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All the Horseshoes that I found is correctly numbered starting with number 1 being in the fence on a rock across the road from the cottage on the Home Farm. I found a method of doing this so it didn't seem like an endless task trying to find the numbers of the horseshoes to the corresponding numbers in careerSavegame. There are other locations where several horseshoes that are consecutively numbered are located as well. Otherwise, they are randomly all over the Farming Simulator 2013 Map. The first 6 horseshoes are scattered around on the Home Farm.
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Door closer and door latch operation
This is the bottom view of the door which I tried to give it a finished look to make it look more realistic. Besides the cover on the closer in this video, there are 2 other pieces that goes over the area of the rack and pinion and the barrel. Though I was limited to what I can do with my door closer and door latch demonstration in Algodoo, I tried to present this the best I can. Since I don't believe everything others tell me I worked with my own door closers, mounting them and seeing how they tick, did a lot of research on line by visiting websites such as Assa Abloy. I also have a latch that came out of a door that I studied. But, because of Algodoo's limitations I had to use another position for the mechanism. Don't get me wrong, Algodoo is a great software program where we can create animations in. I have really liked working with this software. But, all software has certain limitations that can be expected. I know my work isn't perfect, but neither is the work that anyone else that does animations in Algodoo, either. In my case, because I have worked with mounting door closers on my little door, I got the correct arm position at about 90 degrees. I also used a lever instead of a knob to work the mechanism on the door latch. I am looking forward to painting my new door which I now have an antique looking design and am planning on mounting my Russwin which was made in 1952. It has never been mounted on a door and in excellent shape.
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FarmingSimulator2013 Playing with JCB
I decided to experiment with the loader part of the JCB 3CX Sitemaster in Farming Simulator 2013 and I found a new way to have fun with it. Maybe I can find a unique way of using the digger part. Wow, how I would love to operate a real backhoe loader digging and loading for a couple of days and learn more about it. I operated one back in 2011 for a couple of days and I really loved it. So I hope that another opportunity will come my way. We who are on the Autism Spectrum have much more intense desires for the things we do and it has been so stressful for me because I can't find someone to let me operate a real one for a couple of days, just digging, filling in what I dug and even loading a truck. Normal people just don't understand what we who are on the Autism Spectrum feels when we are rejected for something that is vary achievable where we can do things as good if not better than those who are not on the Spectrum. Reach out and give us opportunities that we so desire. If anyone want to reach out to me I live in west central Indiana. Please PM me.
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Door Closer
I really didn't think my door closer was going to work. I mounted the body to the top of the frame and the bracket of the arm on the door. This door closer is an LCN 4011 left handed for a pull door. But, I was wanting to experiment to see if it would work on a push door with the configuration shown in the video. I positioned the arm as if it was aligned with a pull door and used something on the body for a marker so I can pull the adustable part of the arm down down at the same angle to the door and screwed it in place since it wasn't going to be in the same place for a push door. I wrote down all of the info for my own personal use on how I did this.
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Digger Simulator 2011 Mission 1 Gravel Pit
I'm using a different approach for Digger Simulator this time. Digger Simulator 2011 has sure been a learning experience for new and better techniques. In this video I found a large deposit of almost pure sand and that was great since I was filling the middle box with sand. You will notice that there was no course gravel falling on the ground so I didn't have to move it like I did before because it was almost stacked to the conveyor. I found the gravel pit much more interesting this time around, especially after I got comfortable with the equipment. Also, the purity of 40 tons or more in each box is at 100%. I did not sift at all for the mixture of gravel and sand. Just brought it over from the pile and put it in the box next to the fence filling truck and dumping it in that box. I welcome your comments.
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Farming Simulator 2013 "Lock Load" and "Unlock Load"
Those “Locking Load” and “Unlocking Load” features in Farming Simulator 2013 drive me nuts. On the semi trailer mod it apparently works as it should, but I have a small hauler mod also that is screwed up and when I press the “Unlock Load” button than my load locks. But, I will be checking it ago since I was so frustrated with it that day. I took 10 skids of wool over to the spinnery in the semi trailer mod and lost 6 of them. To say the least, that pissed me off and I had to get them with the forklift one at a time. I started losing them after I crossed the bridge and the doors to the trailer part weren’t even open. Anyhow, I did a little experimenting this morning with this feature since it is screwed up on a small hauler using the same experimentation. Hope you all find this video helpful if you have issues with the “Lock Load” and “Unlock Load” and how to test this feature.
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FS2013 Mixer Wagon Or Front Loader...
Another You Tuber brought it to my attention about the amount of grass these 2 vehicles can hold. Though the foraging wagon holds about 2000 kilos/pounds more grass I wasn't considering the time it took to fill these 2 vehicles. The You Tuber is right. The mixer wagon is murderously slow so the recommended equipment is the front loader. You can take almost 3 loads over to the place that feeds the grass into the silos. I can see even more loads taken over by the front loader if a person can become really proficient on it in the length of time it takes the foraging wagon to take one load over. However, I like the mixer wagon better because it doesn't drive me crazy like the Lizard front loader. Since I'm Autistic and have overload issues with all my senses, the front loader does crazy things to my eyes because it is articulated. I never liked any piece of equipment that bends in the middle, even in other simulators. But, I have to say that the Lizard front loader in Farming Simulator 2013 don't appear to go sideways or someplace where you don't want it to go. In fact the equipment has exceptional handling capabilities and with a little practice a person can become an awesome equipment operator. Though I have improved quite a bit there are still accidents. It is the ATV I have the most problem with because it goes so fast.
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Funny Xfinity Commercial-Dancers with dishes
Xfinity has been putting out a bunch of funny commercials that I really like including this one which I think is my favorite. I will be putting this one in my folder as well.
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Gathering and Selling Eggs in Farming Simulator 2013
I wish those eggs were in a real setting. I love farm grown eggs from small farmers or just individuals raising chickens.
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A friendly Microsoft Windows Tech Support Chat
I don't care how many telephone privacy laws the government passes, these idiots from Windows Tech Support will always find a way to bug you and me. When one telephone number is blocked by your phone company, then they will set up other telephone numbers so they can continue to call and try to scam. I decided to have fun with this one, but I immediately turn off my modem just in case. But, this idiot scammer was trying his best to get certain information out of me and I wouldn't give so he wouldn't have been able to do anything to my computer even if I left my modem on.
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Farming Simulator 2013 Mastering the Wool Pallet thing
I had trouble figuring out the "Lock" or "Unlock" load thingy. And the last time I took a truckload of wool pallets to the Spinnery I lost most of them so I had to pick them up with forklift one at a time to take them to the spinnery. I succeeded this time. I put 10 wool pallets on the truck and none of them fell off. Hell, they went right through the doors on back of the trailer the last time. But I tested this "Lock" and "Unlock" load to make sure my load stayed put and made a note to myself. I've had a lot of issues with this anyway because I was too stupid to figure it out, LOL. And of course, there is the semi itself. Need a lot more practice driving it since it takes much longer to stop one of these monsters than a car. I pick up speed before I realize it if I'm not paying good attention. Farming Simulator has been a nightmare for me since day one, but I'm slowly getting it mastered.
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Loading Wool Pallets on Tractor Trailer Rig
REAL TIME When loading wool pallets on a Semi, technique and patience are your best friends. What ever technique you use I say go for it, just don't get in a hurry. But, this will give you some idea that should help. I use the same technique during the missions and of course, my chosen lift is the Agrovector Telescoping lift. I even got a few techniques also on this so I can make sharp turns and not lose my load. But, if you use this lift in fast mode like I have then you will need to find shortcuts to get from point A to point B with your load. For instances if you deliver a load from the golf course to the freight yard. Fast mode is very nerve racking though I hardly lost any of my loads. So when I started playing a new game I went to one of the slower modes. While I only used 2 pallets, you can put 11 pallets in the trailer and just keep pushing them forward with the help of the telescoping boom.
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100% Crop Circles 2
I wanted to make crop circles in Farming Simulator 2013 and never did because I really didn't like the washboard look after cultivating the ground especially. But, I made crop circles of corn in Farming Simulator 2011, Platinum Edition.
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Now that I learned how to use Digger Simulator's Cement Truck
Since I can save what I've done in Digger Simulator 2011, I started the Missions all over again and do them almost until I complete and save them under one file so I can have fun doing other things with them. When I'm finish with my fun than I will complete and save them under a different file so I can move on to the next Mission. So as you can see I returned to Digger Simulator 2011 because I will have a lot more fun with it in these missions being able to do what I want before finishing the task. I have a new respect for this simulator since I can save my work but unable to save my work in simulators like Roadworks. Wow, what can I say, this is a real plus for any simulator with the save option and I didn't realize it was going to come in so handy until I played Roadworks. When I first started using the Cement Truck in Digger Simulator 2011, I hated that thing because I had such a difficult time learning how to use it. But, now that I finally learned how to use the Cement Truck it ranks right up there with the Excavator which is my favorite piece of equipment.
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Digger Simulator 2011:  Mission 2 Task 4 a long time coming
Wow, what a surprised. I didn't think this day would ever come since I couldn't even get any answers from Excalibur Publishing or ETS Entwicklerteam. While I didn't have any problems learning John Deer Drive Green or Digger Simulator 2008 I had all sorts of problems with Digger Simulator 2011 and sometimes we need some help from support which is just none existent. And I don't like to use cheat codes. I came so close to giving up on this simulator, but my Autistic mine kept pushing me on and I'm glad I did.
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Roadworks Jackhammer issues solved
Like a lot of people who was having problems with the jackhammer to work in the Roadworks Simulator I was having the same problem. The instructions aren't very good, but I did figure this thing out and got the jackhammer to work. I don't think you can see the mouse pointer in the video, but I decided to move it from one side of the screen to the other side continuing the movement back and forth and I notice the jackhammer moved in different positions. Than the pavement was indeed altered and I got a score.
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Digger Simulator; Operating Front Loader at Gravel Pit
I'm now doing my Digger Simulator thing. Even women can be into farm and heavy equipment simulators. When I get the Digger Simulator perfected than the next simulator is the Farming Simulator 2013 where I can download mods for a couple of backhoe loaders. Anyhow, my favorite piece of heavy equipment is the front loader in this simulator, even though there is an excavator that I parked in the corner which can be seen, a dump truck and a bulldozer. The excavator I like the least because I really don't see much use for it other than maybe loosen the gravel and in this simulator I won't have to worry about the gravel being packed.
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Painted and other door closers
I decided to go non verbal today since I've been having a lot of trouble speaking without flubbing up here lately. I have Autism and have many issues, including speech problems that goes along with it. Anyhow, the LCN 4011 is the painted one. I made the delay speed the same as the door speed. I was more interested in the back check which works perfect and opens at the angle I want it to open. I made the latch speed faster too. I'm thinking about putting a lock on my door and us it for now, until I can build a bigger sturdier door for my Russwin. My other door closers are: CRL, King K 900, Sargent Assa Abloy 351, Russwin, Rota-Closer and Universal Hardware 4011 which is on my closet door, but not shown. The UH is in one of my other videos. Love the performance of this little guy and I'm glad that I installed it. The other hardware is a drop plate, also called a back plate, and hold open arm for the LCN.
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Stimming as you all who are on the Autism Spectrum know, is a stereotypical and repetitive movement of body parts such as hand flapping, rocking, twisting and running around in circles to name a few. My stims are repetitive head movements and constant scratching with my fingers when I'm not busy with something else such as computing. There are so many ways those who are on the Autism Spectrum, stim. Anyhow, ever since I downloaded the 2WD and the 4WD JCB 3CX backhoe loader mods, I notice they also have a disorder called stimming, LOL. Comments?
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Trenching with Mini Excavator in Lot 2
Wow, what can I say? I would love to find someone around here who would let me use their equipment to dig and scoop for at least a day. I've always been passionate about Backhoe Loaders and for the past 3 years, all I want to do is dig and scoop. I got to operate a backhoe loader for a couple of days and I really loved it. I was sad that it had to end. I see mini-excavators are really cool after operating one in Digger Simulator 2011. I love playing this simulator because it is so realistic and a person can actually learn some things from it. I know I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot about mining and operating a big excavator, front loader, bulldozer, dumper and of course the mining excavator which was a real challenger for me considering I didn't even know something like this even existed. But, I figured it out and this mining excavator was awesome. But, the simulator just isn't quite the same as doing this for real. I speeded up the video for the sake of time and that is why there is no audio. I was operating the excavator in real time.
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Green Glowy Thing Still There After Getting Pot O Gold
Sorry about the length of the video, but I didn't want to do anything to it under the circumstances and I wanted to keep the sounds coming from the green glowy thing. Some really strange things is going on with this meteor in Farming Simulator 2013. But I think you will find it interesting watching the whole video to see what happens. It's about 12 minutes long.
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Digger Simulator: 7 tons in 6 mins
You only have 6 minutes in each of these Missions in the Digger Simulator to get the required amount to earn a Gold Metal. Taking the sand out of the dumper with the excavator was really tough for me causing me to change my strategy several times. But, I finally made it and got the required 7 tons of sand. It was the few mistakes that I made that kept me from getting more points. But, I got the Gold Metal and under the circumstances I'm pretty happy. If I get a higher score I will upload the video.
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Mission 23 Wind Farm Hole Jazzed up Beethoven's 5th
Wow, I don't know who murdered Beethoven's 5th Symphony. It was one of those instrumentals that played on the radio when it first came out years ago. I did some reading about Beethoven's music and I can't find any copyrights for it. And I don't see how this jazzed up version could ever get a copyright either. Anyhow, I decided to use the jazzed up version of Beethoven's 5th for my background music. Though I don't like this video quite as well, I still like it well enough to Upload it. I see that the tasks in each of the Missions in Digger Simulator is getting harder and taking longer to do which is really making me think about what I should do to avoid all of those black dots or at least reduce them significantly. A few black dots won't keep me from completely the tasks. I have learned to pick up just small amounts of soil with the buckets on the mini-excavator and the big excavator which has really helped me pick up soil with the white dots but not digging so deep it uncovers the black dots.
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Not Comcast This Time
I was watching Judge Mathis when this happened. What makes this so funny is that this froze as someone was apparently speaking a word and started making this weird noise. You just got to love digital with all of it's short comings whether it's the stations fault or the cable providers fault. I don't think anyone is ready for digital since it is still full of bugs, even on satellite.
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Destruction and Frustration of an Autistic Adult
It is hard for those on the Autism Spectrum to accept rejection though we are perfectly capable if not better than NTs to do certain things such as operating heavy equipment. I would love to get a couple more fun fill days on a backhoe loader. It's for sure I can be trusted on one and I have the videos to prove it. after a couple hours I was driving it around, moving dirt and yes, even dug up a couple of trees. It was the construction company's owner that did the stupid thing when they assured me there was nothing under the ground according to what the land owner told him. This guy has been in construction long enough to know better. Well I notice the first thing anyone does is operate the digger part and that is what I did. I just wanted to dig a shallow trench and just play around a little since I have a RC excavator with real hydraulics and was already familiar with how the digger part of a backhoe loader works though I've never operated one before. But the construction company's owner told me to dig as deep as possible. So I did and the next thing I knew I dug up two water lines which I feel were being used since there was water coming out from my right side and there were businesses across the highway that had to get their water from some place. If the owner would of let me do what I was wanting to do with the digger part I would have been above these water lines and nothing would have been damaged. I should have ask about why there were no flags or paint markings. I wonder how many other lines he have dug up because he didn't call 811? Anyhow this digging up these water lines have bothered me to this day and I don't believe the construction company owner's wife when she told me those lines weren't being used anymore since I notice water. They used lame excuses that it was the water table in Sarasota FL. But, I dug other holes just as deep where there were no water lines and even the deepest soil was bone dry. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I have enough sense to know when someone is feeding me a line of shit like these people were. I've been doing some funny things in Digger Simulator 2011 in the Amusement Park Mission where I made several videos named "1 Woman Wrecking Crew" and "Construction Destruction". As I got more into my fun laughing at times and crying at other times I started becoming frustrated because I can't find one damn person to allow me to operate a backhoe loader for a couple of days to not only have fun but to get more practice. And here I see a bunch of idiots doing really dangerous and stupid things with these machines. So what is wrong with this picture? I for one don't believe in abusing any kind of heavy equipment in real life like in so many of these evil You Tube videos. I'm sick of it. So I ask again, is there anyone in West Central Indiana who will give me the joy of operating a backhoe loader for a couple of days? Someone out there would sure be helping this Autistic Adult out in so many ways. I will pay for your time, fuel and even a rental if it applies. Please help me! An
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Farming Simulator 2013 Selling a load of straw
I sold all of the equipment that I wasn't using including most of the original equipment that we didn't have to earn money to buy. I did have 700 cows, but sold them all except 3. Right now I'm trying to get the silos filled and will start selling the grain once all is filled. But, I decided to just pick up the straw and grass with the foraging wagon and sell it too. When the tank at the Biogas plant is full I will be moving on the sheep. Still have all of the chickens I bought. I did a little cheating on the income which was the only way I can buy the big equipment that saves a lot of time. But, I'm working on getting the amount back up to $10 billion and over. Then I would truly be out of debt. LOL.
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5 backhoes later I'm still repositioning front loader bucket
The only reason I bought Farming Simulator 2013 is for the JCB 3CX Sitemaster mod. Though I can't dig or load with it I can do a lot of other things that require even more skill to do in this simulator than in real life. I find it much easier to work with real backhoe loaders and I can make an honest comparison since I got to operate a couple of them more than once. I bought 6 JCBs for this simulator and may buy more. I really love operating backhoe loaders and I wish someone would give me the opportunity to operate one again for a day or even two. If there is a business that use, rent or sell heavy equipment in West Central Indiana please PM me on my You Tube Channel where we can discuss this if you are willing to let me. I will be more than happy to sign a waiver for your protection, rent a backhoe loader if you prefer and provide me some land to dig and load on. Also be there for me so I can ask questions and get some more advice. Of course I expect to pay for the service. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH Of course call 811 which is a free call and a free service before digging. Don't make the same mistake that this one construction company that let me operate a backhoe for a couple of days back in 2011. PLEASE, QUIT MAKING ME BEG FOR THIS. YOU MAY EVEN LIKE WHAT YOU SEE. This would be a "Dream Come True" for me if I can get a part time job operating a backhoe loader around here.
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7 On and working
I'm getting ready to format and install Windows 7 on my ACER and glad I look to see what files that are on it. Anyhow I came across this gem that I completely forgot about and decided to upload it. I see that I'm complaining about the back check on this door closer. I may have to build a bigger frame with a door that would be as thick as a regular door. I can get a better idea how some of my closers work.
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Digger Simulator: High Score 1511
I have broke my own record on the Mining Equipment. But, like with the other missions I had to change my strategy again and become more consistent in the movements of this huge machine.
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Digger Simulator-Missions Dumper Loader
After a few practice runs I decided to go for the Missions Dumper Loader one. So close but I screwed up a few times and it cost me seconds. I really find it annoying when the tracks on the front loader gets hung up on the edge of the dock. The Mission ones require speed as well as strategy.
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Pull Side Setup
I decided to install my door closer on the pull side of my small door and frame that I built. I used the template today. I checked the information in the pdf file on this door closer and noticed that the arm is suppose to be at 90 degrees from the hinge. But, I'm thinking about positioning the arm at 95 degrees instead of 90 degrees from the hinge side. Seems like it works a little better. Or at least I like they way it works better.
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Roadworks Mission 16 Completed on 4th Attempt
I thought me being able to get completely through The Road Works Simulator was going to come to a screeching halt at Mission 16 it was so damn hard and confusing. It took me 4 attempts to finally complete the very last mission of this simulator doing different things. Than on the 4th attempt everything came together and I actually had fun with this one seeing how many times I can fill the truck with the excavator but didn't use my second load. And that was because there was asphalt in the truck when this part of Mission 16 started and also got to fill the paver twice which was expected. Mission 16 started out with the Motor Grader and Road Roller which is not included since I breezed through those 2 parts. It was the last part that was really giving me fits. Though some of The Roadworks Simulator's equipment was limited and I didn't like the Street Sweeper, Road Roller and the Road Paver, overall I have to say I really liked playing this simulator. Some of these Missions was quite a bit harder than in Digger Simulator 2011. Also I like Roadworks better than Digger Simulator 2011, though I have complete control of the equipment in Digger Simulator 2011. But I only gave The Roadworks Simulator only 3 Stars with a Critical Review listing my PROS and CONS on Amazon where I bought it.
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Harvesting Corn for Lizgaz Plant
Farming Simulator 2013 has been so damn difficult for me because of the lack of knowledge of farming and not being familiar with the equipment. And harvesting corn for the Lizgas Plant takes the prize for being the most difficult. I deleted this simulator from my computer 3 times because I felt like such a dumbass. But I have 1 thing against me and that is being Autistic. And because of this I get really frustrated. Please leave a comment. Thank you.
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Finding Door Closers in Farming Sim 2013
I think Jessica the Door Doctor will like this one from Farming Simulator 2013 where I realized there are hidden door closers opening and closing doors. I will be looking for more door closers. This simulator is unbelievably realistic. The main thing I don't like about this simulator is the 3 of the 4 gears don't work because if I get to going too fast the tractors are hard to steer and I know tractors have various gear speeds. I also have an ATV that is going to be a lot of fun. I have a JCB_3CX mod but I can't find it even though it is in the mods folder of Farming Simulator 2013.
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Pouring Cement
Not very neat. But, I finally figured how to operate this thing in Digger Simulator 2011. This was done in Free Play. Had to get away from my dirt roller coaster for a while. But, I think I can go a lot deeper into the ground. However, I'm wondering if I'm going to hit bottom before it's over with. I was going to speed this video up because it is a bit long, but I liked the sound of the cement too much to do that. LOL
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If any of you are like me doing certain tasks in these farming simulator games, frustration sets in. My frustration was sending the bales up the conveyor belt to sell on the farm. By the time I got that very last bale on the conveyor I was so frustrated that I thought I would have a flipping good time with other equipment on the farm. The skid steer loader mod wasn't the only thing I was trying to flip but must certainly the funniest.
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Just another oddity of Digger Simulator 2011
Wonder how that other worker got at the same level of the guy with the plate compactor, but the bulldozer is still up on land, LMAO? Just another oddity that I uncovered.
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Roadworks Simulator Parking Lot Mission Completed
I got through the loading the truck with the excavator and spreading the Asphalt part. But, I was wondering if the roller was going to stop me since I couldn't tell the new asphalt from the old asphalt. I turned on the lights on the roller and changed the way I was doing this part of the mission. I also tried all camera angles in hopes of seeing the new asphalt better and couldn't. But in the end this mission was completed. Anyhow my opinion is beginning to change for the better for this game though it has some shortcomings. But, Digger Simulator 2011 is still my favorite once I got it figured out.
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FS2013 Ye Little Ol' Poop Maker.........
I really love making this video because at last I got to make poop and use my favorite forklift. I really like using this piece of equipment because of the telescoping arm which can be moved out and in with holding the right mouse button down. And as I gain more experience, especially with planting and harvesting fields, the more I like Farm Simulator 2013. So I just may buy Farming Simulator 2014 next if there is enough of a difference.
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2 What I think of Farming Simulator Mods That Don't Work
Before this is over I will have a collection of bad mods in the river. I've come across quite a few that doesn't work in Farming Simulator 2011 though they've been made for Farming Simulator 2011. LOL
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Dancing Hay Bales And Restacking Because of Screw up
Farming Simulator continues to be a barrel of laughs for me. But, I have to admit, I'm still learning things in it too-that is the hard way.
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I Hit Rock Bottom with Excavator
It didn't take me long, from doing my thing in Digger Simulator 2011's Gravel Pit that there is a bottom. I scooped all of the gravel out of a small area until I couldn't pick up anymore and the front loader wasn't going any deeper. All of these Missions have invisible walls too. Anyhow, I was finally stopped from going any deeper because there is an invisible bottom too. So my fun is over as far as the under the bridge excavator tracks go. But, I still have a lot more fun to go on the other side of the bridge.
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Can't Go Any Deeper in the Garden Free Play
I finally reached the bottom because the bulldozer blade don't even make a dent anymore though it goes down. And the bucket on the excavator can't even pick up dirt though it goes in. Another one of Digger Simulator 2011 oddities. I was hoping for the center of the earth, LOL.
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Cheapskate Potato Farmer
This is game 2 in fast mode in Farming Simulator 2013 and I HAVE NOT used any cheap codes at all. But it is taking me a while to get all of my achievements honestly. However, if I can find a way to cut my expenses in Farming Simulator 2013, I will do it. And that is why I planted grass in several fields close to the Lizgas Plant, since it grows all of the time. Of course I plant grains and potatoes in my other fields.
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For Crying Out Loud GET A ROOM!
I just don't know what to think of the strange behaviors of these JCB 3CX Sitemasters which caused me to get a dirty mind this time. But, this video is as hilarious and outrageous and my other videos.
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Mission 3 Task 14 Completes all Missions
Though I was jumping from one mission to another, Mission 3 Task 14 completes Digger Simulator 2011 bringing this to a close. Some of these tasks were really hard for me and had to practice a lot with the equipment such as the cement truck before I tackled the Missions. The excavators were by far my favorite equipment and then the front loader. I would have to say the bulldozer came in third. But, I didn't particularly like doing things with the cement truck.
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Broke my own record for Excavator Dumper
Digger Simulator 2008: Unloading sand from broken down dumper. Haven't been able to get higher scores after several attempts on this Mission or the Mining Excavator Mission. But, I haven't given up on getting higher scores.
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Dirt Roller Coaster under construction in Digger Simulator 2011
Though I don't have the large digger and roller a person can still have a lot of fun thinking up your own construction projects regardless how bizarre, in this incomplete Simulator.
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