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Robin Willims - Golf (full version)
The funniest clip of his I've ever seen!
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Alec Balwin phone call to daughter
Alec Balwin phone call to daughter.
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chaiyya chaiyya
Opening song for the movie "Inside Man" and from the movie Di Se. I love this song. If anyone has the words in American please let me know?
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Rocky Horror VS Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Best Drew Carey Episode ever!
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The Evolution Of Dance
Judson Laipply doing one of the funniest skit on stage I have ever seen!
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Queen - I'm going slightly mad
One of queens last video's. Freddy was pretty sick at the time, but like a trooper, he got up there and had fun with this one.
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Polar Bears At The Pittsburgh Zoo
Two twin polar bears at the Pittsburgh Zoo wrestling. Took this at our last trip.
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airline pilot
a classic
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Bob - the groundhog
Meet Bob. This fella resides at South Park in Pittsburgh Pa. Nothing bashfull about him.
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HUGE catfish
Took this at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
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el condor pasa
Simon and Garfunkles best
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Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium-Nurse Shark and others
Took this at the PPG aquarium in Pittsburgh. It's a really nice zoo and aquarium. This video is in the two story aquarium. My favorite, the nurse sharks, moves so gracefully.
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Gummy Bear Song
The gummy bear song!
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Mouse Final
Cute video. Can't remember the dudes name that did this as his final project for college. He has a website online of his work. He's gone on to do some great things. As soon as I have time to look it up, I'll come back and leave his website address.
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ufo over the dominican republic
This was taken on the same night of the Haiti video over the Dominican Republic, August 6th. I gotta admit, it looks dang good. :D
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Fish Swimming AT South Park
I wanna jump in and get these fella's to release them somewhere else.
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Cute widdle otter at Pittsbugh zoo
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My Kitty Parker Spazing
Playing with my cat with his favorite toy, a rope.
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sea lions-Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
Sea lions as seen in the tunnel. It was really crowded that day and hard to get a decent angle. I'll never go again on Sunday. The best days are Monday-Thursday. I went in the rain once and had the zoo almost to myself. :P
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