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(Unedited) Other Guy Spotted In Kitchen With Kenneka Jenkins!!!!
Side Note: People really aren't paying close attention to her hair!! First of all, her hair was LAID flawlessly....flat, smooth, and thin! In other words, she didn't have many tracks in it. Anyone that wears weaves/sew-ins know that the longer the hair the less volume you get!!! Now...she clearly didn't have the volume due to the length that she had in her head, which appears to be between 26"-28"...NO VOLUME/THICKNESS!!! The surveillance in the hallway you can see how thick and bulky the part area is down the middle. It's also exposing more of the forehead. Then the footage in the kitchen, the hair is also thick with a lot falling down her back, but if you look at the footage of them in the bathroom when she turns sideways you can see how THIN the hair down her back actually is! Even if she pulled every last strand to the back...it still won't equate to the thickness of the hair down the back in the kitchen footage...that person still had hair pulled in the front so if that was all pulled back, it would be even thicker...still not adding up! Go back and look at the 3 o'clock party footage where Kenneka's standing by the wall as the girl comes out of the bathroom...you can see Kenneka slightly turn her head so look how thin her hair falls down her back...MEANWHILE...compare it to the other girl hair as she takes the cup across the room 👀... and that my friend...is the hair that appears to be in the surveillance videos...NOT TO MENTION...that she was also wearing a gold watch! I say that to say this...why is it so easy to see the watch in the surveillance footage, but we can't see it on Kenneka's arm in the bathroom footage up close in person??? That's because Kenneka's watch was smaller and the other girl watch stood out by size! This case is really messing with my soul...I can't sleep at all behind this situation smdh!
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