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Weight Loss Before & After Photos
My body shape transformation! This video is all about how I lost body fat and changed my body shape. I went from being an apple shape with a large upper body, no waist line and a flat butt, to going in at the waist and having a larger butt and thighs than I did before. The first part of the video shows a more recent fat loss I achieved without losing any weight (actually gaining 1 kg of muscle in under a month), the second part shows my overall results since 2013, losing 30 lbs/14 kilograms and reducing my body fat/changing my body shape. I did this primarily with exercise. I did not eat low carb or low calorie. I do eat a fairly high carb plant based diet (but am not fully vegan as you can see by the free range eggs). I tried to have a decent calorie deficit per week but I did this through increasing my exercise, not decreasing my food significantly. I accepted a while ago that I like carbs, that they are not evil, and that wholegrain and whole food carbs like wholemeal pita bread, beans, lentils and fruit make me feel nourished, in a better mood and more able to exercise. I will never, ever eat low carb high protein, it does not suit me whatsoever, and I don't eat meat so it would not work. Of course you should cut out refined carbohydrates, but whole food carbs like beans, lentils and fruit are full of fibre and are not the enemy of belly fat like some people say. For me, vigorous red-faced sweaty cardio and making sure I don't overeat most days is what burns the belly fat. In a day, I will typically do a bare minimum of 10,000 steps (but aim for 15-20,000). I also make sure that I work up a sweat and get intense & vigorous exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day at least 5 times per week in addition to the walking. I also make sure to do a bit of seated leg press a couple of times a week. But I feel the main thing that has improved my butt and legs is mostly walking/jogging (for the fat loss) and cycling. I usually cycle on almost the highest resistance the bike can be set on, so it's like strength training, not just cardio. FAQ Height - 5'4 Current weight - 171 lbs Previous weight - 203 lbs Never been pregnant. I was just blessed with that gut
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How To Make Eyes Look Bigger
How to make small eyes look bigger with more NATURAL looking make-up. It's easy to make small eyes look bigger with thick winged liquid liner and false lashes, but not many of us want to go out in daylight looking like that so I'm showing a more natural way. Stuff used: Urban Decay Naked 2 - Bootycall on lid, Tease everywhere else (why do they have such stupid names?) Face of Australia waterproof mascara Urban Decay brushes NOTHING TESTED ON ANIMALS P.S. In case you noticed, I don't use mascara on my bottom lashes because my eyes are too deep set and it runs everywhere (my bottom lashes constantly rub on my skin)
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2 Week Weight Loss || Before + After || Weigh In #5
Hey all, This is my most recent weigh in and I've now lost a total of 9.9 lbs and started to reshape my body again (though it's early days!) I started my second weight loss journey 3 months ago and my progress was way too slow, it took me some time to figure out where I was going wrong and I realised that I'm older, my body is different and it's going to take more effort than in the past. I eat 1200 calories for about 3 days and 1400-1500 calories for about 4 days, plus walk every day, swim once a week and have a physical job that involves a lot of strenuous bending/squatting/lifting (so I'm not a sedentary person at all). I have made noticeable progress from October 17th to October 31st (as seen in the photos after I made the changes to my diet), but obviously everything I was doing for the past couple of months lead up to that as well.
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Weigh In #2 - Weight Loss Journey 2.0
I lost 4.4 lbs this week and talk about what I did with diet & exercise, plus show you my weight tracking on FitBit Aria scales. Total loss so far (from my heaviest ever recorded weight) - 8.1 kg or 17.8 lbs.
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How I lost belly fat in 2 weeks
For those who are trying to achieve an hourglass or more curvy figure... My thighs, hips and bust have not become any smaller but I've lost 10 inches off my abdomen. I've lost 4 of those inches off my belly in just 2 1/2 weeks. I have cut out wheat and added sugar from my diet. I have some fruit and a SMALL amount of honey and stevia to sweeten things, but no cane sugar, no packaged foods with added sugars. I also don't eat anything with added starches such as corn starch, tapioca, maltodextrin etc. I also avoid alcohol as much as possible, it's not good for weight loss or belly fat. I do not count my calories, I just make sure my meals are low carb, protein-rich and are a normal portion size. I exercise for about 40 minutes a day, about 6 days per week. I do interval running for 30 minutes, which is running for 1 min and walking for 1 min. I run at 10.5kph on a 2% incline, or 8.5kph on a 10% incline. I then do about 10-15 minutes of weight machines and then stretch. Sometimes I do some light swimming on top of that, mainly for stretching and relaxing. I also use the sauna but I don't think that counts lol. Sorry about the audio not matching up with the video at the start, I used my phone to record it, not sure what happened
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Youfoodz Review by a Nutritionist!
I ordered 1 week of Youfoodz meals for lunch & dinner. Youfoodz is a meal prep service that delivers fresh (not frozen) meals in Australia. I show each meal up close to give you a real idea of what they look like, how big they are and what they taste like. As a Naturopath and Nutritionist (BHSc.), I discuss what I liked and didn't like about them.
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How I Saved 20K in 18 Months // Living with Less // Minimalist Living
Well this is the unexciting reality of how I saved 20K in 18 months! I'm quite passionate about minimalist living and not owning many possessions. I can make more videos about paying off debt (I paid off 27 thousand high-interest debt and saved 20 thousand within a few years and while I was in college) and saving money if anyone is interested but the way I decided to downsize is obviously the biggest factor. I used to have a 3 bedroom house in South East of Melbourne and I was married. I accumulated things and tried to gain a sense of security out of the way my home was and what I owned, but I was never going to feel security because I had way too much responsibility/burden, I was severely overworked and was in a bad marriage (on many levels). So I ended up throwing almost everything I owned out onto hard rubbish pick-up on my nature strip, began living in one bedroom and I got divorced. I also decided to tell a long time friend that I was in love with him and we've now been together for 2 years. My whole world changed in about a year, it was crazy. I threw life as I knew it away and did everything you're "not supposed to do" or "not allowed to do", but it was the best thing I ever did. I just wanted to share this boring video because there are so many videos and instagram posts about people's possessions and seemingly perfect lives, and people start feeling inadequate and like they want to compete with that. We can start to feel like our success is determined by how much stuff we have and how things appear on the outside. Being married and having my own house seemed more respectable to a lot of people than how I live now. But I was miserable that way and I am a lot happier now. I had so many people say how sorry they were for me that I got divorced and did what I did - but I was happy that I did it. I know of so many people with expensive lifestyles, amazing holidays, big houses and whatever else who are not happy. These things don't make you happy. They can be NICE but they're not worth going into unreasonable debt for and they can't replace bad relationships, poor health, lack of freedom etc. In Melbourne, it seems my generation are really living beyond their means. You don't have to live in a cool hippy RV or a 100k perfectly styled tiny house or some Tokyo inspired apartment to be living a valid minimalist lifestyle. Even minimalism has been made "cool" now so long as it fits a certain image, which my way (and a lot of other people's way) of minimal living does not fit into. All I care about is that I support myself, that I have freedom, that I have health, my relationships and saving money (because my generation in Australia can't rely on superannuation or pensions or anything like that to sustain them in older age). *note* sponging off family/friends/partners and not having much because you don't support yourself isn't minimalism. This is about people who can support themselves but make this lifestyle choice. xx
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Fat People Cringe Compilation + MOTIVATION for Weight Loss!
My compilation and motivation for weight loss. You can motivate people and advocate maintaining a healthy weight/body composition without teasing other people FYI :)
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GHD Flat Iron Straightener Review! (wide plate)
GHD wide plate ceramic hair straightener - model SS4.0 This flat iron is great for people with long thick wavy/curly hair. I've read a lot of people saying the thin or 'normal' sized GHD straightens hair better and causes less damage. I disagree with that completely. I've used both and the wide plate certainly cuts down my time by half because I can do large sections of hair. I've been using this GHD wide plate straightener for about 3 years and I have no split ends and haven't had a haircut for about 2 years. It appears to cause NO damage to my hair and my hair still looks shiny after all these years. I am very happy with it and would certainly recommend it. The only thing is, the wide plate straightener cannot do curls, it is for straightening only. It can do slight waves like I showed in this video. I haven't tried any new editions like Gold, Gold Max, Pink etc. I don't know if they work any better than my classic wide plate. I prefer GHD to Chi. Beware of buying fake products from websites claiming they are genuine GHDs. They can look very similar. If you're unsure, you can call GHD and check that the website is a genuine stockist of GHD. My husband bought mine from a hairdressers. Genuine GHDs have holograms on them with codes which you can use on the GHD website to verify it's genuine.
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Comfortisse Slimming Jeans - DOES THIS THING WORK?
This is a review of the Comfortisse Slimming Jeggings. They're described as having the comfort of leggings, the look of "real jeans" and the benefits of shapewear - ALL IN ONE GARMENT! So there are a few of these types of jeggings/jeans being advertised - the Genie Slim Jeggings, Caresse Slim n Lift Jeans... and I can't tell the difference between any of them. I'm seriously wondering if they're all the same product with different names. The prints look the same, the material looks the same on the outside and inside. I wouldn't recommend these unless you're 5'5 or under, your legs aren't super thick and you don't mind that they don't pass as real jeans. They don't "hide muffin tops", "trim inner/outer thighs", "look like designer jeans" or "lift your buns" or "make you look 1 size slimmer" lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L70Y2PtRNwg
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Weigh in #10 // Vegan Food!
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Weigh In #4 + Youfoodz Meal Delivery Unboxing
I ordered meals from youfoodz.com. I love cooking but I'm too exhausted lately due to some stressful things going on. I also do my third weigh in.
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Do body wraps work? (belly wrap)
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Body Shots // WEIGHT GAIN and loss // CHEAT DAY!!! // WEIGH IN #19
CHEAT day, what I ate this week and how much I weigh! I lost 1 kg or 2.2 lbs this week.
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Weight Loss Before & After Body Shots
My weight loss since the start of the challenge. Need to lose more..
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Make Small Eyes Look Bigger (Before & After)
TURN YOUR VOLUME all the way up. I have a new laptop and it turned my mic volume down a lot for some reason. This is pretty natural but I do a smoky eye in the same way as well, just with different colours. Most tutorials for small eyes are done by girls with larger eyes and they always say to stay away from dark colours but I like wearing dark browns and dark greys & blacks for a smoky eye. You can still wear any colour you want. My tips are don't put eyeliner in your water line and don't use a lot of upper eyeliner/dark shadow if much of your eyelid doesn't show (hooded eyes). It is best to stick to lighter colours for your actual eyelid but it actually makes your eyes look bigger to have bold and darker colours in your crease and up like a mild cat-eye shape. The major tip to make your eyes look bigger is to apply eyeshadow as your bottom eyeliner, and apply it just under your eyelashes. Blend it so it's not defined. This will make your eyes look bigger straight away
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HUGE Weight Gain of 70 LBS - Before & After
I gained 70 lbs due to binge eating, depression etc. I made this video to motivate myself to lose weight. I started off about 130 lbs in the photos and then got up to 200 lbs. Music written, performed and recorded by my husband
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Shrinking a big belly in 1 month with diet and exercise
Losing belly fat
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Does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Work?
My personal experience with ultrasonic fat cavitation. This treatment can work, but not much results if you have a lot of fat in the area like I did. If you are already fairly slim but have a problem area, it can help IF you restrict calories and exercise after the treatment. It's supposed to loosen the contents of fat cells, to help you excrete it better, it doesn't melt fat cells, or remove fat cells. So yes, it can work, but usually not for very overweight people.
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Me trying out crazy diets and exercise
**Me trying to do some faddy weight loss shake crap years ago** Currently: 5'4 tall, 87 kilograms, 187.4 pounds, 13 stone 5.4 lbs
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HI EVERYONE. I drank at least 3 litres/100oz of water per day. I saw no results with this product. Based on that, I would not waste 100 bucks on buying 4 more! I followed all of the instructions and did what it said. I had a hot shower and then applied the wrap. I left it on for 2 hours and did not wash it off afterwards. I don't think it was harmful other than an annoying rash I had for 2 weeks (but my skin is sensitive), but I would NOT pay for more. Some people say the ingredients have all these actions - but the ingredients only have research for those actions when taking internally as powerful standardised ethanol extracts, not just rubbing it onto your belly! I just work out and eat fairly clean and have lost over 25 lbs and 8 inches from my waist, WITHOUT any "wrap" products. Also I have had more results just wearing cling-wrap and sweating some of the fluid out to make you look temporarily smaller.
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Weigh in #14 // Quit Smoking // Achieving Goals
Weigh in and it's been 3 weeks since I quit smoking! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8_ENeZ2x28 I listen to this hypnosis meditation and it puts me to sleep so easily, I find this one particularly helpful. There are a lot of people who do guided meditation/hypnosis on youtube and most of them put me off because I'm sensitive and get strong visual impressions, emotions and energy from people's voices/photos/random things that can be really distracting. I find this speaker pretty neutral in this recording. We all struggle with some form of bad habit. My biggest bad habits that I've wanted to give up were/are: Reduce negative thinking/reduce stress: Slight progress Quit smoking - DONE Reduce or quit drinking - Reduced, room for improvement though Lose weight/achieve healthy body composition - Made some changes, a lot of room for improvement Gain an education/do a degree - DONE Stop biting nails (was extremely severe nail biter since age 2) - DONE Pay off debt and save money - DONE and DONE Improve toxic relationship (I realised this meant I had to leave the toxic relationship completely) - DONE There are way more things I want to achieve and improve in my life but they were/are some really big issues I struggled with for such a long time, that I have a fair amount of control over or at least strong ability to influence. I make lists - a lot. I make loads of lists, reminders, daily lists, short term lists and an ultimate long term goal list. I listen to guided meditation/hypnosis, "heal while you sleep" videos, relaxation music, use aromatherapy, exercise, rest, diet and nutritional/herbal medicine/supplements to help my mindset and help me achieve my goals. Plus I do negative things that completely work against all of that sometimes, but I work on ways to do more positive than negative. I don't just say, "I'm going to lose weight" and then tell myself I'm going to eat less and move more and that's it. I make a plan - I watch loads of videos on youtube to motivate myself (find what works for you), I use addiction hypnosis videos before I sleep (I listen, I don't watch the screen), I picture myself as smaller and in certain clothes, I picture the numbers on the scale, I use my fitness pal and other apps that motivate me and make things more black and white/concrete, I let numbers motivate me, I use fitbit to motivate myself to walk etc. I do this with any goal I set - you have to do things to stay active in the mindset of wanting to achieve that goal. You may have a desire to achieve it, but if you don't invest time actually dwelling on the idea of yourself achieving it then you are less likely to continue thinking about it, less likely to search out different ways to keep motivated etc. Dwell on things. We're always told not to because dwelling is associated with negativity and unpleasant ruminating thoughts, but you can use it in a positive way. I know it's not a new concept but it's easy to forget. Picture yourself achieving it. Every time you put good food in your body or do some exercise, think about it getting you one step closer to your goal, think "this is really working!", get excited about how much power you have to make it happen, get excited about the fact that there is no other alternative than it happening if you just stick to what you know you have to do, if you just stick to it a majority of the time. I take supplements and envision them absorbing into my body and having various effects on organs, I imagine a nice colour coming over my body and healing certain parts... I don't do any of this enough but I've started making it a priority in my life lately. What you envision is more likely to happen, because you attract what you envision and you take subconscious and conscious steps towards what you envision.
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Weigh In #7 // Weight Loss Journey + A Bad Week
Weigh in #6 and a vlog about what I've been eating (my diet hasn't been great because I haven't been to the supermarket for 2 weeks and am completely exhausted) and what I've been doing. Hopefully it can inspire someone to keep going and make better choices even if it's difficult, or you're tired, or your options to choose from aren't that great. I'm tired of working 6 days a week, hopefully once my new part-time job is sorted out, I can leave my current job (the one I'm doing long hours and manual labour in, where we are being overworked) and go casual in that field instead, because my pay rate in that industry is good so I don't want to leave it for good yet. Highest Weight: 92 kg // 202 lbs Current Weight: 81 kg // 178 lbs Goal Weight: 65 kg // 143 lbs
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Weight loss update
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LOST 15 LBS - Weigh In #21 - WEEK 3 NYRC
My update for the end of week 2 of the New Years Resolution Contest/Challenge. I lost 4 lbs this week by eating about 1300 calories and exercising about 4 times per week. My total weight loss at the moment is 15.4 lbs This week is all about JUST DOING IT. We're almost half way through the challenge so we have to work hard now! Set exercise and eating goals and STICK TO THEM. No matter how hard it feels, we are all in control of what we eat and we can all force ourselves to exercise. Please give ideas and suggestions for the challenge! Add me on yahoo messenger, I'm bye_bye_belly (for the NYRC challenge)
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WEIGHT GAIN!!! / Weigh in 17 / Honest Food Vlog
Still struggling with my day to day life because my job is physically strenuous (and emotionally difficult and a health hazard) and I'm just not happy being a casual disability support worker at all. I've lost a little bit of weight but still not back down to 79kg. Seems like it should be so easy, right? But when you're stressed every day and you dread every day, you look for those little things to cheer you up, like food. I'm really happy in my relationship which makes it harder to be so unhappy in my job, especially when working 6 days a week, sometimes on 18 hour shifts. But I'm trying, I haven't given up. This is when I bailed from youtube in the past but the one thing I can do is keep uploading and being honest and hopefully I'll get to a better place with my health/weight soon. Please note I am a qualified nutritionist and naturopath but I'm NOT advocating the diet I eat in any of my videos, it's simply for honesty/vlogging purposes. :)
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Weigh In #6 - What I Ate This Week
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How To Lose Belly Fat FAST
My waist has gone from 43 inches to 34 inches, hips went from 44 inches to 42 inches. I originally cut out wheat and sugar to lose belly fat, now I have added it back to my diet because I felt like rubbish! I realised that doing daily cardio is what reduced my belly, not cutting out wheat. Also I have eczema on my face, I tried to cover it but it looks orange lol :(
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Binge Eating ep. 2 - Why do I binge eat?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please Read~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the reasons why we binge eat are obvious and we are fully aware of them. But sometimes there are deeper reasons. You have to look deep within yourself and be honest with yourself... ask yourself, "What does binge eating and/or being fat do for me in my life?". We often acknowledge that we overeat due to stress or negative emotions. But I know I personally overlooked a big part of it all... that being FAT itself has certain advantages in life. Maybe you feel hidden in your fat. Maybe you feel like people won't notice you. Maybe you don't want to be noticed. Maybe your fat makes you feel bigger or stronger somehow. Maybe it makes you feel like no one will ever be attracted to you and so you have no chance of getting hurt. Maybe the thought of being slim actually scares you. So in this video I suggest some common deeper reasons for binge eating and emotional eating, you might relate to some... but ultimately you have to look into your personal situation and find out exactly why YOU binge eat. I've noticed some of these things to be true for myself that I didn't really think about before. Although part of me wants to lose weight and be healthy, I'm actually afraid of it and that holds me back.
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Weigh In #3 + Holiday Vlog
Weigh in #3 and a trip to my partner's hometown. 11/08/2017 Starting weight - 85.9kg / 189.3 lbs Current weight - 84.2kg / 184.6 lbs Current loss - 1.7kg or 3.7 lbs **I had already lost 45 lbs in the past but gained a lot back, my heaviest ever recorded weight was 92 kg or 202 lbs, so my total weight loss is now at 7.8 kg or 17 lbs.** Follow me on instagram for what I eat: https://www.instagram.com/jennifernaturopath/
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Body Shots // WEIGHT GAIN and loss // Weigh in #18
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynIHsHYaig0 I'll have this stuck in my head for a week
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Weight Loss Weigh In #1 - Restarting the Journey (Weight Gain)
If you're a subscriber of mine, you know that I lost around 30 lbs on YouTube. But what you didn't know is that I went onto lose nearly 50 pounds and didn't document it on here. Unfortunately, I gained 30 lbs back over 1.5 years due to lots of life changes, eating too much and not moving enough. I'm going on my second YouTube weight loss journey to lose it again - do it with me! :) This is about getting fit and healthy, but I use my scales to track my progress because I actually enjoy it and the numbers motivate me, plus it gives me body fat percentage estimate. If you find weighing yourself to be upsetting or it causes you anxiety, then don't do it. Everyone is different! I have seen big changes in my body without losing much weight as well. Weighing is not necessary but I find it motivating. The same goes for counting calories - I use My Fitness Pal and track calories, but some people hate doing that.
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Binge Eating ep. 1 - Perceptions of Fat & Thin
Ask yourself how you truly view fat and thin deep down. Ask yourself what you view as healthy. What are your perceptions of fat or thin strangers? How do you feel or what kind of thoughts do you experience when you imagine yourself fat and thin? Do you truly WANT to be thin, or does only a part of you want it? Next video will discuss reasons why we binge eat and why part of us may not WANT to stop binge eating or lose weight. Negative perceptions of who the "thin you" is/will be can influence your eating habits and lifestyle. Book is: LeBlanc, Donna (1990), 'You can't quit until you know what's eating you: overcoming compulsive eating', Health Communications Inc
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HUGE WEIGHT GAIN // What I ate this week // Weigh in #16
Hi!! I'm a nutritionist/naturopath and just want to note this is NOT a vlog to demonstrate GOOD eating habits. It was simply an honest vlog about what I ate, whether terrible or nutritious. I was/am under a lot of stress so I've been making poor choices with food. But anyone with disordered eating knows you gotta acknowledge the baby steps and people say it helps them when I show reality of what I eat, even when it's crap. But this was better than last week which was eating McDonald's multiple times. So please note, this is not intended to be a good diet and is not how I always eat. Just showing you the ups and downs. There's extra pressure on nutritionists to show perfection and lie about some of their terrible lifestyle habits. Especially if they are thin, it's easier to hide. You wouldnt believe the amount of instagram healthy beauties who are struggling behind the scenes. The wellness industry is rife with disordered eating and covering up addictions. So I just show it like it is for me right now. So if you are someone with an eating disorder who feels triggered by any of my videos then my only advice is don't watch and if you think the diet was crap on whatever week, keep in mind it's just what I ate to be accountable and honest, certainly not a recommendation! Baby steps, baby steps! I believe in balanced macros and wholefoods based somewhat on a traditional Mediterranean style diet. My current eating hasn't been in line with the 9 years of training and research I did, but... baby steps! It can often be more helpful to focus on the good or ok choices you made, rather than all of the not so good when it comes to psychological issues surrounding food. You can know everything there is to know about current nutrition research, but knowledge doesn't automatically fix it. People know smoking and drinking are carcinogenic but they continue. So please keep in mind, this is only to show my own struggle and certainly not a recommendation of any kind! Xx
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Weight Loss Vlog // Diet & Exercise
Excuse my eye makeup, it wasn't finished haha
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Food // Exercise // Vlog
Just random stuff I've been doing and eating lately :)
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Boyfriend surprises me with...
I'm actually 31 but I had absolutely no time last year to celebrate as I was doing very stressful final clinical practice for my degree which had high contact hours and big commute, plus working a lot at my regular job (also with a decent commute). So I decided to turn 30 this year instead of 31! My boyfriend told me he was going to take me somewhere for my birthday but he picked the place and everything. He bought food and organised everything which was really nice because I actually have a phobia of travel and many leisure type activities where you're expected to relax, because I did university and worked and financially supported 2 people for far too long with immense stress. I was also still in the abusive marriage at that time. I took annual leave once in 4 years and tried to go camping with my ex and it was a sad, stressful and abusive experience. I developed a strong strong travel phobia (and relaxation induced panic) so my boyfriend taking me here is way more than just a little 4 day birthday holiday, but it was actually choosing to do something he knew may require a LOT of emotional support on his part because I may have had panic attacks and not been able to stop having them and totally ruined the whole thing. Luckily because he is a very understanding, patient and loving person who also happens to be highly organised and incredibly responsible at all times (the opposite of what my past relationship was like) - plus he's hot and totally distracts me with romance too, I did not have a single panic attack even though I faced a very strong and long term phobia. So this week actually meant a lot to me because of that, not just because it's very thoughtful and lovely to plan something like that for someone's birthday. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He naturally organises absolutely everything in most situations we're in, yet he is not rigid at all and would let me change my mind about anything without any reaction. He always seems to be the best of both worlds in all of his qualities. Fun, silly, romantic, spontaneous yet completely mature, responsible, organised, ambitious. I have never met anyone like him and he has done so so much for me. I look at him with such awe and respect, he is the most amazing man, a walking contradiction in such a good way, I can't even believe relationships like this exist where you just have it all. I know I don't give him the same amazing amount of things so I don't know why he loves me so much, even editing this video I see the way he looks at me and things he says (which I cut a lot out because it felt too private) and I think why does he look at me like I'm something great? I don't understand but am thankful. It was a big week for both of us but really thankful for it.
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When u try to start a new years resolution
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Weigh in #13
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Weigh in #20 + NYRC Week 1 Update
I maintained my weight this week which I'm not very happy about. Determined to have a loss next week. No reward for me
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FOOD!! // Weigh in #15 + Food/Exercise Vlog
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Weigh In #12 // Vegetarian Food!
My weigh in this week and had an Easter/birthday BBQ with family/boyfriend and made some vegetarian options along with the usual BBQ stuffs. Had to reupload because YouTube isn't allowing me to monetize videos where I state that I have no clothes on so I can't record my glass reflective scales while I weigh myself. Apparently that's highly suggestive... eyeroll.
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Our 2 Year Anniversary! // Vlog // Food
My boyfriend organized this for our 2 year anniversary. We've known each other for 7 years and been together for 2! He's helped me through so much and he's a motivation for me to lose weight and be healthy. He's very tolerant, ignores my bad habits and never pushes me to lose weight but I was 30 lbs lighter when we first got together so I want to at least get back to that. I'm an Australian size 14-16 and a US size 12-14.
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Life Changes! ► Weekly Weight Loss Vlog
Me trying to adult for another week, trying to act human, eating plenty of vegetation and trying to get a job that's not manual labour and where I'm not required to fill the roles of 5+ people/professionals during one shift. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX7MbG6MiQs
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Being real (confessions etc)
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Weigh in Sundays - Weigh In #11
Weigh in #11 - 80.7kg
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Weigh in #9 // Workout // Food
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What I Ate & Did To Lose 10 Pounds! // Vlog
This is a vlog about what I've been doing lately to lose the first 10 lbs of my weight loss journey (well 9.9 lbs haha). I show you the kinds of things I've been eating (including Youfoodz meal delivery) and give you an idea of my exercise/activity levels. I was eating around 1500 calories per day and am fairly active. I have a cheat day once a week, sometimes once a fortnight where I eat probably 2400 cals. I burn about 2100-2500 calories per day.
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What I Eat In A Week // Weight Loss Vlog
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Weigh in #8
Hey guys, I've decided to do a weigh in every Sunday. I've been avoiding it because I gained some weight. I'm currently now up 1kg from what I'd already lost, and I hadn't lost that much, only 4.5kg! Oh well, life happens. People have judged me for losing weight too slowly but I am TERRIFIED of loose skin and saggy boobs haha. But this gain has been a real set back and I'm annoyed at myself. Life has been so hard lately... there have bee brief good times but a bucket load of bad times. I'm earning 1/4 of what I usually earn because I went out on a limb and changed jobs and I'm freaking miserable about my financial situation. I'm sure it'll work out but it's not feeling great right now... if I combine fatigue with moderate anxiety and sadness, the result is a massive appetite for carbs and I like to have a few scotches at night to relax when I'm really stressed - of course this means weight gain. But I'm trying my best, however I'm human and we all react differently to stress and I have a fair bit of stress right now. When I'm super super stressed like 10/10, I can't eat at all and I lose a lot of weight (like when my marriage was ending), but when I'm 8/10 stressed, I want to eat like crazy. I've always been prone to anxiety so while it sucks, I'm used to it in a way and my body adapted to it to the point where I can still eat a lot when I'm quite stressed... which sucks. I get big cravings for carbs, fat and salt... think deep fried potato cakes, pizza, cheesy Mexican food, burgers, pasta etc, which worsen when I'm stressed, which is most days. I need a lifestyle change ASAP... working 60 hours a week has sucked, and now I'm facing no hours at one of my jobs all of a sudden, which affects me DRAMATICALLY financially.
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