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Dellio cousin playes mine craft story mode
PS sry about the camera
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CoD2 And MC:Story mode coming Back
It will come on Monday
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Flutterbutter is so EVIL[Hunger games Simulation]
Hey Back with another vid leave a like and sub or comment if u want more (Btw i really have to stop making long vids)Anyways See u next time deuces DELLIO OUT! DominicGames:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIA07Mzdlp6bFhAqT0m5_A ZaZaArmy_YT:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG55nU7J9Xs0nQ-T0ognCfQ
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Deli murder miner's
Hope u enjoyed the video Edit:XD This was A Old Video That was Suppost To Be Uploaded A Few Months Ago But Well Im Showing It Now X3
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Bootleg Overwatch[Paladins]
Here yall Go a Bootleg Overwatch Game But Uhm...Hope u Enjoyed and Leave a Comment and Like if u Did And Subscribe For More Dueces DELLIO OUT!
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Talon Montage #1
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Gmod:Necrophobia:part 1
Ive been gone for a while and im back with some Horror.leave a like and comment or sub if u want more.ill still keep making more :D DELLIO OUT!
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rarity plays doomfist
Fluttershy needs a carry
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We Made it[Necrophobia 3]
Hey guys This is the finnaly for Necrophobia So if u watched hope u enjoyed leave a like and sub or comment DO WHATEVER See u next time Dueces DELLIO OUT! (Btw i had to make a Font for the Necrophobia on the Thumbnail.I didnt feel like changing anything XD.)
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when you give rarity nano
Green eyes are best eyes
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WHAT IS THAT!?! [Left 4 Dead 2:Death Row]
First Video In a While Hope yall Guys Liked it Dueces Dellio OUT! :D
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Lame Party-Roblox High School
Havnt Uploaded in a While...So Yea.
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Well that was quick III Necrophobia 1/2 and 2
Back with another video i know it was LONG O_O Like very long but if u still watched thanks hope u enjoyed leave a like and sub or comment if Again u enjoyed Deuces DELLIO OUT!
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Were i have Been.
Ill be making Commentaryies now and maby if i get the chance ill make Xbox one vids too.
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HUH?-The Last Patient Gmod
Tahnks For Watching Dellio Out((Remeber Every Saturday)
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Cousin and me play left4dead
Hope u like it PS I'm getting a game capture this week because ITS GOING TO BE MY BIRTH DAY OF
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