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Aussie Yobbo Update
Aussie Yobbo Update
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Aussie Yobbos First Workout Since Chemotherapy
Squats First Exercise Stronger Then I Thought.
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Ausssi Yobbo In Hospital
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Aussie Yobbo UpDate
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Aussie Yoboo Is Back
yes Due To Popular Demand We Are back
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Thailand Pattaya & Philippines Q & A
Hi guys going a live test with google hangouts on air Anyone Who Wants to Join Me in Chat Let Me now Happy to have youtube celebrities on
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Manila Night Life June 2018
Night Trike Ride In A Very Wet Manila
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The Oarhouse Pub of Manila Best Fish & Chips In The Philippines
At The Oarhpuse Pub Malate Manila Address: 1688 B, Jorge Jorge Bocobo St, Malate, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines Opens 6 Pm Closes 2 Am
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Last Night & The Ordeal Getting To The Oarhouse Pub of Manila
Waiting to get dinner over an hour before we get feed
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Cancer Workout Rehabilitation Routine
Just thought I would publish the weight training routine I'll be doing for the next 3 months follow my progress as I recover from chemotherapy hopefully there won't be any more.
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