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Every Shy Man Should Watch This
If you want to be confident with any woman, you must do 1 thing - stop trying to be liked. Watch this video to learn Why.
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Sexual Performance Anxiety = Desire For Guaranteed Result
Sexual Performance Anxiety or a Psychological Erectile Dysfunction. ↓↓↓ GET MY LATEST EBOOK ↓↓↓ "Sexual Performance Anxiety:How Desire To Be Liked Is Leading Men Towards Psychological Erectile Dysfunction (Mental Impotence)" by Leon Miklai GET THIS EBOOK BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK: http://a.co/a6Wc9R9 ↓↓↓ GET MY PREVIOUS EBOOK ↓↓↓ Download "Basic Instinct Formula" now . You can download it for by following this link: https://gumroad.com/l/eBJVT/25OFF ---------------------------- Many men with Sexual Anxiety are in a constant loop of thoughts like "what if i will not be able to get an erection". Sometimes it causes these men to sabotage their relationship with women. When they know that things are leading to sex, they start acting indifferent towards a woman they actually like, and breakup with them. And they do that only to avoid a sexual anxiety. Men with sexual anxiety look for an absolute guarantee that they will be able to get an erection when the time is right. And that deep desire for a guaranteed result is causing them to feel anxiety. The desire for a guaranteed erection is the cause for sexual anxiety. And when a person feels anxiety, he cannot, or it is very hard for him, to get an erection. So in order to avoid sexual anxiety, a man has to stop looking for a 100% guarantee that he is gonna have an erection.If there is no desire for guranteed result, they will be no fear, and no anxiety. watch my other video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NLw8Sqrt4o visit my blog: http://basicinstinctformula.com "Basic Instinct Formula" eBook is now on Sale. Get 25%OFF by following this link: https://gum.co/eBJVT
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