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Drag race, Multistrada vs Speed Triple
Lovely morning for drag race on the way to Delavan for brunch
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Idaho State Highway 75 headed west into Stanley
Jeff, then Jim, then me. They were on twin Ducati Multistradas, I was on my Kawasaki Councours 1400. None are slow.
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Out West VIII
Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming on a 4900 mile motorcycle trip
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MOAR 1 2016
Friends and I riding in MOAR (Missouri and Arkansas
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2016 20k2
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20160507 170131
NOT N8R4S. Steve and Jeff and I went to Delavan for breakfast and once we got south of 150, had dry roads and big fun. I took my GoPro knockoff and managed to screw up recording the way down AND the way back. Damn shame, would have been good stuff. Hee is some stuff I got later solo when trying to actually master the camera.
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