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erectile dysfunction
erectile dysfunction VISITE WEBSITE OFFICIEL : https://tinyurl.com/erectiledysfunction-OFFICIEL Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection adequate for satisfactory sexual activity (1). After premature ejaculation, it is the most common disorder of sexual function in men, affecting nearly 30 million individuals in the United States (2). Despite this startling prevalence and the undisputed impact that erectile function has on a man’s self-esteem and quality of life, erectile dysfunction ED remained largely an under-diagnosed disorder until the recent availability of an effective oral therapy. Care of ED has moved into the realm of the primary care physician and those who care for patients at risk for loss of erectile function, such as cardiologists, psychiatrists, and endocrinologists. erectile dysfunction, we provide an overview of the clinical epidemiology and pathophysiology of ED and offer a practical diagnostic and therapeutic approach. Clinical epidemiology The Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a community-based survey of primarily white noninstitutionalized married men, estimated that 25% of men aged 40–70 had a moderate degree of ED (2). In the same population, an additional 10% of men had a completely absent erectile response.erectile dysfunction These findings were corroborated by more recent data from the larger National Health and Social Life Survey (3). Such studies also demonstrate that the prevalence of ED increases with age and is associated with depression, heart disease, erectile dysfunction hypertension, and diabetes, as well as the medications used to treat these conditions. VISITE WEBSITE OFFICIEL : https://tinyurl.com/erectiledysfunction-OFFICIEL erectile dysfunction causes erectile dysfunction treatment erectile dysfunction ppt erectile dysfunction drugs erectile dysfunction medscape erectile dysfunction pdf
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