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Assa Cica - Vi Djin Vê
From his self-titled album (1982) Eddy'Son Records (Benin) ‎– LIR 25 Composed by Assa-Cica (aka Agadja Kpodan Michel dit Assa Cica) Not currently available in any format High quality rip available for download at ORO Blog - http://orogod.blogspot.com/2010/12/assa-cica-1982.html (Note: Excellent African Music blog, but not mine)
Просмотров: 34158 Carl Howard
Midas Touch - Sulphur Flowers
From Standard Music Library (UK) - ESL 128 - "The Heavy Group Activity / The Light Group Activity" (1974) Midas Touch, whose albums appeared on the Standard, Peer International, Joseph Weinberger and Programme Music Production Library labels between 1974 and 1980, featured Dave Richmond, Harry Rabinowitz, Martin Kershaw, and Ronald Verrell (or Harold Fisher). The track is described on the album as "Medium Tempo, Wild and Freaky."
Просмотров: 1894 Carl Howard
Pierre Alain Dahan & Mat Camison - Auto Rytmiques
A sweet acid fantasy groove from two early stalwarts of the French Tele Music Production Library Music stable. From "Rythmiques" - Tele Music ‎Records - TM 3037 (France, 1972) Composition credited to Dahan & Michel Pierre Henri Gonet (both SACEM)
Просмотров: 1518 Carl Howard
Gianni Safred And His Electronic Instruments - City Problems
From Music Scene - MSE 126 - "Electronic Designs" Italy, 197x Information: http://www.discogs.com/Gianni-Safred-And-His-Electronic-Instruments-Electronic-Designs/release/2648173
Просмотров: 1057 Carl Howard
Vladimír Popelka (Владимир Попелка) - Den Svatební (Wedding Day)
From the album, April Orchestra Vol. 28 - "Présente Florilege De La Musique Contemporaine Tchecoslovaque" CBS Records (France) - APR 28 (1978) Composer: Vladimír Popelka (Владимир Попелка - OSA)
Просмотров: 2047 Carl Howard
Legendary Pink Dots - Black Highway
From "Ancient Daze" (1997) Originally from "Kleine Krieg" (1981)
Просмотров: 1739 Carl Howard
Fabio Fabor - Telegraph Center
From the Production Library album "Ballabili "anni 70" (Underground)" Fonit Records Series Usignolo - B81 (1970s) Described by the label as "Beat molto veloce con basso ostinato per tutto il brano" or "Very fast beat with ostinato bass throughout the song" Composer - Fabio Fabor Borgazzi (SIAE)
Просмотров: 2201 Carl Howard
XTC - No Thugs In Our House (Kid Jensen Show, Jan 1982).qt
XTC - No Thugs In Our House (Kid Jensen Show, Jan 1982).qt
Просмотров: 1216 Carl Howard
Miki Antony & Tom Parker - Portugalia
Miki Anthony & Tom Parker - Portugalia from "Heavy Rock" Bruton Music Library (UK) - BRH 02 1978
Просмотров: 2581 Carl Howard
Mike Hankinson - Phase Out (1972).qt
Mike Hankinson - Phase Out (1972).qt
Просмотров: 2846 Carl Howard
Peter Reno - Lugar (from Z Patrol - De Wolfe 3049 - 1967).qt
Peter Reno - Lugar (from Z Patrol - De Wolfe 3049 - 1967).qt
Просмотров: 1922 Carl Howard
Johnny Hawksworth - Call Up
From "Mood Movements - Nationalistic" Johnny Hawksworth / Glen Somers / Reg Owen Conroy Records / Berry Music ‎-- BMLP 095 (1972) Despite its early 1970s publication date, the sound and style are distinctly that of the industrial style British mid 1960s, before the Library labels recognized the new styles of the day, and rock music in particular. The recording is clearly mono even though it was included on a stereo recording with later efforts by the other named composers. I would date the actual composition to either 1965 or 1966. See the album's Discogs info page: http://www.discogs.com/Johnny-Hawksworth-Glen-Somers-Reg-Owen-Untitled/release/3495790
Просмотров: 1537 Carl Howard
Lee Mason - Rubber Solution (1972).qt
Lee Mason - Rubber Solution (1972).qt
Просмотров: 2856 Carl Howard
Gerry Butler - Where the Action Is
From The Syd Dale Orchestra album, "Where The Action Is" Amphonic Music Ltd. ‎– AMPS 120 (UK, 1977) Gerry Butler (PRS) Track described by Amphonic as "Funky Brass and Strings, Catchy, Purposeful, Lively." Tempo described as "Medium - Fast"
Просмотров: 618 Carl Howard
Stelvio Cipriani - Over Drive (from CAM CmL 007  - 1972).qt
A stunning CAM Library release, titled ''Urgent - Obscure - Distressing - Thrilling - Agitated (No. 1)'' which also includes selections by Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovaioli, Gianni Ferrio, and others... including maestro Ennio Morricone.
Просмотров: 5271 Carl Howard
Cabaret Voltaire - Hey Hey
From the album "Code" (1986) Not included on the original vinyl version
Просмотров: 2069 Carl Howard
A Certain Ratio I Feel 1979
From "The Graveyard And The Ballroom" Originally Factory Records - FACT 16 (cassette in plastic pouch) Reissued in 2004 as Universal Sound - US CD 20 Engineered on Graveyard Studios 4 track, Prestwich; September 15/16, 1979. Published by M24J Music. Written by Donald Johnson/Jeremy "Jez" Kerr/Martin Moscrop/Peter Terrell/Simon Topping
Просмотров: 1766 Carl Howard
Stephen Mallinder - The Devil in Me
Originally from "Pow Wow" (Fetish Records FM 2010, 1982) Reissued as "Pow Wow Plus" (Doublevision Records DVR 16, 1985 and The Grey Area/Mute Records, MAL 1 CD)
Просмотров: 1262 Carl Howard
Attilio Donadio - Grand Prix
From Music Scene Records MSE 142 - Attilio Donadio - "Saxorama - The Multi Sax of Attilio Donadio" (Italy, 1971) Composed by Attilio Donadio (SIAE)
Просмотров: 635 Carl Howard
Gerd Kocek - Twisted Soul (From Harmonic CBW 639, 1971).qt
Gerd Kocek - Twisted Soul (From Harmonic CBW 639, 1971).qt
Просмотров: 385 Carl Howard
Leo Afzelius - Beat in Concert
Released on "Pop Spectrum" - Studio G Records (UK) - LPSG 3001 Volume 3 (1976) Leo Afzelius was an alias of Timothy Kjell Cross (PRS)
Просмотров: 610 Carl Howard
Roberto Conrado   Pledge
From "Bass Modulations" by Roberto Conrado & Piero Montanari - Octopus Records OTP 0291 (Italy, 1973) The track appears on the "Flipper Psychout" compilation, but this is its original source. Thank you to faslimy for sending me the rip!
Просмотров: 1347 Carl Howard
Section 25   Wretch
From "The Key Of Dreams" - Factory Benelux Records (Belgium) ‎-- FBN 14 Reissued in 1991 by Le Temps Modernes (UK) - LTMCD 2310 RIP Larry Cassidy
Просмотров: 644 Carl Howard
Le Groupe X ‎– Frrrrrigidaire
Title track of a frightfully obscure album on the Italian Cipiti Record label from 1973. Catalog no. C.P.T. LP OK 5 All compositions written & arranged by Gianluigi Pezzera (SIAE), Published By La Volpe, Design & photo Gianni Guidi. Fold out 'gimmix' sleeve!
Просмотров: 408 Carl Howard
Johnny Hawksworth - Cause & Effect (1976)
From Major/Thomas J. Valentino Records - #6094 Composer: Johnny Hawksworth (APRA)
Просмотров: 454 Carl Howard
Celebrity Symphony Orchestra - Poison Pen
From "Circle Of Danger" - Hudson Record Co./Music De Wolfe - DW 2510 (undated, early 1950s) Composed by H. M. Farrar (Henry Murgatroyd Farrar) De Wolfe Library Music from long before the Age of Cool. Original 10" 78 rpm disc.
Просмотров: 117 Carl Howard
Beckett & Howard - Break Out
From "Nice & Mean!" - Chappell Recorded Music Library ‎– LPC 1090 (1979) Composed by Jeremy Beckett & Nicholas Patrick Howard (both PRS) Described by the label as "12-string guitars over sustained haunting synthesizer (47 secs.) lead into dramatic theme mainly on synthesizers. Slow build-up to 2'07", then quiet bridge and and repeat of main theme at 2'20" building steadily to 3'19', from there subsidizing to gradual fade-out."
Просмотров: 174 Carl Howard
Attrition - Dreamtime Collector
From "The Jeopardy Maze" album (1999). A dark and creative twist on our old friend, the 3/4 waltz.
Просмотров: 632 Carl Howard
Danny Edwardson & Seamus Sell  Stuck In
From "Rock On" - KPM Production Music Library - KPM 1196 (1977)
Просмотров: 1274 Carl Howard
The Battered Ornaments   Living Life Backwards
EMI/Harvest Records single HAR 5008 (UK, 1969) Reissued with "Mantle-Piece" album by Repertoire Records REP 4405-WY (UK, 1994) The Battered Ornaments were an ambitious rock band put together by lyricist Pete Brown, known for writing many of Cream's songs with Jack Bruce, after that group broke up. Organized in 1969, The Battered Ornaments featured Brown on vocals and trumpet, Graham Layden (vocals), Chris Spedding (guitar), Charlie Hart (organ, violin), George Khan (sax), Butch Potter (bass), Rob Tait (drums), and Pete Bailey (percussion). Layden was an early casualty. The group released an initial LP, "A Meal You Can Shake Hands With in the Dark," credited to Pete Brown and His Battered Ornaments, and completed a second, "Mantle-piece," before Brown left in a dispute with Spedding. Brown's vocals were then wiped off "Mantle-Piece" and replaced. The group continued until Spedding's departure for a solo career.
Просмотров: 525 Carl Howard
Joe Haider - Trouble
From the album "Drama in Rhythm" C. Brull Ltd. Harmonic Mood Music Library, UK (CBW 637, 1971) Described on the sleeve as "Driving Theme - Guitar, later on sax medium tempo." Composer: Joe Haider (GEMA) Found at Progressive Reviews blog
Просмотров: 522 Carl Howard
The Flamingo Group featuring Marie Rottrová & Petr Němec - The Weight
Lyrics altered due to bad transcription of the original. Of particular delight is "Take a load off Franny. Take a load of free." Supraphon Records (Czechoslovakia) 1971 ‎– 1113 1024 More information at http://www.discogs.com/Flamingo-Group-The-Featuring-Marie-Rottrov%C3%A1-Petr-N%C4%9Bmec-This-Is-Our-Soul/release/2203948
Просмотров: 1101 Carl Howard
Simon Gale & His Music   Disbelieve Me If You Must
Apollo Sound Library (UK) APSCD 217 - Cut Television Tunes
Просмотров: 638 Carl Howard
Laurent Voulzy - Qx VII
From Standard Music Library - ESL 134 - "Activity / Travel - Dramatic" (UK, 1975) Laurent (aka Lucien) Voulzy Born December 18, 1948 in Paris, France Track described by the label as "Slow theme over urgent percussive rhythm."
Просмотров: 819 Carl Howard
Cabaret Voltaire - Empty Walls (1982).qt
Cabaret Voltaire - Empty Walls (1982).qt
Просмотров: 1416 Carl Howard
George Atwell - Just A Volunteer 1
Fully fledged New Wave pop song buried in the middle of a 1984 Canadian Parry Music Library album named "Rock Concert," composed by George Atwell (SOCAN) with no credit given to the female singer. The rear of the sleeve describes the track as "Medium fast - female vocal with lyrics - clavinet - synthesizer - electric guitars - drums - fade ending." In far more typical fashion, "Just a Volunteer 2" is simply the same tune with the vocal track stripped out, which I will not be uploading because in truth, there's nothing really spectacular about either version. It's just another curio for the always-mysterious world of Library Music.
Просмотров: 114 Carl Howard
Orchestre Tany Turens ‎– Gold Music (1975)
Composed by George Alco (aka Albert Cohen - SACEM) Appears on both "Top Instrumental Music 8" - E.C.A.P. Records ‎- E 3008 (France) and "Rockin' In Rhythm" - Regency Line Records - RL 1021 (UK)
Просмотров: 225 Carl Howard
The Barry Forgie Orchestra - Declamation (1971)
Peer International Library Records (UK) - PIL 9008 Southern Library Of Recorded Music (US) - MQ/LP 9008 and Olympo Records (Spain) - L-61 Composed by Barry Forgie (PRS)
Просмотров: 2529 Carl Howard
Ennio Morricone - Passione e Misticismo
From "Noi Lazzaroni" (Original TV Soundtrack - 1978) Originally CAM Records - SAG 9086 Remastered and reissued in 2009 as Digitmovies ‎CDDM127
Просмотров: 454 Carl Howard
Peter Milray - Speed Merchant
From the album "Nomination" by Peter Milray & Karl Jenkins (1976) Music De Wolfe (UK) - DWS/LP 3345 Composer: Peter Milray (aka Jan Stoeckart - BUMA) Described on the album cover as "Fast, Driving, Dramatic"
Просмотров: 367 Carl Howard
Teddy Lasry - Accusation
From "Interpol" - Sonimage Records - SI 825 (France, 1979) Composer: Teddy Lasry (SACEM)
Просмотров: 812 Carl Howard
Jack Trombey - Industrial Movement (De Wolfe, 1966).qt
Jack Trombey - Industrial Movement (De Wolfe, 1966).qt
Просмотров: 1300 Carl Howard
Lee Mason and His Orchestra - Flying High
From "Music By Lee Mason" - Chappell Recorded Music Library ‎– LPC 1051 (UK, 1972) Composer: Lee Mason (PRS) Track described on the album as "Fast punchy theme by big band featuring brass and strong rhythm"
Просмотров: 1178 Carl Howard
Syd Dale - Gang Warfare
From a 1966 untitled 10" Production Library album on the Impress label - IA 379 Composer: Syd Dale (PRS) Publisher: Inter-Art Music Co., Ltd.
Просмотров: 1455 Carl Howard
Johnny Pearson - The Original Choggle Choggle
From "Sweet Groove" (KPM 1078, 1970) KPM Music Library, UK Composer: John Valmore Pearson (PRS) Described by the label as "Amusing Light Movement" in a classic bit of British understatement.
Просмотров: 155 Carl Howard
Charlie Steinmann Orchestra - Milky Day
C. Brull/Harmonic Records (UK) - CBG 673 Composed by Heinz Kiessling (GEMA) Described by Brilliant-Musik Library (Germany) as "Funky rhythm, funny trumpet theme, animals, zoo"
Просмотров: 870 Carl Howard
Tom Manoff - Rock Chorale
From Thomas J. Valentino/Major Records Library - TJV 6076 (1973) Described by the label as "Hard rock styling with various orchestration and finishes with a rock ballad." Isn't that nice?
Просмотров: 598 Carl Howard
Pierre Cavalli - Plant a Seed
From the album "The Fantastic Guitar Sound Of..." Joker Records ‎– SM 3478 (Italy, 1973) Composed by Pierre Cavalli (SUISA)
Просмотров: 1353 Carl Howard
London Studio Sound -- Percussionarius IV.qt
London Studio Sound -- Percussionarius IV.qt
Просмотров: 1511 Carl Howard
Jacky Giordano - Eaglet
From "Rythmes Et Mélodies" - Sonimage Records - SI 811 (France, 1973) Compositions on this album are split between Jacky Giordano and Francis Personne. Giordano's compositions have the same feel of having been recorded in a too-small room that his albums on the Freesound label had. This composition by Giordano (SACEM).
Просмотров: 1081 Carl Howard