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Tommy is Wasted!!!
After a night of drinking we have a little chat with our roommate Tom @ 2:30 in the morning
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Batter Up!
Man vs Hanging Exit Sign ...... it was already broken!
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Little Boy Sexology 101 - Video of Us Going to Hell Pt1
a little conversation about what may or may not be going on in the next room. Also there are tangents and it justs gets really ridiculous
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Miguel Takes Viagra
plain and simple. Miguel takes viagra on thursdays apparently.
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Joe is Sex & Drugs & House!
He can give you sex He can give you drugs But most of all he can give you HOUSE!
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Miguel Drunk
Intoxication And he's about to get naked apparently
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Ride The Lambo (Porche actually)
........... Hands off the car!
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Anthony Slammed by Mattress
Poor Anthony all snuggled in bed when a mattress comes out of nowhere, poor guy (Crappy quality)
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