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Aliados De la Sierra- llamame HD
{I hold no ownership of this song} [HIGH QUALITY]
Просмотров: 4401 Alex
Vicente Fernandez Mas Romanticas
*******Hice una lista de reproducción con las canciones porque yo ya no tengo estos para descargar disfrutar!**** http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7JNNHCSl8puMiyNDG8IOWI4eUXrUyTAo 1.VIcente Fernandez- Amor eterno 2.VIcente Fernandez- Aun Te extrano 3.VIcente Fernandez- Me Basta 4.VIcente Fernandez- Mujer 5.VIcente Fernandez- Sin un Amor 6.VIcente Fernandez- A pesar de todo 7.VIcente Fernandez- Duras Penas 8.VIcente Fernandez- Sin ti 9.VIcente Fernandez- Y como es el 10.VIcente Fernandez- Demente 11.VIcente Fernandez- Preso 12.VIcente Fernandez- Que No te extrane 13.VIcente Fernandez- De 7 a 9 14.VIcente Fernandez- me voy a quitar de enmedio 15.VIcente Fernandez- Senor del tiemp 16.VIcente Fernandez- Cuando un Amor Termina 17.VIcente Fernandez- El Ultimo beso 18.VIcente Fernandez- Million de primaveras 19.VIcente Fernandez- Amar y querer 20.VIcente Fernandez- Ensayo 21.VIcente Fernandez- Yo te quise 22.VIcente Fernandez- Que sepan todos
Просмотров: 263289 Alex
Duranguense Romanticas Mix- DJ Alee
NO copy right intentions
Просмотров: 42574 Alex
Merengue Para Bailar Mix
MIx of merengues (No copyright intentions)
Просмотров: 85487 Alex
Sin Nombre- Smiley gets knocked out!
A scene from the movie "Sin Nombre"
Просмотров: 41181 Alex
Favorite Love songs of all time Part 2
Just a selection of some of my favorite love songs from all perspectives of music. Hope you enjoy {NO COPYRIGHT INTENTIONS} Track1- Air Supply all out of love Track2- The Temptations just my imagination Track3- Bee Gees How deep is your love Track4- Air Supply Even The Nights Are Better Track5- Mario Let me love you Track6- Chicago Hard to say i'm sorry Track7- Adele Set Fire to the Rain Track8- Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing Track9- Jose Luis Perales Amor sin limites
Просмотров: 55620 Alex
Confidence MPC5000 beat
Просмотров: 36 Alex
Cumbia Para Bailar Mix
Просмотров: 65857 Alex
Favorite Love songs of all time- Part 1
PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XZRGffH6uk Theses are some of my favorite love songs of all time.These songs are not one specific genre but it is a compilation of a little bit of everything hope you guys enjoy it {NO COPYRIGHT INTENTIONS}
Просмотров: 6666 Alex
Banda para bailar mix- DJ Alee
Un mix que hice para que bailen y gozan al cien
Просмотров: 5742 Alex
Gotta Be Dubs Banger Boom Bap Remix MPC5000 Beat
Got inspired after watching a @DubsBanger video. Original video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07sBQYOlh3Y&feature=youtu.be
Просмотров: 76 Alex
J DIlla Players cover MPC 5000 Beat
This is a cover of "players" by J Dilla. Did not quantize the drums
Просмотров: 61 Alex
Nas - Made You Look 9th Wonder Remix
9th wonder- beat 12 (Look around)- Gods stepson album {*I hold no ownership on this song*}
Просмотров: 4326 Alex
80s Hi Nrg Disco Mix- DJ ALee
A variety of songs to dance and reminisce on the 80s disco scene. Hope you enjoy
Просмотров: 707 Alex
Spanish Deception MPC 5000 Beat
Classic beat making with the help of newly picked up records from my local thrift shop.
Просмотров: 36 Alex
Float MPC 5000 Beat
Просмотров: 46 Alex
No Games MPC 5000 Beat
Просмотров: 34 Alex
Certain MPC 5000 Beat
Просмотров: 33 Alex
Mighty Ducks Snapback anaheim
Просмотров: 486 Alex
Be Real MPC 5000 Beat
Просмотров: 39 Alex
Eye know MPC 5000 Beat
Просмотров: 25 Alex