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#3 US Pharmacy from Bangladesh
Guy keeps trying to sell me viagra.
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US  pharmacy getting clever "Rachel Green"
Us pharmacy Rachel Green and Ray Smith...threw me off when a woman started asking me about my viagra..for real fun skip to the last minute.
Просмотров: 3841 Bruce Reith
Us pharmacy uses me to train
Guy gets tough..hardcore then let's me in on the secret .
Просмотров: 1869 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy Alex
Alex from US Pharmacy (via Bangladesh) doesn't understand what I am going to do with the cialis and his mother till it's too late.
Просмотров: 565 Bruce Reith
Johnson or somebody from us pharmacy
Guy was amicable...said he would like this video...hope so.
Просмотров: 467 Bruce Reith
Eddie from US Pharmacy hurts my feelings
Eddie from US Pharmacy hurts my feelings
Просмотров: 819 Bruce Reith
Us pharmacy and the female approach
She wont help me test it
Просмотров: 536 Bruce Reith
Imaginary credit card bill scam
This company Convergent Outsourcing incorporated called me about a debt purchased from Galaxy asset purchasing who purchased a debt from United credit national bank. Calls me & tells me I owe. I dont
Просмотров: 696 Bruce Reith
Michael from US Pharmacy.
Poor guy thought he had a sale.
Просмотров: 708 Bruce Reith
Kevin from US Pharmacy
Good ol Kevin trying to sell me things I don't need.
Просмотров: 656 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy, what's his name, wants my credit card
Just can't seem to get this guy's name right.
Просмотров: 382 Bruce Reith
Max Holder from United States Healthcare Pharmacy
Max Holder not from US Pharmacy but from United States Healthcare Pharmacy. Plays along, tries to sell me Cannabis.
Просмотров: 399 Bruce Reith
John from US Pharmacy doesn't want to talk about Christmas
John from US Pharmacy doesn't want to talk about Christmas
Просмотров: 149 Bruce Reith
#2 US Pharmacy calls me every day
This telemarketer doesn't learn.
Просмотров: 2551 Bruce Reith
Ferry Ride Costa Rica
Puntarenas to Paquera
Просмотров: 7 Bruce Reith
Peter from US Pharmacy
Peter from US Pharmacy was unaware of my YouTube channel.
Просмотров: 427 Bruce Reith
No donations from US Pharmacy
It seems they are more interested in selling dickbhard pills than helping a young man make his way to Jamaica.
Просмотров: 95 Bruce Reith
Digadigadig medications
Digadigadig medications wants to sell me penis pills
Просмотров: 92 Bruce Reith
Looking for weed in Jamaica
It's not as hard to find as you might think....
Просмотров: 405 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy isn't even trying anymore
This guy kinda lost his mind when I told him he was wasting his time trying to sell me Viagra
Просмотров: 196 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy "Ron".
Ron wants to f*@k my wife and mother.
Просмотров: 213 Bruce Reith
IRS scam,  admits she likes to steal from stupid Americans.
I received a call that the irs was going to come and arrest me if I did not call 330-587-9016 immediately. I called and got hung up on, so I called back a few times. Finally I got this woman who turned out to be quite insightful after the initial name calling.
Просмотров: 496 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy Chris
This could have been more fun, but nobody can accuse me of being negative.
Просмотров: 216 Bruce Reith
Lisa from us pharmacy is not philanthropic
Being rude and cursing at the telemarketers has had no effect. Now I will just ask them for donations.
Просмотров: 771 Bruce Reith
Charlie from US Pharmacy
Charlie from US Pharmacy wants to know about my penis.
Просмотров: 130 Bruce Reith
Gabriel and Patti from "legal help center"
Gabriel and Patti from "legal help center" Want to discuss my vagina.
Просмотров: 456 Bruce Reith
"Windows" scam
Telemarketing trying to get access to my computer. Telemarketer trying to scam access to my computer.
Просмотров: 170 Bruce Reith
Chris with US Pharmacy
Chris is apparently not a fan of oral sex.
Просмотров: 114 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy Edward only gives to orphans and cripples
They just don't quit
Просмотров: 164 Bruce Reith
Deadpool moonlights at us pharmacy.
US Pharmacy "Wade Wilson" tries to get me to buy viagra or cialis.
Просмотров: 363 Bruce Reith
Can I take a sh*t in peace?
Had a wonderful meal at the Peppermill in Las Vegas , NV. Then in the bathroom ,during my quiet time, I am interrupted by two ladies due to the women's bathroom being out of order.
Просмотров: 106 Bruce Reith
Lirio Lodge, Costa Rica
Trip to and from lirio lodge and some of the critters I saw there.
Просмотров: 39 Bruce Reith
"William" from "Windows support" is no help.
William wants to help me get rid of viruses on my computer.
Просмотров: 43 Bruce Reith
Brian from undisclosed pharmacy.
Brian from undisclosed pharmacy was a quite reasonable guy.
Просмотров: 91 Bruce Reith
Max with US Pharmacy
Max with US Pharmacy wants to sell me drugs.
Просмотров: 326 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy refuses to acknowledge my donation request.
US Pharmacy Neal is relentless but Floor Physician Jacob ain't got time to Bulls#!t .
Просмотров: 224 Bruce Reith
Molejones, Costa Rica. From sugar cane to candy.
Little village deep in the hills of Costa Rica, Molejones, where they grow and press their own sugar cane. They turn it into liquor and blocks of sugar and candy.
Просмотров: 41 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy "Melvin" and Cannabis
Melvin doesn't know what cannabis is, but his workmates do and you can hear them laugh. I think I just cracked up 50 people in India somewhere.
Просмотров: 35 Bruce Reith
More telemarketer fun.
They don't quit
Просмотров: 46 Bruce Reith
Train dumb@ss
This guy tried to squeeze around me and through the railroad gates. He lost. Came about 6" from being creamed by the train. I was only recording cause I thought it was gonna hit him.
Просмотров: 36 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy doesn't carry cannabis
Guess they don't want my business...
Просмотров: 22 Bruce Reith
Stephen from US Pharmacy
They are all quitters this week...step up your game us pharmacy...
Просмотров: 38 Bruce Reith
Good ol US Pharmacy via Bangladesh
Просмотров: 131 Bruce Reith
US Pharmacy "Wilson"
Wilson from 'cast away' has been found!! Someone call Tom Hanks!! Wilson is slinging dick pills for us pharmacy.
Просмотров: 75 Bruce Reith
Shane from "mastercard visa services"
This guy held out for awhile but in the end figured out I was kinda on to him.
Просмотров: 306 Bruce Reith
Baby sea turtle released to the Caribbean
This had been a bucket list item for me. I was very honored to be able to participate.
Просмотров: 22 Bruce Reith
Kevin from US Pharmacy gives up easy.
They have all been quitting early this week. Slackers!
Просмотров: 14 Bruce Reith
Jason from USA Pharmacy Online gives up easy.
Jason didn't even try. Had I known it was this easy, I would have used this tactic all along.
Просмотров: 17 Bruce Reith
Trump Dump discuss the border wall.
Glad it isn't smellivison
Просмотров: 11 Bruce Reith
Chu chu and Ellie
I am pretty happy with how chewie and Ellie are getting along m
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