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Me doing my makeup
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Grandma asking me what internet is
Lol just watch
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4favorite YouTubers
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Attacking my sister  while lip singing
I was lip singing treat me like somebody by tink while attacking my sister
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Ninjas life part 1
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New house
Sorry I was out I didn't have WiFi while transitioning to the New house they just put up the WiFi today I'm about to go live on younow
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Ninja life cast interview
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Just arrived
It's just A quick bid of us In A.C I would've recorded more but my phone died
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Just a quick room tour
I changed my room since last time so ya i decided to give a quick tour
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Our day
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Hi I'm bored
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Grandma dancing
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My american girl doll stuff!
Hi guys! In todays video i will be showing you most of my american girl doll stuff. And my American girl doll annabella. I got her for Christmas. I believe she is a truly me number 67. Dont quote me on that lol. I cut her wig into a bob because i thought it would be cute. But now my indecisive ass wants her to have long hair so ill be saving up to get one from etsy
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My turtles 10th egg was born!
Omg I'm so exited this is the first egg she let us see come out
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Ninja life 2
Sorry for the background noise my family doesn't know what private means
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Went on a short walk the other day
I saw these pretty ducks on the water I just had to record it and post it this is true beauty
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What's up with ninja life
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Sea worthy sea shells
I am so exited to show you my new shells
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New update
Hey check out my other channel Joylynn oliveras
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Watch the video lol
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I was bored so I made this
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A little bit about my book
For those of you who don't know I'm writing a book and this was a summary of one of the pages follow me on Facebook @joy oliveras Twitter @joy oliveras Insta @loveandbalance Snapchat @joy oliveras Thank you
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Best hotel ever!
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Me and my friend
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Ninja life part 3
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What's up with ninja life
Again sry the situation is out of my hands and sry to the cast who enjoyed recording it the key board actually broke because my bunny got to close to the wire and unfortunately chewed on it
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Me dancing
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At the mall
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people on roblox bully me.
.today I was playing fashion frenzy and two people decided to insult me. the server was full of their friends (found out after the video) no one else insulted me until after the video stopped. I do not tolerate any type of hate. beforehand these kids were saying things like "anime makes you gay" and "your gay because you like anime. this video was posted to show how some people are. after getting bored of having them try and drag my self-esteem I basically told them I was gonna post the video on insta. facebook and youtube. when the video ended they demanded to know my insta. they also said they followed me on Roblox
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Me dancing 2
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What I think of vegan gains
Ok so this video was kinda unplanned it was just a video to share my honest opinion and even though I am not vegan I love animals and actually own 15 pets Ten fish Two dogs Two turtles One male bunny And plans to get a female bunny
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Donald trump
Hey I did this video without really planning so it ended out being brief as a complete 👆 to Donald Trump which is good! It's what I meant and it's my opinion don't watch if your a Trump supporter this video was not meant to attend anyone.....other than trump
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Sister tag
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With big tits migge and her boyfriend
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