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Melissa - Cushing's Symptoms & Diagnosis
Following law school Melissa started to notice changes in her weight and was really exhausted all of the time. She met with her primary care physician, gynecologist, and an endocrinologist to discuss her symptoms and run some tests, but ultimately nothing was found. It wasn't until she did some of her own research that she stumbled upon something called Cushing's syndrome. Watch Melissa tell her story about the symptoms she experienced, and her struggles for a diagnosis.
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Philip - Living with Cushing's Syndrome
Philip's story is very similar to others that have been diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome. He had difficulty in getting diagnosed, and following surgery his symptoms slowly started to reappear. Watch Philip describe how Cushing's syndrome has affected his life and the struggle of being re-diagnosed.
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Renée - Cushing's After a Failed Surgery
After meeting with several endocrinologists and internists, Renée was finally diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome. Three months later she would have surgery, and would immediately know that it didn't work. She couldn't get out of bed and felt the same, if not worse than before undergoing surgery. Watch Renée tell her story about diagnosis and her unsuccessful surgery.
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