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Mg Midget running smooth with new filters
I made some modified K &N filters for the midget...it runs smooth
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MG Midget 1275 Cometic head gasket
Because there are no locating pins in the cly head I came up with the idea of jamning some brass tubes into the water jacket above the intake valves as a locator and so keep movemen minimized
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Mg midget blown new head gasket
Looks like head off agian....jesus why me
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Props solution to a walking cly head
Mg.midget 1275 cly head idea to keep from walking around... its an idea
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Jeffs Tenn mountian
A mountain view
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Does it sound okay
Mg midget 1275
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Oil or coolant burning... part 2
Well its cleared up alot....did it just need warm up Vac gauge is showing blown head gasket agian...and it hasnt even ran more then an hour...I have no idea whats going on piece of crap
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Whats wrong with my linkage
Lots of dog play
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The gas can is free from all constraints
Yepp that midget gas tank is a mess so im using a 2 gal can behind the passanger seat Flame on
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Paintball birthday party part 2
extremely tragic grave casualty at the end tonight his family Weeps
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Paint ball birthday party
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Look ma no white smoke from the midget
I finally got the mg midget water leak fixed
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Oil or coolant
What am I burning...oil or coolant It looks both blue and white..and maybe a little rich
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