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COD 4 is beautiful (AK47/DesertEagle Reload)
Finally downloaded Sony Vegas after 5 years away, thought I'd do a quick project. Song: Pyramid Scheme Feat. Trinidad James - Cut it up Pyramid Scheme: https://twitter.com/PyramidSchemedm
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20 Second Ace (4v4 EU GB Match)
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L96A1 - Black Ops 1
Procrastination at it's finest
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Monsters - MW2 OCE
Quick procrastination project when I should be revising again..
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song - Intro
very basic intro. Song: Lemaitre - Strobes pt.2
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viv3 | contest Entry
Im not very happy with it! Lost all motivation when my pc deleted my full 2 minutes one! Oh well Hope you like!
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lul butterflaay
Don't take it to seriously, for some editing cintest which is closed and i dont remember the channel, so this aint my clips!
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Pr baseq / Intro
quite shit lol, my teeth hurt!
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6 Man Kill Feed :: Black Ops
how to kill the whole team in under ten seconds? :)
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Chilled Edit.
Edit: 25 Minutes Render: 3 Minutes Sorry For it being so short and bad, i just wnted to upload somthing! And also i m editing three people montages atm so yeaah. Dont bother disliking please?
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fuzi8n edit.
First real edit, would be nice if the clipw as 60Fps but oh well. Twixtor bit sloppy but hey! Countsructive comments on how i could improve!
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Hit This! :: Ep.1
just a little series i thought i would makee .
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Intro for my editing team. http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePearEdits Sub up (;
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EASY by SONG (GB SND Minitage)
Sorry for shit quality clips, just wanted to edit and these were the only ones I have saved from Game Battles. All cips from 4v4's or 3v3's. Enjoy, -Crombey
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