a baseball bat or crayon, tie shoe laces and other tasks that promote the use of the involved hand during self care and improve independence... ...things that other children take for granted. Preston, the young man in the video, had a stroke. It either occurred in utero, or during delivery. The RELEAS Splint can work for children who have hemiparesis either from the diagnoses of stroke, or CP and various other neurological problems such as TBI or radial nerve injuries. Learn more about RELEAS: http://www.mossrehab.com/Special-Services/releas.html
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Musician and former MossRehab patient Harold Hall Robinson Performs at All About Art Preview Party
Contrabassist Harold Hall Robinson and pianist & singer Keith Garner shared their talents when they performed together at the Preview Party for MossRehab's annual international juried art exhibit and sale, All About Art on April 24 at MossRehab's Elkins park campus. But a love of music and the stage aren't the only things these two professional musician share. They're also both former MossRehab patients who credit the renowned physical and cognitive rehabilitation hospital with saving their music. Internationally acclaimed artist, Harold Hall Robinson is currently finishing his 18th year as the principal contrabassist with The Philadelphia Orchestra. Prior to this, he has performed with various symphony orchestras for decades. Mr. Robinson credits the therapy he received at MossRehab Elkins Park a few years ago (after a surgery on his hand) with restoring his ability to play music, and for getting back to the Philadelphia Orchestra in a short amount of time. Recording artist Keith Garner has sung and played piano on his two released albums and is working on a third. Then, in 2003, a severe car accident left him with a crushed skull and a Traumatic Brain Injury. He suffered loss of sight in his right eye, hearing in the right ear and was told that due to the area of the brain injury, he would probably never again regain his ability to sing, play by ear or compose music again. But at MossRehab Tabor Road, he would re-learn balance, coordination, thought processes and eventually be able to walk, focus with one eye, and become self-sufficient again. Garner started to work at the piano whenever he had the opportunity and with endless support of dedicated doctors, therapists, hospital staff, friends and family, Garner battled back and shared his experience by writing the song Miracle. About All About Art: All About Art is dedicated to heightening awareness of the strength, creativity, and spirit of people with physical limitations. Eligible media include works on paper, works on canvas or board, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, photography and fine crafts. There are 229 pieces of artwork by 69 artists set for display in this year's exhibition, plus more than 90 pieces of jewelry and other accessories such as scarves and small handbags. Prices range from $50 to $2,500, with most less than $900.
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What to Expect at Your First Appointment With a Dietitian
Einstein dietitian Caitlyn Crosby, RD, LDN discusses what patients can expect during their first appointment with a registered dietitian.
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Meet Dr. Alberto Esquenazi
Dr. Esquenazi is the Chief Medical Officer of MossRehab and an expert in amputation rehabilitation, gait and motor analysis and robotics. He sees patients at MossRehab on the campus of Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park. More about Dr. Esquenazi - http://www.mossrehab.com/Physicians/AlbertoEsquenaziMD
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Quest to Understand Blindness Among Children in Micronesia
With funding provided by The Albert Einstein Society, Dr. Adele Schneider, director of Clinical Genetics at the Einstein Healthcare Network, along with an international team of leading experts traveled to the island of Chuuk, in the Federated States of Micronesia. Their goal was to discover the cause of a medical mystery – the unprecedented prevalence of microphthalmia, a disorder of the eye that causes blindness, among Chuuk’s population. Findings from the mission could change many lives for the better, not just among the natives to Chuuk, but around the world. The team hopes to return to Chuuk with their findings and a plan of action in 2018.
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Centering Pregnancy
CenteringPregnancy is a new option in prenatal care that helps you make healthy choices for your baby as you get to know other moms-to-be in a casual, group setting. einstein.edu/obstetrics-and-gynecology/centering-pregnancy/
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MossRehab Running Clinic
As proven by the 40,000 runnners who lace up their sneakers for the 10 mile Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia every year, long distance running as a source or recreation, competition and exercise is more popular than ever. And with all those miles logged come a variety of running-specific injuries such as Runner's Knee, Plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, Achilles tendonosis, lower back pain, Lliotibial band syndrome, hamstring strain and hip pain that need an in-depth evaluation and treatment by a clinical team specializing in running injuries. The MossRehab Running Clinic at the Elkins Park campus is comprised of physical therapists who specialize in running injuries. From elite athletes to novice runners alike, the Running Clinic evaluates, treats and educates runners on how to reach their highest level of performance, avoid injury, or recover from one. MossRehab clinicians utilize the most current evidence-based treatment and technology to keep a runner on their feet, including a comprehensive evaluation including musculoskeletal examination, detailed medical and running history, biomechanical analysis and video gait analysis. But by far, the most popular and sought after piece of technology used at the MossRehab Running Clinic is the AlterG Antigravity Treadmill, which reduces gravity's impact while running. The runner/patient steps into an air-tight chamber that seals around their hips. The chamber is then filled with air, supporting the runner/patient's body weight to varying percentages, allowing them to run with their normal gait even if they have an injury that wouldn't ordinarily be able to take the stress or support the load of their body while running. "The AlterG (Antigravity Treadmill) is an amazing piece of equipment," said MossRehab Running Clinic Physical Therapist John Feeley, himself a runner who has trained elite, world-class Olympic runners. "It's used in United States Olympic Training Centers, and by teams in the NBA, NCAA, NFL and MLB. And we have it right here for all of our patients and Running Clinic participants. Whether you're an elite athlete or a weekend warrior who wants to get back to running, we give you equal access to the Alter G and our expertise." - See more at: http://einstein.wsoldev.com/news/mossrehab-running-clinic-allows-runners-to-keep-running-while-recovering-from-injuries/#sthash.TLBMOypv.dpuf
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Cancer Survivors Day Celebration 2013
National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual celebration of life, strength and courage. On this day, we pause to pay tribute to the estimated 12 million Americans who are surviving cancer to spread the message that life after a cancer diagnosis can be a reality. Every day, courageous survivors walk the halls at Einstein Healthcare Network. The physicians and staff of the Einstein Cancer Center are honored to be a part of their lives and celebrate their successes. In honor of Einstein's fifth annual Cancer Survivors Day Celebration, patients Michael Wilkerson, Leslie Wilson and Henry Witherspoon share their remarkable stories about what it means to be a survivor. Their tales truly embody the theme of this year's celebration, Surviving and Thriving: Invigorating Your Mind, Body and Soul. Learn more about Einstein's cancer treatment: http://www.einstein.edu/cancer/
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Spike Eskin on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill at MossRehab
Spike Eskin, Sportsradio 94 WIP Program Director, tries out the anti-gravity treadmill at MossRehab. Even though he looks like a young man, Spike says he "feels like an old man" due to a lifetime of injuries. The experts at MossRehab evaluate his run and provide suggestions to safely increase his activity level. The MossRehab Running Clinic is comprised of physical therapists who specialize in running injuries. From elite athletes to novice runners alike, we evaluate, treat and educate runners how to reach their highest level of performance. MossRehab clinicians utilize the most current evidence-based treatment and technology to optimize your return to running. More information about the MossRehab Running Clinic: http://ow.ly/XTWPT
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Stroke Rehabilitation at MossRehab
Experiencing a stroke at any level of severity is life-altering, not just for patients but for the people who love and care for them. At MossRehab, we understand deeply the challenges facing patients and their families entering stroke treatment and rehabilitation. On average, our specialists have helped more survivors of stroke achieve better results than other rehabilitation facilities in the Philadelphia region. Our multidisciplinary expertise, coupled with some of the most innovative technology available, empowers our team to make perceptive evaluations, create targeted treatment plans and set ambitious goals for recovery.
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Virtual Reality Test for Hemispatial Neglect Patients
Dr. Laurel Buxbaum and her team at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute have developed a new, improved for testing patients for hemispatial neglect after a stroke. In collaboration with MossRehab, patients are now being assessed with this virtual reality test and treated accordingly.
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MossRehab Overview
A look at why MossRehab is ranked among the best physical rehab facilities in the U.S.
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This Hockey Goalie Redefined What It Means To Win - Einstein Heart & Vascular: Cardiology
Peter is a lifelong ice hockey player who believes you never quit in the middle of a game, no matter what. So when his chest felt tight and he struggled for breath in the third period of a game, the 47-year-old kept on playing. After going into cardiac arrest, quick work by Dr. Khalid Chaudhry and his interventional cardiology team at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia saved his life. See More At: Einstein.edu/MoreThanMedicine
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Dr. Esquenazi: Sophisticated Technology & Prosthetics
Sophisticated computer technology allows experts at MossRehab to analyze movement and assess how patients are progressing through rehabilitation. Dr. Alberto Esquenazi, Chief Medical Officer at MossRehab and pioneer in the world of amputee rehab and prosthetics, talks to CBS Philly's health reporter Stephanie Stahl. From the Einstein Science Center, they discuss the incredible new things patients can do with the help of advanced technology and prosthetics. STEM skills are the key to the jobs of the future. The advances we make are changing lives every day. Help the kids in your life lead the way. Learn more at http://cbsphilly.com/ScienceCenter
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MossRehab patient Dan Webb demonstrates ReWalk for international delegation of doctors
On Monday, April 23, 2012 Einstein Healthcare Network hosted an international delegation of doctors and healthcare providers who toured Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, our new Einstein Medical Center Montgomery and MossRehab, where they watched spinal cord injury patient Dan Webb demonstrate ReWalk--a robotic system that allows those who are paraplegic to walk.
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Why Don't Diets Work?
Registered dietitian explains why diets don't work. Learn what can really make a lasting difference to lose weight and stay health.
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Einstein Healthcare Network's  Einstein Society Provides Seed Money for Innovative Medicine
Albert Einstein Society (AES) was started over forty years ago by a dedicated group of philanthropists. Through the creation of AES, visionaries from the Einstein community are identified and encouraged to make breakthrough advancements. Awarded through a competitive grant process open to all departments throughout the network, grants from AES are allocated equally between cutting-edge research projects and innovative programs. The generosity of our donors has provided more than $8 million in seed money to Einstein Healthcare Network physicians and staff to explore new ideas in the laboratory, the hospital and the community. The reach of an AES funded project is often far greater than the project itself. Results of a project may provide pilot data for future grant opportunities or act as seed money for program development. Other projects have proven so beneficial that they are incorporated into the operating budgets of the Network. Through membership to AES, you are directly enhancing the network's ability to provide the most intelligent and responsive healthcare possible. Want to contribute to the Einstein Society? Use this link: https://advance.einstein.edu/sslpage.aspx?pid=505
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Dr. Arnie Cohen Talks About New OB/GYN Facilities At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
Dr. Arnie Cohen, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology for Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, talks about the new OB/GYN facilities at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery in East Norriton which opens in September. The new birthing facility features private rooms with designated areas for caregivers, mothers, and family and loved ones, private bathrooms with showers, wifi, flatscreen TVs, places for loved ones/partners to sleep so they can stay with the mother and baby, beautiful views of a farm with rolling, swaying pastures and high tech medical instruments and technology. Learn more at EinsteinMontgomery.com
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Inside Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
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Inside MossRehab's Advanced Robotics
From the Andago supported walking therapy device to the Lokomat treadmill therapy to the ReWalk robotic exoskeleton, MossRehab is leading the way with the treatments and therapies of the future.
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Be Safe: Walk Like A Penguin
It seems the start of the winter season is officially upon us. With this, of course, comes snow, ice, and other inclement weather. Einstein Healthcare Network's Slips, Tips, and Falls Committee has come up with a short video that reminds employees, patients, and visitors how to stay safe this winter by walking like a penguin.
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Mirror Therapy Research
Dr. Steven Jax of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute discusses his latest research to determine whether mirror therapy in the home setting is an effective method of therapy for stoke patients after they have completed their inpatient and outpatient therapy. Learn more - http://mrri.org/perceptual-motor-control-laboratory/ More about Dr. Jax - http://mrri.org/people/steven-jax/
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MossRehab Patient Success Story - Thomas Smith
MossRehab patient Thomas Smith conquered many challenges caused by a traumatic brain injury. He now lives independently and enjoys an active lifestyle. www.mossrehab.com
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Meet Lisa Jablon, MD
Meet Lisa Jablon, MD. She is Director of Einstein’s Breast Health Program and leads the breast surgical team at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. A gifted surgeon, she practices the latest surgical techniques including skin sparing mastectomy and sentinel node biopsies. More about Dr. Jablon: https://www.einstein.edu/physician/lisa-jablon-525
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Emergency Medicine Residency - Albert Einstein Medical Center
Albert Einstein Medical Center has the busiest Emergency Department in Philadelphia, and its residency program exposes young physicians to diverse and challenging learning opportunities. Leaders of the program talk about what new residents can expect. http://www.einstein.edu/education
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Albert Einstein Healthcare Network - "To Your Health"
Albert Einstein Healthcare Network's TV ads for NBC10 http://www.einstein.edu
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Dr. Jean Watson Talks About Einstein Healthcare's Watson Caring Science Institute Affiliation
Einstein Healthcare Network has been selected as an affiliate of the Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) in recognition of Einstein's leadership in demonstrating a Caring Science model for staff and patients, family and community. The goal of the Watson Caring Science Institute is to transform the dominant model of medical science to a model of Caring Science by reintroducing the ethic of caring and love (caritas), necessary for healing. Approximately 500 hospitals across the country have adopted Watson's Theory of Human Caring as a framework for practice, but only seven have been specifically designated as a WCSI Affiliate. The Einstein network is the first hospital in the Philadelphia area to become a WCSI Affiliate. The Theory of Human Caring Science was founded in 1979 by Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, a professor at the University of Colorado, Denver College of Nursing. The theory emphasizes the humanistic aspects of nursing in combination with scientific knowledge. The Theory of Human Caring consists of 10 basic ideas Dr. Watson calls the caritas processes (Caritas is Latin for charity or altruistic love). The primary directions for nurses include "practice loving kindness," "develop helping-trusting-caring relationships," and "use creative scientific problem-solving methods for caring decision making." The premise is that the nurse's role is to establish a caring relationship with patients, treat patients as holistic beings (body, mind and spirit), and display unconditional acceptance. As a Watson Caring Science Institute affiliate, customized programs and projects can be developed and implemented in partnership with Dr. Jean Watson and faculty from the Institute assist and support in developing clinical/professional, educational and leadership programs. "We chose Watson's theory because it reflects what our nurses have always practiced," says Mary Beth Kingston, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Chief Nurse Executive for Einstein Healthcare Network. This theory complements our core values and commitment to patient respect, dignity and clinical excellence and offers a solid framework for nursing care." "I particularly like the emphasis on the healing that happens when nurses take time with their patients to listen and connect with them on an emotional level," adds Ms. Kingston.
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Can sex cause an aneurysm?
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Why Second Chances Matter - Einstein Heart and Vascular: Heart Surgery
Joan and her husband joke all the time, he could never take care of her daughters the way she does. When she had a cardiac event, she knew she had to pull through- for her girls. Here’s her story. See More At: Einstein.edu/MoreThanMedicine I work as a nurse and, as a parent to two girls, I was always on the move. I even worked out three days a week. But at 48, I was diagnosed with hypertension. I took medicine for the hypertension, and was monitored by my family doctor, and I felt fine. Shortly after I turned 50, I went to bed with a bad headache. The next morning, I bent over and I felt stabbing pains in my chest that shot into my head. I screamed for my daughter to call 911. Paramedics took me to the nearest hospital, where I took nitroglycerin, I had an EKG and a CT-scan. Doctors were not sure about my condition and ordered an ultrasound. They thought they saw a tear in my aorta. I don’t know why Dr. Figueredo, an Einstein cardiologist, was in the emergency room of this hospital, but he called Dr. Anderson, a cardiologist at Einstein, to check my ultrasound. Dr. Anderson said, ‘Get her here [to Einstein] right away.’ Dr. Anderson operated seven hours and placed a graft over the tear to protect my aorta. After surgery, he told me ‘I fixed you!’ I was in the hospital five days after my surgery. Nurses were at my side 24/7. They talked about diet, exercise, and possible warning signs. The physical therapist got me out of bed the day after surgery and had me walking in the hallway. It was hard, but it was the best thing for me. With all the care from my doctors, anesthesiologist, perfusionist, nurses, physical therapist, and my husband, who actually works at Einstein, I was walking outside in two weeks. I am working again, driving my girls everywhere, and working out. I do get short of breath walking up steps and still take medication for hypertension. But life is back to normal. Because of Einstein’s care, I wake up every day and thank God I am still here and can enjoy my family. JoAnn Weber, 52, wife of Einstein’s chief perfusionist, mother of two girls and one maltipoo.
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MossRehab staff talk about what they like about their workplace
In March, 2012, MossRehab--a physical and cognitive rehabilitation facility in Philadelphia (and part of the Einstein Health Network)--was recognized as a "Top Workplace" by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com... ...for the second year in a row. Some MossRehab staff tells us what they like about working at MossRehab in this short video. See the MossRehab "Top Workplace" profile here: http://philly.topworkplaces.com/index.php/company/mossrehab_philly
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Meet Dr. Christopher Scaven
Christopher Scaven, DO is a family medicine physician at Einstein Healthcare Network. Learn more about Dr. Scaven -- http://www.einstein.edu/physician/christopher-scaven-658
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Einstein Healthcare Network FastCare Clinic
Furthering its mission to provide quality health care for as many people as we can reach, Einstein is proud to announce a new walk-in clinic, in the Cheltenham section of Philadelphia. Einstein's FastCare clinic offers healthcare services from Einstein professionals to anyone who visits our clinic, whether they are an Einstein patient or not - including on weekends. Visits to our clinic cost $57. You do not need insurance to receive services at the clinic. If you do have insurance, we will bill your insurance company for covered services. Some of the services FastCare provides, such as pre-employment, sports and driver's license physicals, are not covered by insurance. Convenient Location and Hours Brown's ShopRite 2385 Cheltenham Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Holidays (except Christmas): 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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Einstein's Dr. Sumeet Mainigi Discusses Irregular Heartbeat  on "The 10! Show"
Dr. Sumeet Mainigi of Philadelphia's Albert Einstein Healthcare Network sat down with the 10! Show team to discuss how an irregular heartbeat may be a sign of dangerous heart disease and the importance of seeing a board-certified electrophysiologist. http://www.einstein.edu
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