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Pool Fun!
I hope you enjoyed the video please like and subscribe and comment down below if you enjoyed the video! This was so fun to make and please subscribe whenever we get to 100 subscribers we will be doing a giveaway!
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The drawling contest
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Water Bottle Flipping
I hope you enjoyed this video of us Bottle Flipping! my friend did not want to show her face in this video so I blacked it out. The question of the day is... What is your favorite water Bottle flip we did?
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The blindfold touch my body challenge
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My Morning Routine ( New Intro )
I hope you enjoyed this video! Please like, subscribe, and, comment below! Tell me if you have a different morning routine than me and what other videos you want me to do! I love you guys! Byeeeeee!
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Sliding Down A Cardboard Slide?!?!
I hope you guys enjoyed the video! It was pretty short, but please subscribe!Tell me what other videos I should do in the comments below!
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