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Kangaroos Mating
In This video we will Show you Kangaroos Mating in Port Macquarie
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How Two Birds are Mating in My Drive way?
we will show you in this video how 2 birds are Mating up My Drive way
Просмотров: 1488119 John Ifergan
Steven Khalils Amazing Wedding Dress And Wild Wedding
in this video we will show the a glimpse into the Amazing Dress Steven Khalil Did on the 27th November In Dural Sydney and the Wild wedding
Просмотров: 353 John Ifergan
The Moments That Australia Won the Asian Cup
In this video i will show live footage of Australia’s last moments in the game against S Korea as Australia win the Asian Cup after Extra time and The euphoria that erupts in ANZ stadium amazing the best 2 min you will ever see. This is for Eddie McGuire that called The Asian cup a Lemon
Просмотров: 578 John Ifergan
Warning Scams On Gumtree/Ebay/Paypal/Craiglist
in this video we will show you a scam that was aimed at me this is a warning so you don't fall for this type of scam please share to your friends so you wont get scammed. for more Details message me
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